By Marcia Singer

Guide me to be
an Instrument of Thy Peace.
To find through adversity
the strength and passion
to reach for the Love
Promised within the Heart of conflict,
Love that awaits me there with
   open arms.
Strengthen my resolve,
my faith in Love
that I may risk loving actions
In the face of great pain and vengeance.
Teach me how
to see, hear and speak
the language of LovingKindness
in the midst of chaos,
even when the ravages of fear
hatred and suffering
threaten to lay waste to my life
and the lives of those I love.
Inspire me
with clarity and boldness,
no matter what darkness seems
   to prevent the light
To tell the Truth:
that the divine balm of Loving
   is nigh,
A breath away,
that the Power of Love
is just a breath away.
Make me an Instrument of thy Peace
that I may know its sweetness,
Bestow its gifts on others,
And be gifted in return.
Blessed Be. And so it Is. Aho.
Namaste. Amen.

Marcia Singer, MSW, CHT and her SoCal/Los Angeles Foundation For Intimacy serve the needs of healing hearts from trauma, angst, pain and depression thru hypnosis, bodywork, counsel, arts. For sessions, classes, lectures call (877) 278-9453.

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