Mystery or Mischief?
©2002 Chet B. Snow, Ph.D.



For over two decades England’s fields have presented onlookers with spectacular geometric marvels each summer. Appearing overnight as complex patterns in ripening grain, “crop circles” amaze us. Many are awed by the variety, complexity and precision the formations display each year as the phenomenon has grown from a few circles in the 1980’s to today’s fantastic pictograms with hundreds of interlocking pieces of standing and laid-down cereal crop.

Most of these formations follow the age-old laws of proportion known as Sacred Geometry. Some people get annoyed that after years of all types of research, we still are not sure about who (or what) is responsible for these wonders, nor what their ultimate meaning is. Current theories range from aliens to angels.

Unfortunately the mainstream has reacted by accepting the unsubstantiated claims of so-called “hoaxers” who tell us they are responsible for all modern crop circles. Those who’ve studied the phenomenon closely realize that such boasts are mostly lies. It still remains to be proven that humans can create huge (up to 800 feet wide), complex formations at night, without lights, evading attempts at detection, and in all weather.

In recent years, there have been as many as eight different formations reported in a single night, just in England. Further, crop circles have now occurred in over 30 countries with 31 reported in Germany, 20 in Holland, 14 in Canada and 10 in the U.S., all in 2002. England remains the phenomenon’s epicenter with about 99 reported last summer, including a dozen commissioned by advertisers, capitalizing on the subject’s new notoriety after Night Shamalyan’s blockbuster movie, Signs.

Although scientists like Nancy Talbott of BLT Research, Inc., have found evidence of cellular changes in crop-circle crops, and researchers in America, Canada and Germany have documented circles that show no signs of human involvement, the overall mystery endures. Ms. Talbott has helped publish over 100 laboratory reports detailing both microscopic and visible changes to crop-circle plants in England, Canada and the U.S., since 1995. Her latest project involves the discovery of increased micro-crystallization in clay soil samples from crop-circle sites, implying the use of thermal and electromagnetic forces far beyond the capability of circle hoaxers. Alas, this data remains largely ignored.

More anecdotal but equally compelling are the many reports of ordinary people who’ve experienced unusual energies, healings, sightings of anomalous balls of light, or who’ve taken photos of strange forms invisible to the naked eye while in or near crop circles.

I personally have taken several such photos in both England and Germany. This year, two of the English formations nearly ruined my inexpensive camera as the 35mm film so overexposed (despite an automatic light filter that functioned perfectly otherwise) as to “white out” my photos in some frames. Shared experiences in other 2002 circles have included inspiration, contact with nature spirits, awe, and feeling energized or having one’s batteries re-charged. Nowhere did my friends or I feel anything ominous like the contact with negative aliens that Hollywood has associated with the circles.

What impact will these highly-publicized hoaxes and paid-for commercial circles have on the genuine mystery? Only time will tell. In the face of such technological precision, combined with high-level mathematics and the geometry of sacred space, we are like children searching for hidden meaning while still only learning the language that the true, invisible, “Circle-makers” employ. They, not we, will determine when and how they will reveal themselves and their ultimate purpose. Until that time, enjoy each season’s amazing and uplifting mandalas as they open our hearts and renew our hope for the future of Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Dr. Chet Snow, author of “Mass Dreams of the Future,” has personally explored English crop circles every summer for 10 years. On November 22-24 he is convening “Signs of Destiny,” America’s first Crop Circle Conference, near Phoenix with Drunvalo, Colin Andrews, Linda Howe, Nancy Talbott and researchers from England, Germany and Canada. He is also the main American distributor of the Wiltshire Crop Circle Calendar, the only calendar with full-page photos of the best 2002 formations.

Chet and his wife Kallista will lead their 6th annual crop circle tour to England July 31 to August 7, 2003. Call (928) 204-1962 or log onto .

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