(A Special Edition of Never”Old” to Address Recent Events)
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Dear Readers,
“Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that,” said Martin Luther King.

So true. And it was also back in the 1960s when my struggle for love-versus-hate/life-versus-death (the core thesis of my youthing-versus-aging psychology) surfaced, soon after I was reluctantly drafted into serving a terrorizing year as an (almost brainwashed) combat soldier in Vietnam. This was when I first began to see the firsthand results of stress, trauma and real terror on the body. Also, this was when I first began to see how the US government so blindly deceives people — gaining this indelible realization after seeing American bomb raids invading and tearing up the populace of Cambodia several MONTHS before the US “news” media reported it. More terrorizing deceit was witnessed by seeing my infantry company massacred again and again by our own blundering bombs and artillery, all of which was blamed on the “Vietcong” — all while most of us knew the real truth and swallowed it like the bitterest of pills. Never again would I be naďve about so-called frontlines “news”—never again would I have a naive attitude about so-called “patriotism.” This realization is why, when I returned home, I eagerly joined the many Vietnam vets who participated in the large and effective protest movement against that horrendous, idiotic war — a war that killed millions of Vietnamese civilians. But all wars, large or small, are horrendously idiotic, a circus of rolling blunders where ignorance battles more ignorance, each side ignoring its own past mistakes and misconceptions, each side blind to its own nationalistic brainwash which one-sidedly conveys our “Good” versus their “evil.”

And now we have the horror of terrorism against two of our nationalistic symbols—but did the leaders of this brainwashed government really think they could massacre hundreds of thousands of Arab civilians with year after year of terrorizing bomb-raids and no terror would come back home in reaction? Have our so-called “leaders” truly forgotten that violence always breeds more violence, that acts of war breed more acts of war? All of which is why we should never give the green light to “conservative” war-mongering politicians, especially those linked with making huge profits via the War Machine and all its accompanying paraphernalia.

But regardless of all the programming which tries to make us go gaga-love for the bombs and brutality of war, to stay spiritually healthy and un-“terrorized,” it all boils down to how YOU want to live, how YOU deal with love-vs.-hate/life-vs.-death in YOUR MIND. It’s that positive-vs.-negative internal struggle which truly determines how you think, look and feel today, tomorrow and everyday. This internal struggle is why many of these daily-death-push “news”-anchors so quickly age right before our eyes — yikes — so many of these old “anchors” look like they’ve been dragged in from their deathbeds!

All of which is why my books, articles and songs so often point out the need to RISE ABOVE Babylonian programming in order to live a positive, creative life, consistently rebelling against the dictates of deceitful, unspiritual regimes which rarely reflect what we really feel inside.

Indeed, what I want to live and feel inside centers on unbiased awareness and PEACE, which is why I’m again helping to organize a large peace concert, soon to happen here at an ocean-side park in Hilo, Hawaii. Indeed, PEACE ON EARTH is what we need, and may peace bless the mind/bodies of my readers as well, especially as we enter this holiday season whereby we honor the rejuvenating practices of spiritual goodwill...

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