“Humanity teetering on the brink . . . has monumental choices to make!”
Foremost Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard Says
“The Future Is NOW!”
By Kay Walburger



Barbara Marx Hubbard recently spoke before members and guests of The Inside Edge at the University Club on the campus of the University of California Irvine. The capacity crowd was eager to hear her message regarding our global future since the recent events of September 11, 2001.

The best news one can have is from a futurist because they must believe in a positive outcome to world events to be called a futurist. Barbara started her career as a futurist in the 1960’s because she had always been drawn to the lure of a positive future for the Earth and its people, and has committed herself to the work of personal, social, and planetary evolution. True to her calling she has an exquisite story of hope to share!

Assessing the Situation
She began telling how humanity possesses amazing powers at this time to save, heal, and prolong human life, with more to come in the next few years. “Here in 2001 we have radical new capacities,” said Barbara. “We have contraception, and knowledge from unraveling the DNA (life code). Gene manipulation to create or transform our bodies and extend our lives. These same new capacities are a double-edged sword because they can create miracles or monsters. We have art, cultural, and social programs to enhance the quality of our lives. Science and technology has the possibilities to create a future full of exploration of our known universe and even to colonization of other planets. The human mind has penetrated so deeply into nature through Einstein’s discovery of E=mc2, we could take that knowledge, build the atom bomb, and destroy with it.”

“At this same moment in time we have many weapons of mass destruction and some humans with the volition and mindset to start a chain reaction to do so. Even as war and peace do the same old song and dance they have done for thousands of years, the fact is the human race including fringe elements and terrorists, face a certain doom if they refuse to evolve the thinking of humankind that created the problem. The environment on earth is the largest crisis humanity faces today!”  Barbara says, “If we continue as we have within the next 30 years we may not be able to breathe.”

Three billion people on the planet are hungry; we are creating environmental stress and have not been seriously factoring how this overpopulation is continuing to create needs that are unsustainable, ‘now’ never mind the future!”

“It turns out that we are the generation with monumental choices to make now!” reminds Barbara. We have been born at this time . . . maybe to a purpose that is our destiny. I believe it’s a crisis of birth toward our next stage of evolution!”

“I believe this evolution began in earnest in 1945 when the U.S. dropped the atom bomb on Japan. I was 15 years old at that time, but I knew we could not continue to use power in that way because it was unsustainable. I began to ask myself the great question of my life, ‘What is the meaning of all this power that is good?’”

“In the 1960’s, after raising my five children, I felt driven to research my vision of finding a way for all people to get their needs met in a practical and harmonious way. I started on a long and exciting journey that has brought me to this moment of truth for all humanity on planet Earth!”

In 1970, she co-founded the Committee for the Future in Washington, D.C. to bring positive options into the public arena for discussion and action. She also designed and co-produced twenty-five SYNCONS (synergistic convergences). These cutting-edge interactive conferences brought together a wide range of people to focus on win-win solutions for social challenges. Shortly thereafter, she created the Theatre for the Future, a multi-media presentation of the evolutionary story of creation with a vision of a long-range human future: What it might be like if everything works!

Throughout the seventies and eighties, Barbara lectured, wrote and appeared on national television, continuing to promote the idea of humans working together to create a world which works for every one. She co-chaired and designed large Soviet-American Citizen Summits, created a team-building process called Rings of Empowerment, and developed Evolutionary Circles, a small group process for inner work and spiritual growth which focuses on the basic ideas of conscious evolution and co-creation.

She has also hosted and co-produced a television series entitled POTENTIALS, featuring an outstanding array of guests including: Ray Bradbury, Norman Cousins, Marilyn Ferguson, Buckminster Fuller, Willis Harman, Ph.D., Brugh Joy, M.D., Dr. Timothy Leary, John and Toni Lilly M.D.s,  Gene Roddenberry, and Senator John Vasconcellos. The mission ‘Envisioning the New Millennium.’

 “In 1984 I dared the most audacious performance of my life to that date. I had ten friends who believed in my evolutionary visions and they agreed to support me as we set off for San Francisco and the Democratic Party Convention to put my name in nomination for Vice President of the United States of America!  The first thing we did was to admit that we had no power in and of ourselves. We had no money to speak of and we didn’t know anyone who could help us, except God. We had no passes to the floor; none of us had ever attended a convention like this before. We did know I needed 200 signatures from Democratic Party Delegates to place my name in nomination before the convention. We were a spiritual group and were studying a Course in Miracles so we decided to do every spiritual practice we knew. We prayed, meditated, did yoga, visualized and affirmed, and anything else we were led, guided, and directed by Spirit to do!”

“We learned that there were caucuses at 5:30 a.m. and I could present myself by saying. ‘My name is Barbara Marx Hubbard and I want to put my name in nomination for Vice President with the purpose of establishing a Peace Room in the White House to study peace and map successes all over the world.”

“By the third day we had 200 delegates’ signatures, and to the shock and horror of the party, my name was in nomination along with Geraldine Ferraro. They moved the time up two hours so I would not be seen on TV but I was on C-Span!  I enthusiastically walked across the stage and waved. A guard led me to the podium and said “They won’t listen, they never do, but say it for the Universe!”  “I did just that. I said, “I declare there will be a Peace Room in the White House, the Kremlin, and in every capitol of the world. The purpose of the United States of America is to activate the creativity of its people everywhere so we can co-create a future equal to our full potential!  And I declare it to be so!  No one paid any attention but the Universe paid attention!”

