Streamhaven Open House
A Chance to Feel Blessed by Reality
By Christine Benton



The Stream, a San Diego-based not-for-profit spiritual community, will throw open the doors to Streamhaven, its spiritual center and sanctuary, on Sunday, November 22 from 1 to 4 pm. All are invited, including out-of-town guests who can watch the event as it is webcast online (check for updates.

The Open House will give the community an opportunity to enjoy the astounding beauty and serenity of the Streamhaven nature sanctuary in North County, San Diego, as well as enjoy a rich program of events. The grounds will serve as a perfect backdrop for a talk by Stream founder and spiritual teacher Beth Green on “How We Are Blessed by Reality.”

“We often feel that reality is a bad thing, and we do our best to avoid it, ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist,” says Beth. “But if we are honest, we have to admit that the cost of denial and delusion is enormous. Reality is not the enemy; it’s our attitude to it that gets us in trouble.

If we could start practicing greater awareness and honesty with each other, if we could start to take advantage of all the help available to us from other humans and the divine, we would discover that there is a way to live with reality in a state of relaxation and peace. Join us at our upcoming Open House: let’s open our hearts to one another and feel the blessing of what is here for us all.”

The Open House will include a talk by Beth Green, tours of the grounds, singing, laughter, healthy refreshments and a good time. Guests will also have a chance to meet people in The Stream, the community that has put into practice the Living with Reality program that has helped hundreds of people live a better life.

Streamhaven is located in North County San Diego and is free of charge. To RSVP for the event and for directions, please contact Rose Evans at (760) 822-3272. More information can be found at .

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