Take a “Shortcut to Paradise”
with Music Messenger Richard Mekdici
By Dr. Maryel McKinley Ph.D., C.A.D.C.



When I heard Richard Mekdici’s CDs “Shortcut to Paradise” and “Still Yourself,” I nearly fell off my chair! At last the day has arrived wherein I may selfishly indulge in listening to heavenly music coupled with brilliantly inspired lyrics performed by the composer himself!

In Webster’s, it says the definition of an angel is “a messenger.” To call Richard and his music angelic is an understatement, as the content reaches into the depths of your being and pulls out the best within each of us, empowering us with the enlightenment of unconditional love.

The best way I can describe the magic of Richard’s songs is by imagining you can feel the essence of unconditional love just by listening to CDs. These are a rare combination of positive communication and inspired art. Each morning I use these CDs as a driving meditation to get me out of the stress of LA traffic and into the Sunshine of the Spirit. These are more than just well-written lyrics with great instrumental arrangements and fantastic vocals, they are angelic works of art from the heart.

The relationship we have with ourselves in connection with the world and the tragic events that are happening around us demonstrates that something has to change. When one becomes intimate with Richard’s music, you obtain the power to transform instantly. As you listen, open your heart and you may receive spiritual healing on an individual core level. Now this is evolutionary music at its best! I’ll bet that in the next millennium Mekdici’s music will still be a major part of the culture and will continue to be listened to with reverence and appreciation.

Speaking of the need for change in today’s world, ironically Richard wrote an “anthem” style song called “Human Race” (from the “Shortcut to Paradise” CD) which was to be performed at the United Nations by the World Peace Choir, but was canceled because of a terrorist bomb threat that actually closed La Guardia Airport. This was in 1995.

What might have happened had this choir been able to sing the transformational healing and inspiring songs to representatives around the world? Maybe a seed would have been planted. Or perhaps the course of history would have turned in a different direction. We’ll never know, but when you get hold of these CDs you will have the chance to receive a seed of renewed hope, faith, serenity and blissful healing.

Mekdici went to college in Florida over 20 years ago receiving a music degree, and has been fortunate enough to make a living for the past 20 years as a musician/song-writer. In 1977 he left Florida to work in Nashville.

As his song-writing skills improved, Richard had the opportunity to produce records, tour the country and perform with major country artists including Patty Loveless, Dolly Parton, Suzy Bogus and Kathy Mattea. Mekdici even appeared on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry twice, with the acapella gospel quartet, “The Prodigals.”

While in Nashville, Mekdici was approached by Mario Friedel (who has played with such Nashville greats as Jimmy Buffet) to co-write a CD based on the Unity classic book “The 12 Powers,” written by Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity Church. Each week they would meet after church, pick from the book one of the 12 powers and Viola! With each song, a completely different style of music and lyric would flow throughout them making this an extraordinary eclectic CD which has something for everyone, while being uplifting and more powerful than words can describe. (The 12 powers include will, imagination, zeal, understanding, love, wisdom, order, power of speech, release, faith etc.)

Richard’s talent far exceeds what one thinks of as Adult Contemporary POP music. His vocal range can sound anywhere between country, Steely Dan, Billy Joel, and a very sultry Sting. On each album there is literally something for everyone and I guess that is the point, as his message is about loving each other, no matter what our differences.

Listen for Richard Mekdici’s newly-released single “Here’s to Life: A Toast” (which is a track on “Shortcut to Paradise”). A clever Tony Bennett-style New Year’s Eve ballad, this reviewer foresees a bright future in “Here’s To Life: A Toast.” “Living Inside of You” from the “Still Yourself” CD is a rock hit and will cross over and rise up the Billboard charts quickly. “Still Yourself” (Track #2) is an R&B ballad that calms the mind and bathes the soul while it woos the spirit. Sizzling hot “Feel It” is mega-hit material as well. Backed by a reggae bassy groove “Feel It” represents the power of zeal in our lives, and how it can move us forward and motivate even the most despondent person. I believe these songs could well reach the top of the charts if chosen as a single release.

Mekdici’s CD “Shortcut to Paradise” (produced by Grammy nominee Fred Bogart) has a unique way of creating gratitude, joy and serenity. What a gift this CD is for the soul. But if I have to choose, my absolute favorite song on this CD is the crossover song “Cut it Loose.” This is the song you want to play whenever you need to “let something go.” It’s also a great tool to amp you up before an important meeting, or calm you down after a distressing experience. Richard’s piano playing on this track is exquisite. It contains a melody that is poignant and haunting, as it pulls the listener in only to leave you melting into bliss each time you hear it. This CD could very well be the perfect vehicle which will propel Mekdici as a major presence on mainstream radio.

Richard Mekdici was recently recruited to hold the coveted position as head of worldwide music department for Unity Village in Kansas City, Missouri. It looks like our musical messenger Richard Mekdici is here to stay. Therefore I hope and pray you will take my word and do yourself and your friends a favor, order his CDs  “Still Yourself,” and “Shortcut to Paradise.” I guarantee you will love his music and want more!

Order Richard Mekdici’s CDs at www.chromerecords.com , or call toll free at (866) 476-5529. For bookings, or more information about his upcoming performances and new releases, e-mail: RAMEK@juno.com  

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