By Ralph Carpio



One of the most amazing areas of self-creation comes in the form of words. The things we think and say to ourselves and to others carries a creative surge of power. This is an area of creation that is often underemphasized. It is truly incredible how we can become so unaware of the words that come out of our mouths. These words are creative energy, plain and simple. They are the energy that can either allow or deny our dreams.

One afternoon a group of us were eating at a Chinese restaurant. At the end of the meal the traditional fortune cookies were served. I opened my fortune cookie and it read, “Respect the power of words, choose them with care.” I never saved the fortune cookie message, but the phrase has stayed with me all these years.

Believing that “the sky is the limit” or that there is a “glass ceiling” are some of the more obvious limit makers. But I have found that the common everyday words we use can be much more insidious. This is because they can so easily escape our attention.

So here is a sampling of power words that you may want to keep an open ear to. See how they allow or negate certain realities and possibilities from entering your life.

Can    can’t    have to     am Is     isn’t      not    aren’t

Notice where the power is placed when you say “I can’t do that today” or “I have to go soon”. Usually “I can’t” means that you are choosing not to do that particular thing. You actually could do that particular thing, but you are opting not to. “I have to....” again actually means, “I am going to...” by my choice.

There is a powerful universe of difference in believing that you have to do something and knowing that you are actually choosing to do something. In order to be a creator in your life, you need to align your words with your inner truth.

Begin to become aware of your words and statements. Listen to your words and try to catch the implication behind them. The very foundation of living as a powerful being is in knowing your place of choice at all times.  Understanding and using your power words is a very effective tool.

Ralph Carpio is the author of “The Constant Creator In You”, published by Rainbow Books. You may read more at his website: www.constantcreator.homestead.com   

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