Everyoneís An Angel
Everydayís A Holiday
By Lynn Seiser



This is the time of Angels and Holidays. Every year we enter the Holiday season with both dread and excitement. We hope some of the tension and bad gifts from previous years have been forgotten. We look forward to spending time with friends and relatives. Okay, some friends and some of the relatives. We hope what we bake or give as presents will be appreciated. Some of it will, and of course, some of it wonít. It really is hard to please everyone, or even most of the people, just some of the time.

Being prepared for the Holidays is one of the best ways to avoid repeating errors and mistakes. After all, errors and mistakes are just ways to learn. We learn by correcting them and remembering the lesson. In the past, what has gone wrong or caused pain and suffering during the Holidays? Did you expect something to be different than it was? Did you expect someone to be different than they were?

Usually our goal is to have people, places, and things be perfect, or at least the way we want them to be. This unrealistic ideal goal prevents us from accepting and enjoying what is. When you prepare to accept whatever is, you can flow better with the Holidays. That special Holiday dish no one has liked in the past, well, they probably wonít like it this year either. That perfect Holiday gift for that special someone who is never satisfied with anything, well, they probably wonít be satisfied this year either. True love is accepting people for who they are and accepting things for what they are. Give the gift of love this year.

In an earlier column, I wrote that awareness overcomes the mutual exclusivity that keeps us separate from each other and from what we really want in life. It seems that because we make the distinction between you and me, us and them, we only see the differences, not the similarities that connect us. Letís give the gift of connectedness. Letís give the gift of awareness that we are all in this together. We all win or we all lose. Let the winning begin.

What if we viewed everyone as an Angel? Some people believe Angels are the spirits and souls of people who have died, well, at least people who lived good lives. Others believe Angels never existed in human form, but are messengers and guardians over us. Angel is also an adjective to describe people who do good things on this earth walk. One way to help ease Holiday tension is to think of everyone as Angels. Yes, everyone. We are each trying to work out our own limitations that stop us from letting otherís love in and letting our love out. Thatís the work of Angels, to help us learn how to let love in and out.

Angels are perfect just the way they are. So are each of us. We may not all be perfect by some external ideal standard, but we are trying with good intentions to be the best we can be. We all want someone to see our Angel wings and assure us that we can fly when we choose to. Maybe that Angel we put on top of the Holiday tree should remind us to see the Angel in everyone, including ourselves.

As the Holiday reminds us of our own spiritual nature and that of others, the Holiday themselves remind us to get together, to give to each other, and to enjoy our time together on this earth walk. That is what makes the Holidays Holy Days. The sacred is in the love we intend to share. Yet, we forget this on the other days of the year. What makes one day more Holy than another? Nothing. We just need an excuse or reason to remember what we know we should do everyday. What would happen if we treated everyday as a Holiday? What if we got together as family and friends, not because of the Holidays, but because we are family and friends? Give the gift of wanting to be together because we love each other. Be with someone for no other reason than they are who they are. Enjoy the journey everyday, as a Holiday.

As you think about everyone as an Angel and everyday as a Holiday, there may be a part of you that thinks the idea is ridiculous, unrealistic, or just a bit too romantic for your taste. There is another part of you that knows everyone is already an Angel, and everyday is already a Holiday.

So, from me and mine to you and yours, have a safe, healthy, and happy Holiday season everyday for the rest of your life.

Thanks for listening, for the opportunity to be of service, and for sharing the journey.

Lynn Seiser, Ph.D., MFT has offices in Long Beach, CA and can be contacted at (562) 799-1371 or at www.AikiSolutions.com.

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