Feng Shui Concepts
Getting to Know Feng Shui
By Jenny Liu



Mina called me up the other day and told me that her previous feng shui consultant referred her to me. She is currently involved in launching a new website that specializes in putting together the most exciting and up-to-date things to do in all the major cities worldwide. She wanted to write an article on feng shui as one of the latest things to do in LA. Rather than simply doing a routine interview, she opted to have a full feng shui consultation so she could write about her experience.

After doing the consultation with Mina, it occurred to me the mainstream information about feng shui is still limited and confusing to the general public. As I walked into Mina’s home, we introduced each other and I began drawing her floor plan. Being the inquisitive reporter that she is, Mina looked at me knowingly and asked if I were imposing the “ba-gua” (the eight aspects introduced by the Black Hat Sect) to her home. I smiled and told her today she will see that there is more to feng shui than the bagua.

Having said that, I finished up Mina’s floor plan and took the compass measurement of her home. Mina’s apartment complex sits southwest and faces northeast. As I was figuring the Nine Star charts for her home, Mina noted out loud that I appear to be very fast with what I do. I could tell she was surprised that I did not chat with her or ask about her home. I explained that it is important for me to do my analysis first without being biased by my client’s information. This way, I can give my client an objective analysis and have them confirm my analysis. Also, I smiled, a true feng shui consultant should be able to tell the client how their feng shui affects them without the client telling them first.

Once I completed my analysis and notes, I motioned for Mina to join me at her dining room table. Sitting down next to me, Mina widened her eyes amazed at all the measurements, notes, and numbers on the floor plan. She exclaimed that this was very different from what her previous consultant had done for her. Nonetheless, she added, he was very nice and his advice did create positive changes. I asked her if she would like some background information seeing that the feng shui she is familiar with is different from mine. Mina nodded and leaned back to listen as I gave her a brief introduction to feng shui.

Feng shui is about how to select and create an environment that promotes your well being according to the laws of nature. These laws are based on the Taoist natural philosophy that everything around us is made of energy. These energies are categorized into five elements known as fire, wood, water, metal and earth. Do not think of these as five substances, think of them as five frequencies that everything is made of. Thus, everything around us can be categorized as one of the five elements. In feng shui, the energies around us that affect our well being can be organized into four spheres of energy.

First, we must understand our individual personal energies. We all have a unique energy that responds differently to our environment. So, it is important to consider each individual in a home or office. Second, the interior space with its air, light and sound quality, the room locations, furniture layout, colors and art work all affect us. Third, what is in our exterior environment, such as the neighboring buildings, mountains and roads, also influence our well being. Finally, the planetary energies beyond our exterior environment are also very powerful and can impact us as well. Their movements are indicated by the Nine Star charts which let us know how to make annual adjustments. It is important to understand all four levels of energy and know how to synchronize them in our favor.

Before I began explaining Mina’s feng shui, it was important to remind her that feng shui is not the panacea many people are making it out to be. Feng shui is only one of at least thirty factors that influence our lives. Besides feng shui, our birth date, parents, partners, education, health, career, creativity, ambition, inheritance, spirituality, and many other factors also play a part in making us who we are. However, these factors are all connected and improving one usually sets off a chain reaction to improve others. Feng shui, or the energies of our environment, is something that is constantly around us. It simply makes sense to create an environment that supports us.

Looking bewildered and enlightened, Mina leaned closer as I pulled out her charts and floor plan. Pointing to them, I began to explain to Mina that she was born under the earth element and belongs to the Western Direction Pattern. Mina shook her head to indicate she did not know what that meant. I explained that we are also made of energy and our frequency is similar to that of the Earth’s magnetic field. Using an analogy, like radios, we also have an innate antenna that receives clearer messages when oriented in certain directions than others. When you are categorized under the Western Direction Pattern, it simply means that your frequency is most similar to the directions of the northwest, west, southwest and northeast. This means that ideally your home, doors, bedroom, and office are oriented in these directions.

Mina immediately started to think about the orientation of her home, pointing out that the sun rises from her office windows. I smiled and showed that I have already indicated them on her floor plan and that she was right about her office being in the east corner. Mina quickly noted that the east is not one of her best directions. I added that having her office located in the east direction, which is associated to the wood element, depletes her earth energy. Her desk is also placed so that the main door and the corner of her speaker aligns directly at her with windows to her back. This all indicates unstable and defeating energy which can cause fatigue, inability to focus, constantly making mistakes and an unstable career. Mina quickly agreed that must be why she is always tired at her desk. Even after a nap, sitting in her office to work, she feels drowsy. She is always making mistakes and having to do things over. Her career has been a struggle.

Mina’s front door is located in the north corner facing a flight of stairs that leads straight into her unit. Right by her door, there is a surrealist painting of a naked lady who is lying on the floor with a large bird and red phallic symbol over her head. The north direction is associated with the water element which also weakens her earth energy. The north water element, also associated with men, sex, and kidneys, can bring troublesome men, adultery, and potential problems with her reproductive system into her life. This is reinforced by the strong sexual painting located right by the north door. It is true, Mina admits, all the men she has been involved with have cheated on her or used her. But, she pointed out, she has just met a man who is very nice to her and is treating her well.

This is most likely because her bedroom is positively located in the west corner. This year, the west direction energies bring new opportunities, romance and creativity especially to females. Her kitchen and bathroom are located respectively in the south and southeast sectors which are in her favor. However, the stove is located within the center of her home. Having the stove located in the center, or heart of her home, can cause inflammation, dryness, temper and unstable income since the stove also represents our food and basic means of survival. Since the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are in compatible orientations for Mina, her main focus is the enhancements to her office and entry area. Among the adjustments were to remove the sexual painting, place a chime by the doorway to disperse the stair’s unstable energies and relocate her desk to the northwest corner of her home.

Mina also had her birth chart done. Placing it in front of her, I began to explain that the Chinese Astrology chart is different from the zodiac and Western Astrology. It is based on her birth date, time and place. There are twelve aspects of her life that are covered. These include her personality, career, marriage, children, parents, siblings, friends, health, travel, property, fortune, and money. The chart also covers her life in ten year and annual cycles.

Briefly, from her birth chart, Mina has a wild streak and is someone who is daring. She is very curious and loves to try new things. Even if she fails or gets hurt, she is proud of her battle wounds. Although she is kind and merciful at heart, she is also aggressive when it comes to pursuing her goals. As I read her chart to her, Mina held her cheeks and occasionally a muffled squeal escaped her breath. Even I felt chills and had goose bumps. When I was done, Mina had a look of disbelief on her face as she told me she had never had anyone describe her so well, and no less by someone she had just met an hour ago.  From her chart, Mina is best suited to careers involved with entertainment, media and reporting, especially if it is related to the latest fashion, trends and technology. Mina gasped and reminded me that she has never been happier or more excited since she took on her current job, launching the website she had told me about.

As the consultation came to a close, Mina declared she was so glad she decided to do the consult instead of the interview. She pointed out that the consultation was highly comprehensive and she enjoyed it very much. Without having even done the adjustments yet, she said she felt it had already helped her in so many ways.

 Several months later, Mina called to tell me that it was extremely difficult to rearrange her office as I recommended given the tight space of her apartment. She recommended I bring a tape measure next time! However, with the help of her beau, she managed to get her desk, shelves and office equipment all set up more or less as I suggested. After doing so, she told me she was able to launch the website successfully and finally get paid.

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the internet. Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information see
www.liu-fengshui.com  or call (909) 860-0633.  

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