Peru’s Gods Called to Me
By Michael Peter Langevin



Recently I released a book titled “The Secrets of the Ancient Incas: A Modern Approach to Ancient Ritual and Practice.” I was asked to write this article to explain why I wrote the book and why Peru and its mysterious history has had such an effect on my life.

The best starting place is to state rather boldly that three decades ago, the Inca Gods and Goddesses assigned me a mission at Machu Picchu in Peru. It has defined my adult life and I feel it is my destiny. Part of this mission was to share information about the people and lands of Peru and the cultures and  traditions of the Inca people with the world. My book is part of my promise to the Gods.

Who are the Inca Goddesses and Gods? And why was I chosen to carry out a mission for them? Travel with me back through time to share my first meeting, and find out.

In 1973, I was studying political science in Boston. I had a class in Latin American politics and my professor had traveled the previous summer throughout Latin America. The country that really stole his heart was Peru. He told us story after story of how the Peruvian people are very loving, and how the ruins of their ancestral Peru are awe-inspiring.

I felt more than inspired by this class. At the time, I was working nights as a waiter at a hip Cambridge restaurant named the Turtle Café. I saved up enough money from my tips for a round-trip ticket, gave my request for a leave of absence, and took off hitchhiking south from Boston since I couldn’t afford airfare directly to Peru. In Miami, I purchased a round-trip ticket and had $60 left for expenses.

That was OK because I traveled about Peru very cheaply for five weeks, visiting Lima, the Nazca Lines, Arequipa and the Coca Canyon, Puno, Lake Titicaca, and many other amazing places. This cost me very little money since I was hitchhiking and taking busses used by the locals. I did this mainly through the help and generosity of the warm-hearted Peruvian people, whom I quickly fell deeply in love with.

After five weeks, I reached Cusco and met up with a group of foreign students. They were hiking to Machu Picchu and I tagged along. We caught a train to Ollantaytambo, in the Sacred Valley, and from there began to hike the Inca Trail. What unique and amazing craftsmanship and views! Some of my companions were from Peru, and they led the way to Machu Picchu. Just before we got there we stopped to camp out at Wayna Winay, which was then just being excavated and which is believed to have been the farming community that had fed the people of Machu Picchu.

The first night after setting up camp, we all hiked into Machu Picchu. Some of the students told us all about its history as a holy stopping place used by the Incas, a place where offerings were made when leaving the Andes before entering the Amazon jungle. Upon experiencing Machu Picchu, I felt it was the place where I wanted to spend all of my remaining time in Peru. The rest of the students left the next day.

I was left to camp alone, and what followed . . . well, I had never had such amazing experiences in my entire life. I was exhausted from having only eaten small amounts of food for weeks, followed by the arduous hike up the Inca Trail. This probably set the stage or at least helped open the veils between the worlds that allowed what followed to take place. It began to rain, so I moved my backpack and sleeping bag into a nearby cave and slept until the sun set.

I had dreams that I was communicating with the Inca Gods and Goddesses. They told me I had a karmic bond with Peru. They wanted me to forget my life as a student in Boston, forget my old life, and stay in Peru working to fulfill a promise which they said I had made when I lived in Peru at a time in the distant past. At that time, I had agreed to dedicate a future life to the Inca Gods and Goddesses. It was now time to pay this debt. I awoke and wrote in my journal “Could it truly be Gods who have chosen to speak with me?  Do I dare to disobey Gods?  Why should I return home, anyway?”

As I arose at sunset, I felt driven to hike again into Machu Picchu. I walked to the center of the ruins, knelt down, and began mumbling something. I then spent the whole night running about Michu Picchu by myself, mumbling uncontrollably. I felt out of control, even possessed. When morning came I watched a glorious sunrise over the mountains from the Intihuatana Stone (the “Hitching Post of the Sun”). Before the morning tourists came, I hiked back to my cave at Wayna Winay. I got back into my sleeping bag and fell asleep instantly.

It appeared as though my time at Machu Picchu the evening before had tuned up my dream receptors because that night I dreamt in amazingly radiant colors of all the Inca Goddesses and Gods. And what colorful beings they were! In those dreams, it was as if I could see into a spectrum of light and color that I have never seen before or since.

There was a fierce fiery domineering figure, Inti, the Sun God. Pacha Mamma, the Earth Goddess, was easy to identify; she appeared as a beautiful Inca maiden who was made of Earth and leaves. Pasa Mama, the Moon Goddess, appeared in beautiful rays of silver, seeming a bit more pregnant each night.

Wiracocha, the Inca Creator God, was cosmic in scope and yet oozing with sensuality. Mama Occala, the Goddess of Water, was somehow watery, solid, and flowing all at once. Liviac, the Lightning God, was a being of living lightning. Yllapa, the Thunder God, appeared as a fierce royal Inca who exploded regularly with a loud thunder clap. Ch’aska, the Inca messenger, appeared as a hummingbird. The Inca pantheon is unimaginably large and many of the Gods and Goddess were present in my dream.

All of the Goddesses and Gods can assume many forms and this is how they appeared to me that night, when they once again informed me of what they referred to as my “responsibility to Peru.”  “You promised to help the children of the Empire,” they said. “You agreed to assist in bringing about Earth’s Golden Age with Peruvian culture and knowledge as its center. You must begin doing that in Peru immediately!”

