Need Answers?
AKA Rain Morgan
Host of Awareness Talk Radio
By Kay Walburger



Rain Morgan began her talk radio program eight years ago on KUCI 88.9 FM with a powerful intention of offering her listening public a magnificent banquet of consciousness — expanding knowledge, wisdom, and truth. To this she brings her own lifelong quest of penetrating to the core of human experiences in order to bring to light veiled and scattered wisdom. Her procedure is to synthesize it into a process for creating a vision of harmonious evolution for planet earth. This to share with those looking for encouragement and hope on their individual and collective paths.

Since her connection to the earth in all the many manifestations of its elements and energies runs deep within her body and spirit, she felt she should speak up for our Mother Earth. Her heart was longing to share the wondrous stories of the Earth’s love for all life that she felt she could be the voice of the Great Mother. Rain Morgan became “Mother Earth”.

As Rain unearthed lost or buried treasures from ancient text to quantum theory of the new sciences, her soul was freed and her creative spirit inspired to produce works of expressive art in beauty and love. The radio program is a forum for people on the evolutionary edge of humanity to come and share their research, experiences, and visions.

This is a work of art as Rain ever searches for the leaders of evolutionary thought to be guests on her talk radio program. She interviews the ‘who’s who’ of the transformational world each week live at 4:00-5:00 p.m. Pacific Time from the University of California Irvine’s broadcasting station. It is considered to be “one of the 10 best public access radio stations in the country!” Some of her guests have included: Geneen Roth, Nancy Red-star, Maria Nemeth, Gayla Rinehart, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Barbara Hand Clow, Barbara Marciniak, Dan Mill-man and Caroline Myss.

The Diva
Seeing Rain for the first time, one is impressed by her imposing essence and sense of style. Her long flowing hair in romantic braids and curls frame her face and cascade across her shoulders, drifting down to her waist. Ruby highlights dance off its intriguing cinnabar color and complement her ‘peaches ‘n cream’ complexion. Her surreal fashion attire and jewelry are fascinating and one wonders what “Time-Space-Continuum” they may be from. She looks as if she could rendezvous with Merlin at King Arthur’s Court, attend a local PTA meeting, or beam aboard the Starship Enterprise to lunch with Captain Jon Luke Picard.

As one looks at this compassionate Diva of Light and Love, it is unimaginable that any tragedy has ever touched her. Alas she is in truth the ‘Fire Bird’. The Phoenix rising up from the chard and burnt out ashes. She was literally trapped in a burning car in 1980. The doors were jammed in an auto accident. The frantic firemen could not get close enough to break her out because the gas tank from another car exploded and set her engine ablaze. Her life flashed before her eyes, but even in her panic she knew she was not ready to go!

A miracle occurred and the car door split at the seams — she somehow slid out guided by invisible hands. All who witnessed the fiery inferno from which she had magically escaped were amazed. Rescue workers rushed to help her and were relieved to see her safe, even if scorched and bruised a bit. Nevertheless, this traumatic near-death experience birthed an empath and true psychic healer.

Since that day of destiny Rain has followed the path of a Seeker. She has made a passionate study of what was once considered the forbidden knowledge of healing arts, self-realization, and ancient mysteries. This helped her expand her natural intuitive powers and knowledge and synthesize it into a wisdom for the new millennium. When people come to her today for healing or consulting, she has a plethora of modalities at her command including: Psychometry, Reiki and Pranic Healing, Medical Intuitive with Crystal Psychic Surgery, Soul & Fragment Retrieval, Past and Future Lives, Essential Oil Therapy, Herbs & Medicinal Quality Oils, Tarot, Numerology Combined with Astrology, Coning, Dream Interpretation, Ancient Religions, Mantra & Sanskrit, Neuro-linguistic Programming & Time Line Therapy. Ritual & Guided Imagery Meditation, and Teaching Conscious Parenting.

Compassionate Healer and Light Worker
Each day people call or come to her for guidance. Some are ill in their body, and some are ill-at-ease in their relationships or life in general. Her own life’s path has prepared her to help solve the riddle of pain in people’s mind-body-spirit connection. Sometimes it seems simple and some- times it takes repeated sessions to unravel the mystery. She has many healing modalities, one just right for each individual’s requirements. Because she is an empath she is able to read a person’s life like some people read a book. She knows when to use crystals and when to use essential oils of medicinal quality, which raise the vibration of a client to aid in healing of  body and spirit. Her Knowing gives clients the hope essential for healings and enlightenment.

One of her most magnificent healing tools is the exquisite jewelry she designs. Rain hears the songs of the semiprecious and precious stones and crystals she uses in her creations. Each color in the spectrum has its own vibration rate and when strung in certain combinations, creates a symphony of harmonious vibration attracting healing energies inside and outside of the body. Rain describes it as “mantra” a repeated affirming vibratory sound. It is said to restore balance and peace and love to the person for whom it was made. Healing though it may be, it also satisfies the eyes of the fashion conscious with its shimmering elegance.

The Fairy Connection
Many people in crisis will be inspired by Rain’s life story which will be published in the near future. It will most likely read like a fairy tale married to science fiction and filled with thrills, chills and romantic beauty.

In the strange tradition of archetypes who receive the ‘Gift’ of healing or second sight, she was initiated into her ‘Powers’ through healing her own wounds received from an abusive childhood — a long nightmare of physical and emotional abuse.

Like many children who are said to have imaginary friends, she had such beings invisible to others but not to her. New research shows they may be acutely seeing angels, spirits, and or fairies. Rain was led away from her harsh dismal life by seeing flower fays. She was shown a way to find delight in earth’s natural beauty. The vision of beauty was a healing balm to help her make it through this fearful time.

The very thought of fairies and other whimsical beings bring pure delight to many children and adults alike. Fairy collectibles are at an all-time high in gift shops. Rain sees this as a call to our spirits to lighten up and see playfulness as a tool for transformation and healing.

Fairies call out our inner child who is playful and creative, thus adding quality to life by expressing this creativity in games or works of art. She says that in days of old they were called flower Divas. Today people doing research on healing botanicals, herbs, and aromatherapy with essential oils see the connection as it relates to the intensity of healing properties. For Rain, this is a very exciting. She feels led to be a catalyst for restoring balance in our world. She believes her work is to teach and showcase new ways of rethinking our lives, to grow more enlightened adults who make better decisions for the next generations instead of just today. Children are the key to our planet’s future and we need to learn from them and teach them carefully so they can become enlightened sooner than later!

For more information, you can reach Rain at (714) 533-7130, or at The Latest Thing in Costa Mesa (949) 645-6211.

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