A Momentous Crossroads for Humanity
By Rev. Jane Ilene Cohen



Many of us continue to process and experience the results of the events of Tuesday, September 11th. While we would like things to return to a feeling of order and security, many of us in the spiritual community realize the value of having the ground under us shift. We have a sense that this is a momentous crossroads for humanity, an opportunity we have never had before.

A crucial question many are faced with is: “On what basis do we have safety and order?” And from that question comes: “What constitutes real power?” ? because power provides safety. Does power come from physical might, or does it come from a Divine Source? Do we rely on the violence of physical force in an attempt to return to a sense of safety, or do we make the major shift, leaving that frame-of-reference all together and rely on a different consciousness of what is at cause in the universe? Many have been facing confusion and conflict over this issue in light of the current state of the world.

We have been strengthening and deepening our connection with Divine Love and empowerment for a long time. But while we have been doing this, we also have been enjoying the perceived safety of living in a mighty country. That perceived safety has received a shocking blow. When that happened, we were faced with realizing how much we rely on the perception of safety provided by other human beings. I think it is clear that a major leap of faith is needed now.  

What has actually happened?  Why has this event had such a shocking and traumatic effect on us? I think it is because major symbols of security and order have been undermined. Our government and military were not able to prevent this invasion of our country. Our whole concept of reality has been shaken.

Many of us gave up on realizing and expressing the fullness of our power in early childhood. We gave up our personal knowing of what reality is, not realizing the power we have. We have given up responsibility for our lives to others labeled “authorities.”  We believe authorities make decisions that really count, and they have the power to make those decisions a reality. We accept what reality is, based on how those in charge define it. And those in charge become symbols of what defines safety and order for us. However these symbols of safety and order are based on a limited perception of reality, and this frame-of-reference is clearly not working very well now. We need to allow something with a firmer foundation to support us.

Now is the time to allow this to shift. Our fixed ideas of how reality and power are defined are much less stuck in stone. It is an incredible time of fluidity in the global consciousness.

How do we create a solid foundation for making sense of our world from which we can feel secure and also make a difference? How do we create a solid foundation in which we are claiming our true power, and contributing to the global consciousness the gift of reality we came into this human experience knowing? We can’t go about this from the same framework from which we have been coming. Safety doesn’t lie in what we have done or conceived of in the past. The new is only accessible from the present moment. And so we must be coming from the present moment. The whole power of the universe is involved in the here-and-now. Many sense there is strong divine guidance coming, as everything is shifting.

An essential element of being present in the moment is enlightened self-interest. It is tempting to see this as a time in which we must sacrifice. A time in which we must unite with the consciousness of those who have less than we have. But we must participate in this shift from an expanding, positive perspective. Instead of sacrificing, we must be asking ourselves what is it we really desire? It is here we need a deep knowing that the Universe is on our side, on the side of what makes each of us, as individual human beings, truly happy. We are not moving toward greater sacrifice, but toward greater abundance, resources, possibilities - joy.

It is time to come together, in small, intimate, aligned groups, at this crucial juncture, especially those of us who are leaders in consciousness. Let us come together to support and align the power of the new consciousness and experience of reality we are birthing. Let us find ways to explore the living moment with each other. Let us come together, joyously participating in this incredible time as it unfolds before our eyes, and as each new step becomes apparent.

Rev. Jane Ilene Cohen is a spiritual and intuitive counselor, incorporating NLP techniques. She is certified as an NLP Master Practitioner, TimeLine Therapy® Master Practitioner and is a Spiritual Counselor based in A Course in Miracles. Jane has a private practice in Del Mar, CA where she sees individuals, couples, and family groups. She also facilitates weekly interactive-relating groups,  and can be reached at (858) 350-0333. You may visit her website at www.janecohen.net .  

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