Staying Clean in A Dirty World
(Excerpted from “Your Hands Can Heal You”)



It takes work to stay energetically clean because you are part of a dynamic bio-energetic system that is a source of energy and contamination. Fresh prana is added to the system from the sun, the ultimate source of prana. But as living things absorb and use this fresh prana — your energy body “breathes” just as your respiratory system does — they also discharge dirty prana back into the system. Some of this expelled dirty prana is broken down naturally, but a portion stays in the air and the ground as residual contamination. Thus, we are vulnerable to environmental contamination, or absorbing dirty prana from the air we breathe, the food and water we consume and the places where we live and work.

As we move through this bio-energetic system, we also find ourselves in close proximity to others who are not always positive, and in situations that evoke responses in us that aren’t always positive. We live and work with people who are negative, angry, intentionally hurtful or otherwise emotionally destructive. We also have many personal, societal and familial influences that cause us to have or hold onto stresses, worries, negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Negativity of any kind, whether the source is work or home, life circumstances, the actions or words of another person or simply our own unresolved anxieties, diminishes and contaminates our personal energy supply. Thus, we are also subject to emotional contamination.

Although we live in a dirty world-energetically, that is — and can’t completely eliminate contamination, we can mitigate it through energetic hygiene, the practice of keeping your personal energy tank as clean and full as possible. When you practice energetic hygiene diligently, your energy body becomes more refined; the particles of prana that make up your energy aura become cleaner, smaller and vibrate at a higher frequency. A refined energy body is able to absorb more prana of all frequencies. This quality of refinement also compounds, which means that as you practice good energetic hygiene, you can absorb more prana, which in turn, makes your energy body even more refined, which then enables you to take in even more prana and so on. A refined energy body is also stronger energetically, which enables you to resist ailments more effectively and rebound more quickly if you do get sick.

There are five keys to energetic hygiene: emotional regulation (which includes both ourselves and others), proper diet, physical exercise, clean environment and a final special key: frequent use of salt in all its cleansing applications. One of the most effective energetic hygiene steps is also one of the simplest, most inexpensive and least esoteric: taking advantage of the natural cleansing ability of salt. Since it is filled with green prana, salt quickly breaks down dirty energy. You can take a salt and water bath every day with approximately two to three pounds of salt. To make the cleansing deeper and stronger, add a few drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil to the bath. Lavender oil contains blue and violet pranas and tea tree contains green prana. These color energies enhances the energetic purification of the salt water bath.

This is an excerpt from the book “YOUR HANDS CAN HEAL YOU” written by Master Stephen Co and Dr. Eric Robins and published by Simon and Schuster Inc. To learn more on how to heal yourself with Pranic Healing and receive a Free Self Healing meditation tape, please call the American Institute of Asian Studies, LLC at 1-888-4-PRANIC. Visit 

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