Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work
and the Kanes New CD entitled

By Ariel & Shya Kane
Are you tired of going to workshop after workshop? Are you tired of mulling through all the self-help sections of the bookstore, spending too much money and not gaining anything but knowledge you don’t implement, while your life remains stagnant?

The search is over with Ariel and Shya Kane’s two new CD’s “Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work,” their best-selling and highly-acclaimed book now available on CD and “Instantaneous Transformation®” which is an actual workshop with the Kanes working their magic with actual participants!

Unprecedented by any other self-help CD’s, we are challenged to gently take an authentic look at our lives, as opposed to trying to change. Trying is not going to cut it, but being in the now, right this moment, there is opportunity to transform instantly!

Listening to the CD, you will actually witness this occurring with people who are transforming their lives as the Kanes offer their soothing voices, sincere love and care.

It is suggested that you do not hold any preconceived ideas when you listen to these CD’s. Rather, enter with a Zen-like beginner’s mind so as to close the door on the frenzy and chatter in our minds. The Kanes have a magical way of accessing and breaking through this part of the psyche to help us have those “AHA” moments where everything is so clear and suddenly makes sense. It is all so simple because you didn’t try to do anything. “Just be” is what they encourage.

To sum up what “Instantaneous Transformation®” is all about, I will quote from the CD “There is a modern-day philosopher’s stone — Being in this moment, what it does is transform ordinary, mundane lives into exquisite, magnificent lives.”

Your heart will be opened and gracefully touched by the revolutionary work that Ariel and Shya Kane are so generously presenting in these two powerful CD’s. Yes, “Choices are the expression of the heart,” as the Kanes are fond of saying, and if I were you, I would not hesitate to choose to buy these enlightening CD’s and attend their workshops when given the opportunity. It could very well change your life in an instant!

To order, call (800) 431-1579. Also available at your local bookstores, , and
Reviewed by Dr. Maryel McKinley

Fly Without Fear
By KRS Edstrom, M.S.
 In this day and age where even the most savvy traveler may be wary of getting on a plane, KRS Edstrom has put together the perfect “preflight prepare yourself” self-hypnosis/meditation CD.

Wisely adding background sounds of the hustle and bustle of the airport so a person can stay concentrated and calm as soon as they step out of their car, down to take-off and landing procedures — KRS offers numerous effective breathing techniques and helps you identify and calm down the part of your body in which you might be feeling fear, then stabilizing that feeling to one of serenity.

 I wish I had listened to this CD before I left on my previous trip out of town this summer, as the security guy whisked me off to the side and made me take my shoes off! (The x-ray scanner was beeping from the metal plates in the heels! Go figure!)

If I had listened to KRS’s CD I’m sure I would have handled it with far more grace and ease than I did!  At any rate, I strongly recommend this relaxing CD for every seasoned traveler and for the first timer; well worth the ride!

You may purchase this CD at
Reviewed by Dr. Maryel McKinley  

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