Accessing the Creative Matrix
By Christan Hummel



As we look at the events dominating the headlines of the news today, the main question we are faced with is: Are we creators, or are we victims of our fate?  Certainly the media would have us believe the latter, but is that the truth?  Must we move into the path of fear, anger, hatred, and violence?  Any review of the media will have you believe that this path is inevitable. The incessant stream of reports about terrorist camps, their backgrounds, training, locations, etc. all serve to distract us from this most important question, the one which begs answering: do we have another option? Can we move beyond this shroud of fear enveloping our planet since September 11th, and choose a more creative approach to our current situation?

Although war is presented in the media as inevitable, the fact remains that we do still have a choice. And the choice is not exclusively political. The more important choice which faces humanity today, and which will determine our fate as a race, is whether we will choose to give our creative energy to love, or to fear. This is the real “war” we are waging and the enemy is not outside of us hiding in some terrorist camp in Afghanistan. If we choose this path of fear and attempt to annihilate all those deemed through some nebulous and vague definition to be a threat to America and its values, have we not created for ourselves a greater “enemy” to our way of life and to our own security through our own policies?

We all are born with one guarantee in life, that we will all die. Of this, and little else, we can be absolutely sure. However, we have a choice as to how we spend the quality of our life here on earth. And right now that choice is whether or not we allow ourselves to spend our time here in perpetual fear of that final moment. We have been led to believe that it is the “terrorists” who have deprived us of that choice and that we must resort to armed guards in airports, gas masks, and instruments of mass destruction. But terrorists do not have the power to terrorize. Only we can allow that. Ultimately that decision is still our choice, and no one, not President Bush, the media or the Taliban can force us to choose a life of constant fear without our consent.

So what is the other option?  What do we choose to vitalize with our creative life force energy? A primary axiom in New Age doctrines is energy follows thought, or put another way, energy flows where attention goes. I cannot think of a more important time to remember this most basic truth than the present. By continuing to focus our attention and energy, individually and collectively, on that which we would avoid, that which we DO NOT want, we inadvertently give it our life force energy and make it stronger.

We have a choice instead to use this time as an opportunity to face our ultimate fears of death, of lack of control, of helplessness. And once facing that, we can see it for what it is, a fear, nothing more, and move past it and find more interesting things to which we can give our creative energy. We do not have to allow ourselves to be held hostage by this fear. We hold the keys to that prison, as it is one of our own creating.

All of us have had opportunities in our own lives to experience what we would call a miracle, which is nothing more than jumping to another grid, or accessing a creative matrix. We live in a holographic world, and that hologram can be programmed. Right now it is being programmed through our thoughts and feelings. If those thoughts and feelings are of fear and survival, anger and hate, then this is the reality we are creating for ourselves. But we can reprogram this hologram anytime we choose. Thoughts of love, peace, charity, hope, faith, trust, prayer — they are equally accessible to each and every one of us. These thoughts, feelings and prayers invoke another vibratory energy, one that accesses another vibratory state, and a different hologram. The vibrations we hold in our hearts and minds are the key to what manifests in our lives. It is not dependent upon something out there somewhere. The world originates within us despite the outer appearance. The outer is simply the reflection of our inner state.

What is exciting about the times we are living in right now is that while these principles have been espoused for ages from Vedic texts to Native American philosophies, we are at the place of a meeting ground between science and spirituality where these principles are being tested and proven to be true. Research in Japan by Masaru Emoto has revealed that water changes its physical and molecular structure when exposed to different sounds, words, thoughts, pictures and prayer. Before and after photographs of the water crystal of a polluted dam revealed that the structure went from a chaotic structure when first sampled, then transformed into a beautiful symmetrical snowflake-like crystal when a group of people sent their prayers to the dam.

This research confirmed what I have witnessed throughout the world with the work we have been doing, clearing pollution in the water and atmosphere, with little more than group prayer. Over the last three years of doing this work globally I’ve seen that groups can access their creative potential and can actually lower crime rates, reduce drug use in cities, reduce earthquake activity, and balance severe weather patterns, all with the power of their focused intent. [see  for details]  The physical evidence of groups such as this and the research of Emoto are confirming what the ancients have been teaching for centuries. Energy follows thought; our physical world is merely the holographic reflection of our energy world. And while it may appear that we have little measurable effects over the outer events that seem to direct our outer world, we DO have the power to effect our inner energy worlds, in fact we do it with each and every thought. So what do we want to dream? What kind of a world do we want to create? The choice is still ours.

Christan Hummel travels internationally teaching people how to access a co-creative relationship with nature, and how to establish local pollution-clearing networks. She will be teaching her next class in Southern California in November. For more information on her work please see  or call (760) 722-5555.

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