Angels, Angels, Angels
By Jackie Woods



Angels have been part of my life ever since I can remember. When I was a little girl there was an angel that held me in love. I had no disappointment or hurt too great for that love to soothe. Being a psychic child meant that in addition to the angel, I also saw a large Indian guide who taught me about the energies around me. He taught me how to identify what I was seeing, and what I could and couldn’t do to change the energy patterns.

My third guide was a hawk. His purpose was to make me aware of spiritual truths as I went about my day. For instance, he would sit on my shoulder when I was in church and tell me what the preacher or teacher hadn’t quite understood. My entourage of three spirit beings was around me at all times. As you can tell, seeing etheric beings wasn’t new to me, but in July of 1990, the power of my angel experience was life changing.

I had gone away for a few days with a friend to meditate and gain strength from the mountains. I was very tired because I had been overriding my physical body’s need for rest for about five years. Being called to the mission of healing, I was totally driven. I did not realize at that time how dishonoring I was being to myself, God, and others by pushing my body so hard.

It was on the drive home that the car accident happened. Rain was coming down in torrents, and as is often the case, people’s need to be on time overran their need for safety. Traffic was heavy. Out of nowhere, a car hydroplaned across the median and crashed into our car. First I was hit head on, which threw the car into the next lane of traffic to be hit again in the side.

By this time, I had left my body and was watching it all happen from an aerial view. The third impact was about to happen when an angel came to hold the oncoming car back. That car barely touched ours. When the emergency squad came to cut me out of the vehicle, I was told by an angel to go back into my body so I could tell the paramedics not to strap down my leg because it was broken.  One of the paramedics argued that I had to be strapped down but another kept saying, “she said not to.” The doctor later confirmed that the small bone that goes into the hip socket would have broken off had they strapped me down.

On arrival to the emergency room, I was told by an angel what to say to the doctor. He listened, wrote it down, and did what I asked in the order I told him. Amazing?  No, not amazing when you consider how many Angels were there to help. My lung had collapsed and it was very hard to speak. Had there been any argument or resistance from the doctor I would have passed out, but everything went as smooth as clockwork.

Doctor Ryan treated me in a very thoughtful and gentle way. He came daily to see me even though I wasn’t assigned to his care. Later one of the nurses asked me what kind of spell I had put on him because he didn’t normally act like that. Thanks again to the work of Angels.

For the next several days, I was in tremendous pain. I kept leaving my body so I wouldn’t have to feel all the discomfort, but there was an Angel who regularly told me when it was time to go back into my body to give it more vital life-force. It was during this time that I was considering the options of staying alive or dying.

Again I had the guidance of Angels to help me. They said I had a couple more commitments to fulfill on earth. One was to learn to honor my body as part of the total physical earth. This I was told could be learned through nursing it back to health or by coming back in another life, probably as a physically handicapped person so I would be forced to listen to and attend to my body.

The second commitment was to several students who I had agreed to help grow. I could have kept this commitment by psychically helping from the other side, but teaching physical ears is usually easier than getting people’s attention psychically.

It was my decision to make, but the Angels helped me to see all the options. I decided to stay, even though the doctors said I would probably never walk again. Then began my long journey back to health. Friends turned out in droves to help. People stayed with me day and night, lifting me in and out of the tub every two hours to ease the pain since I refused to take painkillers that would interfere with my healing. They prepared all my meals, massaged me, and loaned me money. My heart nearly burst from all the gratitude I felt. Angels can use our physical hands and hearts when we let them.

One night an American Indian Spirit came to me. He held out his hand and said, “I bring you the healing energy of the Indians.”  When I reached for his hand a shock of energy shot through my arm all the way to my pelvis. The accident had caused so much torque to the pelvic bone that I could only walk with a walker. The Indian’s gift caused my whole body to ripple and then ended with a loud audible pop. There was someone with me at the time resting his hand on my stomach. He was thrown back from the force of the energy rushing through me and startled by the loud pop. From that time on I could walk. Angels come in many forms!

I always knew there were Angels, but the power and magnitude of their support changed my life in so many ways that I wanted to tell everyone. Of course, I did tell all my friends and students but I wasn’t sure how else to get the word out there. I tried to share it with a local church but the minister thought the story was too far out.

Here it is over ten years later and I still feel the need to share my story. My thanks to you for listening. It is my hope that Angels will be acknowledged and welcomed into your life from this moment on, in whatever form they choose to take.

Jackie Woods is a Spiritual teacher and healer who runs the Adawehi Healing Center in Columbus, N.C. For more information, call (828) 894-0124.  

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