By Audrey Hope



Dear God, Where is there an angel in this chaotic world?
And in my sleep and in my question:
I see an explosion, two towers fall, a war and children running naked and
afraid. I see numbers drop on a stock chart and helplessness rise and people
angry in
town halls.
OH, it isn¹t a dream!
And some of us are praying.
And some sit with masters on a mountain.
And some are reading books of wisdom.
And it isn¹t a dream!
And all the while pain is going on.
People walking with it, through it.
Alert and awake, I suppose the angels must be lurking somewhere there -
In the middle of the collapse- while things are coming down and people are
Because Angels are in our life -
Deep in the center of it.
In the drama of the tear down- they whisper a soft parachute -
Though you might fly right or  left, or get lost,
you always land -
Enlightenment is the only destination.
There is no clock to the one journey.
It¹s always one flight-
Crucifixion to Resurrection.
Angels are the net.
Trust the fall.

Audrey Hope is a spiritual counselor and host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives. Visit: www.hopesrealwomen.com


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