Graceful Passages
A Companion for Living and Dying Wisdom of the World Series
Unfortunately “Grief Work” in America has not been marketed as a process with great value. Many of us have embraced the ‘replace the loss as soon as possible’ or ‘if it’s broken, throw it away and buy a new one’ mentality. Americans have recently been presented with the supreme opportunity to reassess and renegotiate why Grief is Good.

Grief is one of the most pure and exquisite emotions I have ever witnessed. Why is it necessary for stretching our spiritual growth? Because grief confirms our connection to the Infinite. The physical expression of mourning empties the soul of the past to make space for the future. It wakes you up to your purpose for being. It is important to understand that the void one feels is sacred and necessary. Perhaps we can comprehend that the void experienced is ‘love full circle’. To ‘have loved and lost’ denotes the supreme courage of the individual who has exercised the vulnerability to love, and love well. This person will eventually see that wisdom and strength lies in this vulnerability.

Graceful Passages is a CD that will soothe, support and gently guide you through this amazing time. This double CD offers messages and prayers on the first disc and pure healing music on the second CD. Personally, I have benefited enormously from listening to this work again and again. I wish the same for you.

Do you know of anyone struggling through this time, including yourself? Run, don’t walk to obtain this “Companion for Living and Dying.” Lean in towards your grief and then feel it move through you towards a more purposeful future.

For more information, please call (888) 242-6608. By Dr. Joan McNeill  

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