Clearing Out The Grief
And Trauma from Within
By Laurie Leah Levine



This is an amazing time on our planet and one of great spiritual change. The important question to address now is:  How does a traumatic event affect our body and our health?

What changes have you noticed in your own body since September 11th or from any other traumatic event you have experienced in your life? So often we process these events and feelings in our minds and do not recognize or acknowledge what is being expressed in our body. If we do not take the time to express and get out what we are feeling, then our body will find a way to do it for us. I will share a true story from one of my clients that will explain this fully.

A man in his late 50ís called me several years ago for help. He had been suffering from shingles for three weeks and was in a lot of pain. He had been to all kinds of doctors, had taken different medications and nothing was helping him. He told me he had a very stressful job, had been out of work and was still not improving. When he lay down on my table, I noticed the shingles were located across his chest. In my studies of Chinese Medicine, the lungs represent the emotion of grief, loss and sadness. I asked him if he recently had a loss in his life. He sat up in amazement and told me two of his closest friends had just died. I asked him if he had been able to cry and grieve for them and he said NO. I told him that his body was grieving for him and releasing as shingles. I suggested that he go home and say goodbye to his friends in whatever way he chose. A week later, when he returned, the shingles were gone.

This is a great example of what can happen in the body if we do not express how we are feeling. It can also show up as asthma, lung infections, colds, headaches, back pain, wanting to withdraw, anxiety attacks, depression, ulcers, insomnia, chronic fatigue, just to name a few. I have found in my 25 years of working with body, mind and spirit that our bodies will express any past weakness. For example, I had pneumonia when I was 19 and whenever I go through something traumatic and do not express it, I start to feel heavy in my chest like I did when I was sick.

I have also noticed that in times of grief and loss, we may even feel more pain and loss from past events that we did not fully let go of and still remain in our bodies on a cellular level. Health and wellbeing improves when we free up these blocked emotions. Emotions are supposed to move and when they do, we end up experiencing more energy, balance, peace and joy.

So what can we do? It is important to become more aware of your body, taking the time to check in with your own feelings and acknowledge them. Do whatever you need to do to release them and keep an open heart. You can write them down, talk to a friend or counselor, do physical exercise. Laughter can help, get bodywork whether it be massage, acupressure or whatever you choose. The message here is to DO something, or else your body may need to express it in some form.

Be loving, gentle, kind and patient with yourself and others. Grief comes in many stages and we tend to feel a full range of emotions such as denial, anger, fear, grief, sadness, rage and even joy. They can come in waves over a period of time. Keep expressing whatever it is you are feeling, so your body does not have to express it for you by getting sick. You will then be able to move through traumatic times with much more ease, peace, patience, joy, love and balance.

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