Pamper Pets With Healthy Holiday Treats
By Phyllis Stevens



If you want to show your pets just how special they are and how much you care about their health and happiness this holiday season, Chewtastics’ new organic dog chew treats are the perfect gift idea.

Containing prime quality, select 100% all-natural meat with no fillers, scraps or additives, vet- and pet-tested organic dog treats from Chewtastics come attractively packaged and are visually appealing, both for stuffing stockings and gift-giving. They are the only dog treats on the market that combine four different products dogs love ? protein-rich tendon, rawhide, bone and marrow ? intact just as nature intended.

Available in a host of popular sizes and natural shapes singly or in festive green and red boxed variety packs, Chewtastics dog chews make great nutrition-rich training and grooming rewards that will give hours of chewing pleasure to your best friend. High in freshness, wholesomeness and quality with a smoky taste not unlike slow-cooked gravy, these treats are made in the U.S. from only the finest raw materials in clean and sanitized environments, following both USDA and FDA guidelines.

Using a unique cold smoke cooking and curing process developed from advanced meat processing skill and knowledge, Chewtastics has produced a dog treat that exhibits high product integrity, shelf-stability, maximum color, chewability, texture, flavor and nutrition, according to Chewtastics CEO and President Brian Weiner.

 “Our production process is totally different than that used by most manufacturers, which involves high heat that tends to dry out and shrink the product and deplete it of its taste and nutrients,” said Weiner.

“Re-engineered from many different industries, our formula draws on cold smoke technology, which uses a burst of high heat to lock in the savory product characteristics and kill off bacteria, followed by slow, low temperature cooking for two to three days,” said Weiner. “The result is a flavorful, protein-filled, healthy dog treat that’s high in chewability and visual appeal.”

For all your feline friends and cat-lovers on your gift list, Chewtastics also carries Furry O’s, the catnip-sprinkled treat that will provide hours of play and amusement. Furry O’s are made without any artificial dyes or colors.

Chewtastics pet treat products can be purchased at Petco and many popular pet stores across the country.  For the pet store nearest you, call toll free (866) 489-8196 or e-mail your request through Chewtastics’ website: .  

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