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Angels Flying
Nikkos — Nikkos Music
When you speak to a musician about their music, invariably their instrument of choice becomes part of the conversation. In “Angels Flying”, the lips of angels are speaking through the tender, emotive voice of Nikkos’ flute playing. The music reaches out and touches dream spaces, places where endless blue skies and bright sunny days warm the heart and bathe the soul with divine nurturing and grace.

The notion of angels flying bespeaks of Nikkos’ consummate ability to express the invisible joy of divine consciousness and enlightenment. His melodies are serenely expressed, relying heavily upon the sonorous interplay of flute, cello, keyboards, acoustic bass, guitar, and percussion. The music leans more towards classical interpretation with a light hint of Jazz and traditional Japanese composition.

Music is such a fine way to express ourselves without the somewhat cumbersome limitations of words. Musical conversations of the soul by nature are without restrictions, removing the boundaries of the material world, hence, uncovering the domain where angels are flying. Nikkos would like you to don a pair of wings and come soar upon his musical vision, leaving the stress and mundanity behind for those whom are less adventuresome.

For more information please call 1 (888) 476-8745.

Journey To The Heart III
Music For Healing Various Artists
Domo Records
Imagine relaxing in your favorite dream location, everything is perfect, no stress, no worries, no cares. The sun is forever shining as angels and divine guides whisper truths that revel in the majesty and awe of Creation. We are firmly grounded, yet free and uninhabited of all restraints and restrictions placed upon our souls. In this dreamscape our hearts are slowly, and gently nudged to open, revealing the open secrets of divine love and healing. Moments pass into eternity, an eternity that is created by the collective gathering and letting go of all 3rd dimensional (material world) illusions.

We are now allowed to drift and free fall, inspired by the incredibly sensitive music of “Journey To The Heart III”, Kitaro, Nawang Khechog, and Steve Reid are but a few of the talented artists who have lent the blessings of their Spirituality to this musical project. Each composition beholds that special moment of enlightened consciousness. The edge of awakening where shadows are illuminated with pure light, pushing our senses beyond their limitations to a reality based in energy and vibration. A formlessness that allows us to retain our individuality, yet merged with all that is possible. A beautiful musical wonderland that enriches introspection and meditation, leading us to the homeland of our hearts, secure, warm, and loved. Most excellent offering.

For more information please call 1 (310) 966-4420.

Acoustic Garden
Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel
The winds of change are scattering the seeds of time, blowing them about in natural ways, finding their roots and home in the “Acoustic Garden”. A garden where music fills the air everyday, where children laugh, dance, and sing in the most innocent of ways. All is wonderful in a world where elves and fairies can share in the playful humor of life.

Eric Tingstad on guitars, and Nancy Rumbel on oboe, English horn, and keyboards, have created a fanciful pastiche of contemporary sounds, full of classical melodies that harkens towards the hidden secrets of the pure child. The melodies slowly wander through the heart’s domain, mapping the known routes in search of unseen passages where deeper meanings of love are found waiting to be explored. Each instrument speaks in a voice of clarity, merging with and expanding the central theme.

Moods and feelings are shared in innocent delight as Tingstad and Rumbel cultivate their soul’s vision. The “Acoustic Garden” is created as each artist allows the other to till the intimacy of their being without limitations or boundaries. A symbiosis of soul and music pours forth without the pretensions of ego and competition to hinder the end result. The end result is very pretty music, soul captivating, and heart enervating, just waiting for you to join in.

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A Winter’s Night
Christmas in the Great Hall (Live)
Ensemble Galilei
Maggie’s Music
Celtic music has always captured the intrinsic Spirit of life, the good times and bad times, the ups and the downs. The solemninity and joyfulness in all situations is explored through the plethora of Celtic songs handed down through generations. The music is distinctive, usually relying on fiddles, Celtic harp, small pipes, Uilleann Pipes, tin whistles and low whistles to convey an emotional earthiness. The truth of any Celtic music lies in the heart of the performer. The trials and tribulations of the Gaelic culture cannot be faked, especially in the presentation of the music.

Celtic music is not unlike American bluegrass music in that both styles are music of precision, articulate, sensitive, and emotional. The women of Ensemble Galilei are all highly skilled and talented performers. The seriousness through which they approach their craft is evidenced in the moods they bring to each song. The instruments speak the language of the heart, sometimes somber, oft times lilting, usually ready to move forward to face the unknown.

Very powerful musical passages bespeak of the underlying sorrow and joy that is built into the Christmas reality. The interplay between the Ensemble Galilei recognizes their talents as live performers by creating immediacy in the music that is both felt and heard. These women really mean it, going for the gold so to speak. Sweet and beautiful.

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Like The Wind In The Trees
The nature of Spirituality can only be described through the qualities of feeling, awareness, and experience. Theses qualities cannot be forced or faked; they are developed and nurtured through patience, discipline, and perseverance. Deuter lives in a musical realm where the expression of these qualities are his soul’s muse and art form. The ethereal domain is free of stress as we know it. Deuter, through the magnificent expression of his flute playing, has bridged the two sides, comfortably relaxing somewhere in the middle.

Deuter’s flute is a literal mouthpiece for the soundscapes that emanate from the ethereal realm. He is forever searching for that transcendent moment, through which he merged his soul’s music with that of the pure vibration of Creation. Relaxed and poised in a state of active meditation, Deuter explored the available possibilities through which he could express his soul’s musical vision. Each note rang for an eternity, creating a musical tension that worked as a release for the body’s built up stress. Majestic pauses further enhanced the musical tension, directing the listener to search for a release that was waiting at the next pause, the next breath.

 “Like The Wind In The Trees” is a greatest hits package that personifies the nature of Deuter; you can hear him, and see the effects he has on his surroundings, but, when you try to capture or define him, he has already left.

For more information please call 1 (505) 466-2471.

Cheerful Baby / Sleepy Baby
Music for Babies  Birth ? 36 months
Advanced Brain Technologies
I’ve been a musician for thirty years and have always known the value of music as a tool to affect our central nervous system, or, more importantly, which is the case here, to affect the positive development of our children’s central nervous system. These two compact discs represent Advanced Brain Technologies’ years of research and development in the field of childhood neuro-health and development.

The music of “Cheerful Baby” was sonorous and resonant without being overdone. Each note rang with clarity; the melodies were not cluttered or busy, allowing for a direct auditory nerve connection to the brain. The music was classically oriented with well-known compositions of Bach, Mozart, and Mendelssohn (to name a few) mixed in with traditional children’s songs (Little Bo Peep, London Bridge Is Falling Down). My two-year-old son was very contented to sit and listen, ostensibly relaxed, yet, attentive. The music matched his cheerful personality perfectly.

The music of “Sleepy Baby” was a collection of children’s lullabies interspersed with some well known classical compositions. It was also sonorous and resonant without being overdone, yet, I felt sleepy and relaxed as each song was played. Somehow, the melodies seemed dense, yet alluring and enrapturing, causing my eyes and my brain to feel heavy. These effects were real and not imagined, I almost wanted to shake off the effects, but for the sake of this article I continued to listen. I was actually ready to go to sleep long before the CD ended. I highly recommend these two CDs for everyone, sweet dreams.

For more information please call 1 (719) 548-9872.

Chuck Diliberto is a resident of New York state. Having written for a hometown publication that covered local and national musicians, reviewing CDs is an extension of that experience. His main interests are spiritual in nature and right living in practice.

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