Celebrating Time Alone
Stories of Splendid Solitude
By Lionel Fisher
Feeling guilty about your stirrings for quiet? This superior book addresses all aspects of the necessity of alone time. For those of you nervously considering this personal shift towards meeting yourself and discovering the power of silence, this book will coach you towards taking the leap. What a phenomenal investment it can be for your well-being!

 The energy you have after a silent retreat is cleaner; it comes from a place of overflowing instead of the frenetic, irritable energy from an inner well that is empty. Trust me, your family will love the difference.

As a “recovering, consummate doer” I died a little death to burnout on more than one occasion. Getting the lesson has taken me longer, but within the last year I have made the daunting commitment to invest in restorative periods of solitude. I am pleased to report that “downtime equals wasting time” is expired thinking for me. My ego was also disarmed over the fact that the world survived my absences quite well. When I return from retreat I have an increased connection to everything living and am a far better clinician. My intuition is enhanced and I have more time to sit and listen to how it is for you.

Silence and alone time is where inspirations come through; you can feel the heartbeat or throb of what is important with increased clarity. This is the space where you can understand the secrets of the game called ‘life’. The solitary journey is not something you can purchase already completed, and you can not hire someone to do it for you. Certain lessons can only be learned in the quiet quest towards self-actualization. Fisher really does a wonderful job in supporting those who choose this path. My mother, who is not married, has often expressed feeling out of place without a mate in certain circles. If you know someone who shares this experience, “Celebrating Time Alone” truly supports the older individual who chooses a single life past childbearing years.

Published by Beyond Words Publishing, this book is available at local bookstores.

Review By Dr. Joan McNeill


Beyond Death
Confronting the Ultimate Mystery
By Christopher Scott
Currently, within my profession I have the honor of witnessing death and transition on a per shift basis. I have read no less than 100 books on the subject with the intention to become a more informed and compassionate clinician. Though the content is similar in many of the books I’ve read, the unique delivery of the message by this author has its own magical freshness. Scott has one of those refreshing and worthy perspectives.

I would recommend this book for the advanced metaphysician who seeks a more in-depth education in the Near Death Experience. This book will answer many questions that surface for the advanced student.

I particularly loved the chapter on forgiveness that is so timely for we Americans, as well as the world. Breathe deeply and inhale Christopher Scott’s wise words.

Published by Blue Dolphin Publishing, this book is available in local bookstores. By Dr. Joan McNeill  

Review By Dr. Joan McNeill

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