How to Work with Your Celestial Team
An Interview with Peggy Black
By Randy Peyser



Peggy Black is a Multidimensional Channel whose gifts as a clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient intuitive allow her to assist individuals in living empowered and abundant lives. A Sacred Sound Salutarist who conducts ceremonies of transformation worldwide, she is the creator of Morning Message Invitations, which feature transmissions she has received from her “celestial team.”

Over 8,000 online subscribers receive Peggy’s Morning Messages, which honor one’s magnificent multidimensional Self. To arrange for a private channeled transmission, attend the monthly telecasts, purchase a Morning Messages guidance deck or CD set, or subscribe to the free Morning Messages, please visit
Randy Peyser: What is a celestial team?

Peggy Black: A celestial team is non-physical, divine consciousness. It is an energy composed of beings that you can invite to support, guide, uplift and inspire you. People call them angels, spirit beings, or guides. I call it celestial consciousness or “my team.”

Randy: I like the concept of “team.”

Peggy: We all have a personal team. When children are young they are able to cross more easily between the physical and non-physical realms. Many have imaginary friends with whom they interact. They are aware of these beings. Over time, most people close the door to that connection.

When I was a child I asked my mother: “What do I do when I hear someone call my name in my head?” My mother, bless her heart, said, “Answer them.” I was encouraged to recognize that I had a partnership; there was a guidance being offered to me.

Randy: Have you always recognized the presence of your team?

Peggy: In the early ‘90’s, I had an experience of sounds coming through my voice when I was working with clients. These particular sounds would shift their energy fields. For many years, I allowed this “team” to work through me with their sounds. But I only did so with my clients. I did not include them in the mundane parts of my life.  

In the last five years, I began to engage with my team in a way in which I have a partnership with them on an hourly basis. First I acknowledge them. Then I might say: “I need guidance today; I need a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as to whether or not I should do this particular presentation.” One time when I asked that question, I pulled up behind a car later that day and the license plate said, ‘YES!’

Randy: In what other forms does your guidance come?

Peggy: The guidance comes in the symbolic expression of my daily life, or as clear communication directly into my mind. Sometime it comes as the manifestation of an event taking place.
At one point, my non-physical team started giving me clear messages I heard in my head. They kept telling me to create a CD. Finally, I told them: “If you really want me to do this CD, provide an inexpensive recording studio close to my house. I gave them a job and then I relaxed.

A week later, I was led directly to a man who had just moved into a home that was a quarter mile away from my house. He had a recording studio and specialized in recording spoken word CDs.

Randy: How else do you interface with your celestial team?

Peggy: When I get in my car, I say to my team: “Is everyone here?” I engage them and pull them into my day. When I wake up early and watch the sunrise, I say to my team: “Can you see this beautiful sunrise through my eyes?”  

Randy: How do you know who shows up?

Peggy: Everybody wants to know the names of celestial beings because we have names on planet earth. The names of the guides or where they came from emerges as your relationship builds. They will begin to reveal themselves to you. When you first meet a new person they do not download their history to you the minute you meet them. It is the same with our celestial partnerships. Over the course of time, you will begin to recognize your team and what you will call them. It will develop. The most important thing is to recognize their presence.

Randy: How do you know you are receiving clear guidance?

Peggy: After I ask a question, sometimes I will say to my team: “Give me the message in a way I can clearly understand, or give this message to me as often as you need to until you know I have received it.”

When you start to work with your celestial team, take baby steps. Don’t give your team a project like: “I want to win the lotto next week.” Start building a relationship just like you would if you were building a relationship with a physical being. Start from a gentle and loving place. Open yourself up to trust.

Randy: Do you invite your team to participate with you in various activities?

Peggy: Yes. I invite them to be part of all events I attend. For example, I will state: “I invite your presence here. Surround me with love so that as I walk through this shopping mall, or this airport, others will feel this loving energy you are offering through me.
All of us are an interface to the physical reality for this Divine Consciousness. Our hearts, intentions, and consciousness are the doorways for this beautiful, Divine, holy energy to be present on this earth. We are in partnership with this Divine Source.

We are the liaisons between heaven and earth, spirit and matter. The sooner we can recognize that we each have a team and begin to call it forth appropriately, the sooner we will begin to get guidance and recognize it when it shows up. It develops. It’s beautiful, delicious, and very real. I feel this loving embrace 24/7.

Randy: How do you suggest we contact our team?

Peggy: It is our birthright to connect with and partner with this Divine consciousness. Celestial teams are available simply by request. They stream to all those who invite their presence. Imagine yourself meeting them in whatever way feels appropriate. You might see them visually, or in your inner eye, or simply sense them. Be as receptive and neutral as possible, without judging yourself. Be gentle and patient with yourself.

Touch your chest and place your awareness in your heart when you call upon your team. The heart can become an open portal. Ask your team to connect with you in your heart. Then close your eyes and state: “I am receptive, open and willing to be in partnership with my Divine team.” Then be mindful and pay attention.

I start every transmission by writing the word, “Contact.” The response that came into my mind the first time I did this was: “We are here.” They told me they had always been guiding me, and the dialogue progressed from there.

Here are the steps I suggest:
1) Set up your contact time, space and method.
2) Allow for your practice to unfold; give it time.
3) Record the simple revealings that begin to happen daily.
4) Create a contract or written mission statement with your team. Read it weekly.
5) Create visual support through images, photos, or a collage to keep you focused.
6) Create a list of support requests from this new partnership — for the year, the month, the week, and for daily requests for assistance.
7) Note the dates request are made and record with gratitude when requests are fulfilled.
8) Learn to shift your vibration to attract what you are requesting. Anchor in gratitude.

