Tibetan Monks deliver a message of peace and harmony at LA’s newest day spa experience

Why Le Petite Retreat Day Spa
“Spiritually Connects” with Community
By Norman Fischer



Two days after the terrorist bombings in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington DC, nine Tibetan Monks performed a group healing for more than 30 people in attendance at Le Petite Retreat day spa, in Los Angeles, California.  This special event had been planned for weeks, and the local community was extremely receptive, given the national tragedy that occurred only 48 hours previously.

 “Do not seek vengeance or have malice in your heart” was the direction of the Lama Gesse La, as he spoke to the group prior to the group blessing.  “There are those who have lost their way, and it is up to all of us to take this opportunity to act in harmony, as one connected world, instead of divisively, against each other”.

Lysa Kustek, owner of Le Petite Retreat day spa, hosted the event. “What we do at our spa is very individualized and holistic — the result is quite spiritual for many of our clients.  The monks agreed to this group-healing event because of our philosophy and our therapeutic approach. We were pleased to have delivered this benefit to the community, which also helped raise over $2,000 for the monks.”

“At the foundation of our massages, facials and body treatments is a lot of energy work and color vibration therapy,” Lysa said. “We use Phyto-BioDermie’s marine-based products which were designed on the principles of the five Chinese elements — water, wood, earth, fire and metal.  We work with the reflex and energy zones in each person’s body, as well as stimulate the lymphatic system to detoxify and strengthen the immune system.  On staff we have a full-time CranioSacral Therapist, Tuaca Kelly, who was responsible for locating the monks and organizing this event,” said Lysa.

The monks also provided individual astrology readings and healings. They have been staying in Long Beach visiting from Gaden Shartse Monastery in India, where they live.   Most recently they were at Loyola University, where they created Mandalas or sand paintings. Each Mandala took more than two days to create. For attendees who viewed these sand paintings in amazement, each Mandala resonated a strong energetic imprint that generated true love and compassion.

“This was one of the most amazing nights of my life” said Lisa Fontenasi, who is a Wedding & Special Events Coordinator with Occidental College and who attended the evening ceremony.  Another guest was brought to tears, as during the spiritual cleansing she came to terms with all the negative thoughts and energies, which she had trapped inside. “I never thought this was ever possible, that I could feel this relaxed and free — not free from responsibility or thought, but free from the burden and pain of negativity,” said Sharon, a Le Petite Retreat day spa devotee.

“We are planning another event with the Monks, probably in January of 2002,” Lysa revealed. “We know there will still be a need for people to come together and connect, in order to enrich their lives spiritually, as a community. We created our environment as a retreat to welcome all. You see in our name, Le Petite Retreat, the “Le” is for the male, and “Petite” is for the female. We believe in bringing together the yin with the yang in our products and services, and with our guests. Oh yes, we refer to our ‘clients’ as our guests, which we feel is much more intimate and less clinical, which is how we treat each person,” said Lysa.

“Treat each other with respect and reverence, today and every day, as we are all united,” said Monk Phuntso.”  Now more than ever, these are words for us all to live by.

For information on Le Petite Retreat day spa as well as future events, visit us at 331 N. Larchmont St., Los Angeles, CA 90004, or call Lysa Kustek at (323) 466-1028 everyday except Monday. You may also visit www.LPRdayspa.com   

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