I awoke at sunset and hiked back to Machu Picchu and instead of kneeling and mumbling, I performed strange rituals and prayers. I was praying to gain perspective on my dreams and what was important in my life; I prayed for adaptability and strength. Not knowing Quechuan, the language of the Incas still spoken today, I somehow sang a sad, high-pitched Quechuen song and seemed to understand what I was singing. I danced about the ruins kneeling and praying that I might remember the details of each  place.

In the morning, I was crying as the sun was rising and I was returning to my cave. I fell immediately asleep and dreamed of a beautiful Inca palace. There sat a group of royal men and women eating. One stood and spoke in Quechuan; again I understood the words. “I am Manco Capac, the first Sapa Inca. These others with me are the Sapa Incas, the rulers of our once mighty empire and their queens. All of them followed my reign. And this is Queen Coya, my wife. As before, we demand that you immediately keep your promises to the Incas and their descendants.”

I replied “I am sorry. I remember nothing of any past lives or promises.” Next stood a tall, intimidating  Inca. “I am Pachacuteq, the greatest Sapa Inca. In one life we were friends. Partiri, you must uphold our friendship bonds and live the life you planned to live here in Peru.” I stated, “I fear you have me mixed up with someone else. My name is Michael Peter Langevin. I live in the United States. I just came to Peru as a tourist.” Then stood another, “I am the Sapa Inca Wiracocha, Pachacuteq’s father. I failed the Empire. I understand confusion and fear in times of great need; I experienced both in my life. I pray you can make the Inca dreams a reality. Here, drink of the chica, traditional Inca corn beer.” I drank from the goblet he handed me and fell over, frozen in waves of ecstasy.

When I awoke in my cave, the sun was low. I felt driven to return yet again to Machu Picchu. I walked right to the center of the ruins. I knelt and prayed, “Powers who will listen and take effect, God, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, and all Inca Gods and Goddesses, Sapa Incas and your Queens, please help me and Peru. I do not believe any of you are the jealous Gods who are talked about in your temples mosques and churches. Rather, you must be living Gods, loving and forgiving Gods. Please help me find the best true life path.”

That night passed quickly. Upon returning to the cave, I dreamt of the Gods and Goddesses, and Sapa Incas fighting alongside Inca warriors, battling Spanish conquistadors. I was besieged by a fierce warrior. “I am Tupac Amaru,” he said, “the rebellious Inca leader. I lived a life of constant suffering and pain. You are failing. Give up your silly, pampered life. Stay in Peru. Rededicate your life to bringing about a new golden age. Promise to do this now or we will torture and kill all those you hold dear!” I was then forced to witness everyone I had ever loved being tortured and experiencing painful deaths. I awoke in my cave in my sleeping bag.

I ate some bread and drank some water. I arose again as the sun set and hiked once more to Machu Picchu; however, this time I continued to the trail up the mountain Wayna Picchu, which overlooks the ruins. I hiked by flashlight. I eventually reached the top. There I lay down, exhausted, and instantly felt as if waves of ocean waters were flowing into me. It felt as if I was being filled with golden energy. I had been strengthened and resolved by some unknown force in some unknown way.

I returned to my cave and leaned against the cave wall, wrapped in my sleeping bag, and stared out the cave door attempting to stay awake. I fell asleep. The Gods and Sapa Incas awaited me. They were furious. I told them as bravely as I could, “I am returning to my life in Boston. If I stayed in Peru now, I would only fail you further. You must assist me in finding my own way, in my own life and time. If you spare my family, friends, and loved ones and if you help me overcome my confusion and lack of memory, I will dedicate my life to your mission.”

Pacha Mama, Inti, and Pasa Mama stepped forward and said, “If we refuse?” I answered as boldly as I could, “I will then never return to Peru nor even attempt to help you or your descendants.” They replied, “You know we will ruin you if you attempt to break your promises.” I felt Pacha Mama step close to me, reach into my chest, and extract my heart; this she took a fierce bite from, and stated, “Then the new pact is agreed to.” I awoke, jumped up, stood there in my cave entrance, and yelled to the Andean peaks: “Peru, Inca Gods and Goddesses, whoever or whatever you are or want from me, the pact is agreed to! I leave today! I will do whatever I can for you in the U.S. and I will return and continue our work.”

That morning I packed up my things and left Machu Picchu and soon after, Peru. Since that day, my life has been wildly changed. I have come to believe that the Inca Gods and Goddess did communicate to me during that visit in my wild, intense other-worldly dreams. Since then, I have dedicated my life to bringing forth spiritual truths and sharing them with the people of the entire world.

I have worked to keep the promises made during that first visit to Peru. I have revisited Peru often, created and publish two spiritual magazines, and adopted my two children from Peru. I continue to find new ways to bring forth much of the Inca spirituality, knowledge from the Inca culture that I have come to believe can save our world, if we will only allow it. My book, “Secrets of the Ancient Incas,” is yet another step in assisting people to focus their imaginations and lives on co-creating a positive golden age on Earth despite the political and economic trials surrounding us today.

“Secrets of The Ancient Incas” has a much more detailed version of this story, as well as the story of some of Michael’s return trips to Peru with his family. It includes many teachings on how to use spiritual beliefs and rituals of the Incas to improve your life and the world, along with the history of the Incas.

Michael Peter Langevin is the Publisher/Editor of Magical Blend Magazine and Natural Beauty and Health Magazine. You may receive a free copy of both by calling (888) 296-2442, or by going to . “Secrets of the Ancient Incas” is available at that website, in bookstores, and at . He will be leading a tour of Peru in July, 2003. For more information call Wellness Travel at (800) 231-9811.  

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