Randy: Do you ever invite in Quan Yin and the “big guys?”

Peggy: Yes. I say a long invocation before I work with my clients. I call in angels and archangels, the Avatars, the Ancient Ones, the Elders, and many others. These are collective consciousnesses that are all a part of our collective field. These beings are available to everybody. It is a universal law that when you invoke the name of a divine being or master, an aspect of them must come. For example, the minute you invite Quan Yin into the moment, an aspect of her compassionate energy field is present for you.

Randy: Do you have different teams helping you?

Peggy: There are many dimensions in the non-physical realm. Think of it as being populated with a conscious energy that you can engage with in various ways. I call the team that engages with me on a daily basis my personal team. When you decided to embody, your personal team arrived to guide, support and interface with you in this lifetime.

The key is to wake up to the fact that you do have this partnership and that your life can unfold in absolutely miraculous ways when you engage your celestial team. My team supports me in very physical, real and conscious ways. For example, I recently said to them, “I have some bills that are due and I really would appreciate you arranging for some more income for me in the next day or so.”

The next day, a client called who wanted to buy three readings as gifts to her friends. She gave me her credit card. I told her I would charge her card each time a reading was booked. She told me to charge the whole thing up front, saying that if her friends didn’t arrange for their readings, the payment would be a gift to me. The amount I received covered those bills.

I also set up specialty teams. For example, I’ve set up a Health, Wellness, Well-being and Vitality team. I invite this team to work with me specifically for optimum health; to restore, renew and update my systems and cells; and to keep me operating fully alive and aligned, healthy and balanced.

Then I have a Travel team. I ask them to arrange my logistics so that all transportation is well maintained and safe, all timing is appropriate and easeful, that I get a good seat, a good price, and that my luggage arrives on time. Before I arrange a trip, I get into a prayerful space. I ask my Personal team to assist, but I also invite my Travel team to arrange all my travel plans so that I am safe and have a nice experience.

You can also create relationship teams, financial managers and manifesters, guidance, inspiration and knowing teams. If you own a business, invite a team of Business Experts to support your business. You might have a celestial team to support you in networking and marketing. Use your imagination to sculpt these possible teams.

Randy: Years ago, I called in my Collections Angels and asked them to go collect anything that was owed to me from anybody who owed it. That day I received a phone call from a woman who owed me money for two years. She had left a money order for me in my mailbox. I had written it off, never expecting to ever receive that payment.

Another woman called to say she owed me a bodywork session in exchange for some marketing materials I had written for her. I had forgotten about that and she was calling because she wanted to complete her end of the trade.

Peggy: We have a Divine Right; we are not powerless. As we begin to remember our own personal magnificence, we know that we can ask this beautiful divine energy field, this quantum field of all possibilities, for assistance. I remember when I began to shift from allowing my team to just be sounds when I had a client, to begin to translate their energy into words. I wrote a mission statement — a celestial contract and partnership.

It read: “In co-partnership, in fellowship and connection, we work together to serve Divine Love, Divine Light in the awakening, upliftment and empowerment of others. We create and allow the delicious synchronicities to weave the manifestations of our goals and intentions with harmony, balance, ease, grace, joy and delight.

We work together to create the balance and smooth and integrated unfoldment, the clear and authentic synergy of this, my Divine work and Divine purpose.”

I stated everything in the most positive way. It can be simple. You can stand in the middle of a room as you did, and call on a collection angel. The saints and mystics engaged with celestial partnerships, and we can, too.

Randy: Tell us about “Morning Messages.”

Peggy: The Morning Messages began as personal guidance for me. The team would address my questions. Then they would provide insightful and expanded ways of looking at situations. I recognized that these messages were for the collective. The team then communicated to me that they wanted me to create an oracle deck that contained consciousness exercises from the messages. When I was ready to name the deck, I asked them what to call it, and they told me to call it, Morning Message Invitations, because these were invitations to experience a greater consciousness.

What is interesting is when the Morning Messages was to be offered as a website, the team told me to find the drawings I created thirty years ago, because these drawings would accompany the words.

I had created these simple line drawings of beings when my children were small. I would draw with my non-dominant hand, and I called these drawings, my “sticks.” I constantly drew them, then boxed them up at the end of that phase in my life.

When I found them, my team said: “We gave you these drawings when that was what you could accept. We gave you the sounds when you were open and receptive to that. And when you were finally ready, we gave you the words.”

Randy: Is there anything that might hamper our connection with our team?

Peggy: Celestial beings vibrate at a very high frequency, which is why we can’t see or hear them easily in this dimension. When we are worried or stressed, our vibrations are lower and denser. That is not a good match.
The goal is to stay in gratitude and joy as often as possible. Those are the vibrations that will lift your energy field up. It’s like making a cell phone call. You can have a clear line, hear static, or not get a connection at all. You want to place yourself in such a way that you have a clear signal.

Your passion is where your team can most easily connect with you. They come to you when you are in your joy. It is incredible, powerful and delicious fun to play in your life at this level. This truly is the transformation we are all wanting in our lives.

Randy Peyser is the author of “The Power of Miracle Thinking” and the “Write-a-Book Program” She also edits books and helps people to find publishers. Visit:

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