“After that I was confused on how to organize this process, so I went into deep prayer and meditation to find more answers to the next step of this vision. An inner voice spoke clearly and told me to remain silent and let the guidance come to me. And so I did. I wrote in my journal and waited for the time and message to come.”

 “That inner voice that we hear is not necessarily God of the cosmos, it is, I believe, God coming in as you. It is a personal essence in which resides your particular Divine Creativity. That self is in us and when we surrender our ‘local self’ or ‘egoic self’ to our ‘Divine Self’ we will be guided to our true purpose.”

“As I surrendered more and more by turning my thoughts and energies to that ‘inner guiding voice’, ‘that self’ began to materialize in me. My local self (egoic) began to be lifted up, my heart center opened and my solar plexus started to relax. Then the Divine Self that I call ‘Essence’ began to take over my life and strengthen me. Renewing my mind, body, and energy to do the work of co-creator. It is the path of the one who ‘incarnates’ the ‘Divine’ and then resides within that and is already rewarded.”

911 A Spiritual Emergency!
September 11, 2001 was a moment when the U.S. felt the intense pain of the planet!  It woke us up to the fact that this pain is widespread and that we can’t use only force to solve the problems. It also opened our hearts to see our individual and collective “loving spirit”. From that place of opening in our hearts, a new consciousness can be birthed!

“We are in awe of our magnificent love, caring, and sharing as we see, hear, and read story after story of our outpouring to each other. We have inspired ourselves and fallen in love with our freedom all over again. We hate what happened to us (the USA’s and the Wide World’s Humanity) yet we see with new eyes how all the people of the Earth are connected at a deep spiritual level. Every nation spoke out and grieved with us and even old foes are sympathetic to our plight. If we can only see this with ‘evolutionary eyes’ we could co-create a wondrous world worthy of humanity's full potential!

“A part in each of us is awestruck by the magnanimous acts of courage, daring, sacrifice and love in each human. We must ask ourselves “Why do we need a tragedy or earthshaking crisis to be this way?”  Why aren’t we this way all the time?  We are . . . yet it seems latent in us most of the time!  Now is the time to activate it and vow never to go back to the way it was before 9-11-2001!

Barbara’s latest book titled “Emergence” speaks to a humanity on the evolutionary brink of “The Shift From Ego to Essence” (subtitle). This book is both a book to read and enjoy . . . it is a story of her latest journey and a workbook to take your own journey on your evolutionary path. She includes 10 steps to our becoming the “Universal Human”!  Many others join her in the sincere belief that this is our next state of human evolution.

Most people have a sense of destiny. They seem to know they have an important purpose and many still are not completely certain what that looks like. Barbara tell us that there “evolutionary people” in every corner of the world and in every discipline, only needing to connect with the rest of us.

Gateway to an Evolutionary New World
“For 35 years my work has connected me with many people whose awareness has been shifting from a separated state of being to a more and more connected state of being. All people who feel inspired by Spirit from within to shift their own consciousness, to give something to the world, will be thrilled to visit the website where major connections can be made with others birthing themselves into our next stage of human evolution.  This network has been forming for years.”

 “My current work is the most rewarding of my life because the Internet gives me a context to present to the world, invites them to find their niche and participate from wherever they are in the world. The Foundation for Conscious Evolution is offering two new services to the global multi-cultural community. One is a new school called “Gateway to Our Conscious Evolution”. It takes participants through a developmental path to the next stage of evolution on which you meet the creators and innovators of our New World.”

“There are seven great themes to study in an experiential way and you are invited to put your own subjective ideas into the site, and then meet and connect with other people and leaders on a global scale.”

The second is The Peace Room, which is an operating hub for planetary culture. The purpose is to track and connect what is already working. As you choose or know your life’s work, you can see and connect with what is already working, helping you to organize efficiently.”

“All over this country people are entering the Gateway and The Peace Room and forming small local groups where they share their own insights and projects. Then they enter them into the local Peace Room, as well as the global Peace Room. We invite people to claim their Citizenship in the Global Community. Even as they retain their national origins, backgrounds, and religions, they are still contributors to the Global Community. The theme of conscious evolution is about co-creating instead of co-destroying!  As we become aware of the natural forces that are forcing us into human evolution, we can participate at a level of conscious co-creators with choices that shape our own destiny. I believe that The Universal Story is that we are evolving as a species that is to become Co-Evolutionary with Nature and Co-Creator with Spirit!  I agree with Lynn Twist who said, “We hospice what is dying and midwife what is being born.”

For more information please see websites: www.consciousevolution.net  and www.peaceroom.org . Also tune in every Wednesday at 5 p.m. PST to hear Barbara broadcast live from the Peace Room on Wisdom Internet Radio.

Barbara Marx Hubbard will be featured live on Awareness Talk Radio (KUCI 88.9FM) and on the internet at www.kuci.org  Wednesday, November 14 at 4:00 p.m.  

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