Comes the Awakening:
Realizing the Divine Nature of Who You Are New Messages of Hope and Love
from the “Pleiadians”
By Jill V. Mangino



It was the Spring of 1999 and I was at the Mayan Ruin — Tikal (Guatemala) in ceremony with Mayan Elder Don Alexjandro Cerillo, the President of the Mayan Council of Elders. In a candid interview about the Mayan Prophecies he revealed the Pleiadians as “star people” who assisted the Ancient Mayans. While lying in bed upon my return to Mexico City, I felt an energy pulsating throughout my body. I was shaking violently, yet simultaneously I felt an amazing opening of my heart. I sensed that this energy was coming from without. When I went inside of myself and asked what was happening — I was told that this energy was coming from the Pleiadians; they went on to explain that they were assisting in raising my “vibrations” and to not be afraid. I have now come to think of the “Pleiadians” as my friends and several times since then they have “zapped” me with their beautiful energy!

I was first introduced to the Pleiadians from author Barbara Hand Clow in Pleiadian Agenda and went further into learning about their purpose in Amorah Quan Yin’s Pleiadian Workbook. A new voice sharing messages from the Pleiadians is Lia Shapiro. In her new book, COMES THE AWAKENING:  REALIZING THE DIVINE NATURE OF WHO YOU ARE, Lia shares powerful messages of love and hope from the Pleiadian realm reminding us that “we are powerful spiritual beings whose very essence contains the Light of God.” “

As we enter into a new era of spiritual revolution, more and more we are beginning to suspect that God is inside of us, not outside. If this is so, it means the answers have been there all along. “True spirituality means the freedom to explore all possibilities beyond the confines of religion,” shares Lia.

The first “Pleiadian” book to be released in the last three years, this book is one of the easiest to understand and is specifically designed to accelerate our personal spiritual evolution. According to Lia,   “This book goes past your intellect and speaks directly to your inner spirit. As you read, you will immediately begin to experience a profound awakening of your senses, along with an alteration of your psyche and soul. With the second or even third reading, issues become clearer, as layer upon layer opens up to reveal deeper meaning.” COMES THE AWAKENING reveals startling and often controversial, yet positive messages. It also offers another revelation. She claims she is communicating with a future aspect of herself. The Pleiadians say that we made an agreement with them to assist us during this time. They share,  “We are you and you are us. You might say that we are your higher selves. Together we are One and the same Spirit, as we are with God.”

One of the controversial aspects Lia touches upon in her book is the issue of implants. There are actually many healers who specialize in removing “implants” but according to Lia they have been placed there to assist in our awakening. In fact, she apologizes for an inconvenience or worry they may cause.

In COMES THE AWAKENING, Lia chronicles her own personal “awakening” journey towards becoming an “Interdimensional Contactee.” Not since the release of Barbara Marciniak’s “Bringers of the Dawn” have I seen inspiration from the “Pleiadians” distilled in an easy-to-read guide bridging the gap for those on the spiritual path, searching for more. This book contains profound wisdom and insights, which is sure to make it a classic in this genre.

Chapters include information on: Connecting on Deeper Levels, Jumping Dimensions, Transcending Time, Manifesting in the Physical Realm, Perceiving Truth and more. The chapter on Accelerating Love and Awareness is one of my favorites. The Pleiadians say, “In loving another, you love yourself. In caring for another, you care for yourself. In becoming intimate with another, you become intimate with yourself. Knowing Love is knowing yourself . . . for you are Love.” They remind us that Love can never be taken from you because you are Love itself.  “What you feel is only momentary, but in the overall scheme of things love will go on and on.”

Lia Shapiro has been on a spiritual journey most of her life. In the 1970’s, she went through an experience that profoundly and dramatically changed her spiritual outlook. Several years ago while living in Japan, she tuned into the Pleiadian realm. The author’s website  contains more wisdom, along with a very active message board and chat room. Lia’s messages have been featured in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and on

COMES THE AWAKENING promotes your own awakening, while also giving you a glimpse into the author’s awakening. Lia Shapiro spreads light and love for anyone who wants to accelerate their spiritual understanding — “Our intent is to wake you and shake you from your slumber! Our hope is to in-Lighten you. In the process, we, as well as many beyond us, will become more in-Lightened. It is then that all of creation will certainly be translated into Light, and only peace, love and harmony will reign supreme.”

Lia Shapiro will be speaking and signing her new book at the Bodhi Tree on December 14 at 7:30 p.m. and The Imagine Center December 15 1-3 p.m.

Jill V. Mangino is a freelance writer and Producer. She can be reached at .  

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