The Heart of Love
By Scott & Shannon Peck



At a certain speed — Love velocity — our lives break free into Love Space where problems fall away because our thinking and our lives transcend all downward pull. We come naturally into a place of bliss — whatever the circumstances.

Does that sound appealing to you? If so, let’s prepare for lift off.  

First, let’s focus on “breakthrough” capacity. Suppose, for example, your goal is to break free of the Earth’s gravitational pull. How fast do you need to go? The answer: 7 miles per second — at takeoff! That’s quite fast — from San Diego to New York in about 7 minutes. This is called “escape velocity.” Any speed less than this will blast you higher — but, eventually, you will be sucked back to Earth by gravity.

What do you think “escape velocity” would be for Love?  It would be a speed so fast that it was unfettered by any downward pull. Think of when you are in the presence of a magnificently loving person — a person whose life is grounded in compassion, forgiveness, and lovingkindness. They have broken free of sadness, doubt, anger, bitterness, and separation. They are living in Love Space. Their love beckons us to join them.

So how do they get to Love Space?

Well, let’s focus on power. Imagine being a pilot, waiting for clearance to take off down a long runway. “You are cleared for takeoff,” says the control tower. How much power do you use to start rolling and takeoff? For a pilot, the answer is simple ? maximum, 100% power. Anything less won’t make it.

Seeing the value of full throttle to get airborne, we can ask ourselves: What percent of my focus, energy, and power am I using to love in my life? We begin to sense why we need full love throttle. We don’t want to inch down the runway of love. We want to flow down that runway with the fuel of enthusiasm and inner commitment. We want to reach love velocity.

What in the world could possibly prevent us from pushing our throttle to 100% Love power?

Well, burden in our lives for one thing. If your plane is overweight, it won’t get into the air. Your options: Dump excess baggage, remove some passengers, dump fuel, or don’t fly.

What might “excess baggage” be? Well, for potential Love pilots, some of that weight might be hurt, depression, resentment, anger, and lack of forgiveness. Each of these is enough to prevent take off. This is our love task, to break free from this baggage of suffering.

“But,” you say, “I’m trying to forgive and release anger and doubt and all that weight. Be patient with me. I will forgive completely soon…” Let’s be honest. If you were reading this column a year from now, how far down the runway will you be? And at what percent throttle? It’s valuable to ask ourselves frequently, “What am I pretending not to know?” Reaching Love velocity is not a mystery. It is knowable and achievable by each of us.

Excess weight can also come in the form of negative, burdening passengers. Are you determined to take along those passengers who dislike you, make you feel inferior, don’t listen to you with equality, and dishonor you? Oh, what miserable weight! Take command. If your life is overweight with “heavy passengers,” release them. Let only “Light beings” join your life mission. They add zero weight to your journey — and they add the extra fuel of compassion, joy, support, and encouragement.

Those who reach Love velocity don’t live without struggles. They have the same small, medium, and giant challenges to their happiness and well-being as each of us. What keeps them in Love space — or gets them back to it — they have learned to detach from the burdening weight.

No, it’s not easy. It takes enormous love focus. But they refuse to define their lives as trapped by circumstance, person, or condition — even when the climb higher is rough. Remember, as a plane is climbing to altitude, the ride is often bumpy as it (you) cuts through the atmosphere at an ascending angle.  

But the rewards of living in Love space are spectacular! And, please, think about this. What is more important than living in love? Living in love means you are free to open your heart, to feel compassion, caring, and understanding. You are strong in defending yourself from life’s bitterness. You can speak with lovingkindness and express your inner soul. It is worth our mighty effort to be in this Love space.

As we learn to love ourselves enough to hit the love velocity throttle every day and detach our thinking from the web of intimidating weights, we gain the habit of reaching escape velocity that takes us into Love space. Love is a wonderful habit.

So there you have it. Love velocity is not complex. You are “cleared for take off” right now. Love Space is ahead. Isn’t that worth dropping all that baggage?  You deserve to live in Love space. Go ahead, hit your throttle! Welcome to the heart of Love.  

© Copyright 2002 Scott & Shannon Peck

Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck are love teachers & spiritual healers & co-founders of The-LoveCenter, a non-profit educational organization bringing all humanity into the heart of Love. They are authors of “The Love You Deserve: A Spiritual Guide to Genuine Love”, “Liberating Your Magnificence,” & the audio set “All the Love You Could Ever Want!” For lots more love, visit , e-mail , or call (800) 266-1525.  

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