By Jesse Anson Dawn

Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young


Jesse Anson Dawn, author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”,  plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question:
“How does one peacefully ‘emanate’ a desired ‘age?’”

Dear Readers,
What we are now coming to understand and clarify, is how physical appearance — more than anything — is a projected screen that we emanate all around us, a mind-as-body image formed much like the electronic dots that cluster together to form a TV picture. But instead of sound and light-waves pulsing through an antenna or cable to form a light + sound-wave picture, one’s body is formed by the millions upon millions of (previously unnamed) radiating particles which have come to be called creationary energy (CE) — a screen of mental emanations primarily created by the power of perception.

But this mind-projecting-the-body-like-a-film system can work for or against you, depending on which belief-system/”channel” is exerting the most influence over your central projection system. This is why I put so much emphasis on healing with mindlight, because there is no better defense against this world’s mind-versus-body/tug-of-war continually pressuring one’s cell renewal system to shut down and succumb to the “normal” ravages of time. In other words, you cannot see in a dark, unlit room by pushing aside the darkness with your hands, but only by turning on some light. And it’s knowledge of our inner creationary light, how it’s activated and what kind of perceptive psychology can activate it best, which will supply the advantage needed to win the battle against premature cell-death.

Yes, I admit that perpetually controlling aging with mind-power may seem rather like a “miracle” to some, but it’s no more miraculous than the workings of our wondrous brain doing what it was originally designed to do. As I again emphasize that “miracles” are not about healing power coming to us from afar, but about how well we comprehend and orchestrate what is communicated from the center of our being. For just as Herbert Benson, author of the perennial best-seller The Relaxation Response (now in its 35th printing) made quite clear, at the core of self-renewal is the feeling that a healing force is right there, steadily close to us.

Yes, true healing comes from forces that are close to us, but I must admit that staying conscious of our healing mindpower is not that easy in a world full of death-eating projections, where the omnipresent TubeView continually projects what I call Murder News Incorporated, screenile soundbites calling for more violence, more war, trying to convince us that warfare is “necessary” for our “security.”  Thus is it any wonder that these death-packaging politicians, these “Bushita” clones programmed to turn mind against spirit, get visibly older by the minute?

But will we let them drag us down into the rightwing, aging-by-the-minute Tunnel of Hate that the current Republicrap regime finds so “secure” and “necessary?”

Not in my books they won’t, and not anywhere in my refusing to death-eat body.

Yes, long ago I was screenile enough to be drafted into yet another rich-versus-poor war in Vietnam, an idiotic, genocidal war that made me age ten years in one. But since then I’ve successfully turned the teachings of Destructive Mind into the teachings of Creative Mind — willfully singing, dancing and breathing the death out of my system — continuing to stay conscious of the truth (because if we don’t, evil lies will eat us up inside).

And as I hear the truth I also speak and write and sing it — emanating the re-creating music of my mind, that joyfully rhythmic river of words and sound and energy which truly works. And as I gratefully gravitate through this season of holydays, let me again renew myself with a call for PEACE — a call for NO BLOOD FOR OIL! — a call for spirit consciously merging with mind — a call for perpetual renewal via that energetic joy which created us all…

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