By Patricia Holmgren Murphy



As I listen to the morning sounds of a rooster crowing at the rising sun, hummingbirds hovering near the feeder, and hot water bubbling in the kettle, I consider “sounds” of the things I cannot “hear.” What are the unique frequencies of my blood and organs, the glass of water on the desk, or the plant growing on the windowsill?

I am at Sound Wave Energy, Nicole LaVoie’s Colorado-based home and business. This oasis is in the high desert among rock, cactus and cedar pine. It has three yurts, a chicken coop, a building for business and cooking, and a growing dome — a maze of pipes, pumps, a pond filled with tilapia fish and growing beds for vegetables. The sound system fills the dome with low frequencies, resulting in larger than normal fish and vegetables that grow only with the “sounds” of nutrients and a misting of distilled water.

“Everything in the universe is composed of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency,” explains Ms. LaVoie, founder and director of Sound Wave Energy, (recently celebrating its 10th year). “When specific sound waves are in tune with the energetic parts of us, our mind, body, and spirit, we are in optimum health.”

The proper frequencies of sound can restore the body, mind, emotions and spirit to balance and harmony. “If you have two violins tuned exactly the same way and pluck only the string of one violin, the other violin — even if it is at the other end of the room — will start to vibrate because they resonate with each other,” Nicole explains.

“The unhealthy organ is like a violinist who has forgotten his sheet music and forgets what tune to play. When you send the right frequency to the organ, it reminds the cells what to do. It’s like a wakeup call, ‘Hey, wake up and do your job,’” she explains.

Ms. LaVoie, a diminutive and delightful French-Canadian, describes her personal and professional journey in “Return to Harmony” (Sound Wave Energy Press). Part One of the book recounts her life as a wife, mother and x-ray technician of 20 years, confronting divorce, a child with physical ailments, a near-death experience, and her own physical challenges of injuries, osteoporosis and arthritis. She describes her quest of enlightenment through experiencing her personal “Music of the Spheres,” taking her in the direction of alternative healing modalities through sound and music. She is a pioneer in frequencies and the profound effect they have on the body.

Her experience with frequencies, especially the “right” frequencies, started years ago as she began “hearing” a soft, distant melody similar to that of violins and voices. After searching everywhere for the source of the “music,” she realized she was the source. Her search to find understanding for the music she was experiencing led her to a workshop on sacred geometry, where she learned the relationship between geometry and sound. Human vertebrae weight has a direct ratio as that of the chromatic scale. Perfect alignment and perfect health creates a perfect vibration. This vibration and sound forms music. It was at this workshop that she heard the same music she had been hearing in her own mind.

Sound Wave Energy’s recordings (now numbering 59, available in cassettes or CD’s) are explained in Part Two of “Return to Harmony.” They contain the sound frequencies that correspond to the optimum health frequencies of each of our organs, glands, muscles and bones to the cellular level. Some recordings correspond to the chakras, and are based on the frequencies of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and hormones, which balance the endocrine system. They also accelerate healing and assist in assimilation. They contain frequencies that assist our spiritual, mental and emotional aspects.

Nicole has been guided to produce these recordings. Her focus for this work is unconditional love. “They were created to empower the individual person so they could provide unconditional love to themselves. They can develop awareness and remove resistance, which is often at the spiritual level. They can make changes in their thinking.”

Nicole views love as the vibration of healing. “Love is the beginning and the end. Love is the key — it is balance. If we can bring the body into a balanced state, if we can give to the body everything it needs to be balanced, we can start to make corrections needed to change belief systems and remove lower emotions of fear and doubt.”

In addition, Part Two contains Nicole’s vision for the future of Sound Wave Energy, The Center for Sound and Light, to include a Wellness Center, Research and Conference Center, and an Awareness Center. It is Nicole’s hope that many people will co-create this place and come to study and apply the benefits of the healing modalities of sound frequencies, light, color, crystals, geometric shapes, water and aromatherapy, allowing the individual to experience higher levels of physical, mental, emotional health and increased spiritual awareness. Shangri-La, a special home housing construction, was started on a nearby hillside this August.

In Part Two is also a description of the Soul-Note, a physical representation of a frequency, which can be hummed, chanted or sung. When a person has been guided by a trained Harmonist to discover their SoulNote, they become more centered and connected to their inner being. This service must be done in person and at this time there are only eight Harmonists.

“Everything we do is even more powerful when we recognize our SoulNote,” Nicole explains. “It’s wonderful to get more connected and remember who we are.”

Nicole conducts Star Distributor and Harmonist Training, which attract people from all over the world. She travels extensively, giving lectures and seminars and participates in workshops and conventions. Her contribution to the healing arts has been reiterated by hundreds of testimonials, from a wide spectrum of medical, homeopathic and naturopathic physicians, as well as individuals noting the benefits they have experienced.

To learn more about Sound Wave Energy, call (888) 267-2309 or go to .

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