I’m Raving…
By Jenenne Macklin



In the midst of red hot life, things that need to be done, preparing for the holidays, and problems in our face, it might seem odd to think that the practice of “raving” about the good things showing up in our lives could create a dramatic shift in our perception, vibe and affairs. However, I am here to tell you, it is a powerful tool.

We have always heard about gratitude and at one point many have encouraged us to keep a gratitude journal. I admit to doing this for a brief time, but being unable to sustain it.

Thanksgiving seems to bring to all of our hearts and mind, this practice of gratitude. For me, it’s my favorite holiday, free of commercialism, and for the most part, filled with sharing, good food, football and family, however we define family for ourselves.

Usually for one day, everything stops and we focus on gratitude, after which many of us return to the moving and shaking of life. What I like about the practice of raving is that it can become a companion on the journey of every day life. The emotion accessed in the experience is something you want to experience again and again.

When I stumbled upon the practice of “raving,” it resonated with me on such a deeper level, probably because it taps deeper into emotion. Emotion is the key because it intensifies vibration.

I’ve fallen asleep each evening raving about my life as it is now. Sometimes, I have a slight smile on my face, like I have a secret to talk with the Presence about, and I feel joy rising within me as I honor the perfection unfolding in my affairs.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been having my share of growth experiences, awakenings as well as consistently unplugging from the mass consciousness of fear, and recession, so that I remain anchored in my alignment with the Presence. Nonetheless, there is a tangible experience, for me, in raving to and with the Divine.

I even find myself looking for things to rave about, experiences that, without closer observation, I might have missed the splendor and perfection in them, taking them for granted such as the sound of a bird singing, the laughter of a child, the breeze touching by face after a hot sunny day, the peace of living an authentic life, the job I do have, the transportation that gets me from one place to another.

When I say rave, I mean just what you think. Raving about life now, as it is. And believe me, there is always something to rave about. We just have a tendency to get caught up in what’s “not” working more so than what IS working, showing up and unfolding in our lives.

Think about this, when we rave about something we are SO excited and filled to the brim with joy and enthusiasm. We want to tell everyone we see, and easily go on and on with glee and wonderment, giving the full description of the experience. That’s what I’m talking about, what you are doing regarding your life, now.

However, in this process, do not call your girlfriend, your momma, your brothers, take it all, that feeling and energy, within to God. OMG!! Share it with God. I share my excitement with God. I share my enthusiasm with the Divine. I get tickled with the Presence within about how amazing it all is and how perfect it all turns out.

So what is the benefit to you or as many often ask, what’s in it for you? The feeling of raving will blast you right out of a funk. It will open you to receive and be a greater vessel for more goodness. It will guide you into a peaceful sleep and upon awakening, meet you with a smile. It will ignite a greater awareness of all that is working in your life which clears the way for what is yet to come.

It is so easy to miss the incremental changes that are moving you toward your heart’s desire. It is so easy to think that it’s not coming, or that you’re not making any progress.

I like to say to myself, what if it is coming and what if I am making more progress than I feel right now. When the pilot of the plane changes the direction slightly, we may not see any apparent difference instantly, but nonetheless, we arrive at the desired destination precisely due to those slight changes in trajectory. The same is true for you and me. Raving is a change in trajectory, and the results are dramatic in the long run.

Rather than wasting our energy by complaining or worrying, rather than joining the coffee clutch of how things aren’t working and how this person isn’t doing this or that, try raving within to the Presence. Each day, take the time to rave. Say to yourself, I’m raving and notice how you “feel.”

Jenenne Macklin is a speaker and spiritual teacher offering seminars, practical tools and one-on-one coaching to “Transform Your Life without Work.” For upcoming events, call (310) 978-7133
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