Hologos™ and Global Healing
By Corinne L. Casazza



Imagine a Great Goddess: The waters of creation flowing from her arms. Her bountiful body coral in color — the color of the Reemerging of the Divine Feminine. Her face is that of a green bird and the tree of life emerges from her head. She appears with jaguar, owl and spider — creatures of the night. Is she welcoming you, or daring you to step forward and examine your shadow side, that which you keep hidden?

She is the Great Goddess of Teotihuacan, Mexico beckoning you from a temple mural. Will you heed her call and move into the fullness and abundance of your soul, or will you continue to hide your shadow side and live from ego?

Ronna Prince and Donald Backstrom have a vision of complete, whole, “soular” beings healing ourselves and our planet. Ronna is a Pythagorean numerologist, a Certified Aura-Soma practitioner and spiritual counselor. Dr. Donald Backstrom is a chiropractic physician, nutritionist and acupuncturist who emphasizes his patients’ natural ability to heal themselves. Ronna and Donald have been facilitating spiritual journeys for more than four years.

Together they have created the Hologos™ System: Radiant Balance for heart, body, mind and spirit. Hologos states that we have 5 additional Aquarian chakras added to the commonly-recognized 7-chakra system. These 5 chakras are interspersed between the 7 chakras.
The premise is that once we come into alignment with all 12 of our chakras, all of who we are moves into form and function reestablishing and maintaining balance on all levels. Hologos is living in alignment with our true purpose through the activation of these 5 Aquarian chakras which ignite our innate skills and talents.

The Hologos System brought them to Global Healing and Global Wholeness. “Gaia is a living being just like all of us. When we heal our own cells and chakras, by extension we are healing the earth. We are the microcosm and earth is the macrocosm,” says Backstrom.

Prince and Backstrom are undertaking travel to and filming of 12 sacred sites around the world that correspond to the earth’s major chakras. The films will be an interactive experience.

“When you watch these films, you’ll bring the entire experience into your heart and ground the energies and vibrational frequencies of these sacred sites into your being. Simply by watching and using your intention to ground the energies, you are healing yourself and the planet,” says Prince.

Backstrom continues, “You are at these places. There is no separation.” Their vision is to heal the Earth so we can have shifts with ease instead of struggle.

“This is also bringing the divine masculine and feminine into balance so there’s no longer this polarity and dichotomy; instead it’s a confluence and unity that starts to manifest in people’s hearts on a global scale. Once we do this, we won’t have a horrendous imbalance in food, water, housing.

This frequency of balance is embraced and re-established by the activities of the global healing project. Together, we can all bring balance throughout the entire planet,” says Backstrom.

The global healing project started in Maui and the Polynesian islands — the high heart. This energy manifests as “I express love.” The next stop was Glastonbury, UK which is the middle heart and manifests as “I am love.”

The low heart is where Prince and Backstrom will travel in February 2010. This is Teotihuacan, Mexico whose energy manifests as “I feel love.” This triple-heart structure must be intact with all three chakras working optimally for us to be fully embodied beings manifesting love and our True Selves.

The low-heart chakra corresponds to creation energies — the uterus in women and the prostate in men. Backstrom says, “The low heart is an area where our culture has a tremendous amount of difficulty and guilt. From an archetypal standpoint, the feminine tempted Adam and created original sin.

There’s this underlying guilt which brings a sense of poverty into the low-heart area, the area of creation. So if you look at what is occurring on a global scale, there is such an imbalance in prosperity and abundance globally and it’s because of this unconscious guilt. This guilt frequency is pandemic; it’s everywhere.”

The early Mesoamerican people honored and celebrated the creation energies of the great coral goddess. “When I began the research for the land mass of earth that would be the low-heart chakra,” says Prince, “I knew it was a place that was disempowered and disenfranchised, and still in connection with older traditions of honoring the creation energies.

The first thing that came up was the Great Goddess of Teotihuacan. I got one of those feelings and I just knew Teotihuacan is where this energy resides as a large land-mass chakra.”

This is all very connected to the Law of Confluence. The law states: Feeling builds connection. The heart creates wholeness. Love manifests abundance.

“We’re not going to think our way out of any global crisis with our logical, analytical, scientific mind. Global healing is tied into this universal law. It’s about love and feeling and heart. That’s what creates connection and wholeness.
We’re contending the Law of Confluence builds connection and wholeness based on the energy of the heart which can unify people, and that thoughts are divisive,” says Prince.

Global healing answers the question many are asking: What more can I do? How can I help?

“That’s why I feel the initial sponsorship memo that I put out had this incredible response,” says Prince. The initial film project was funded within two weeks of her request. Sponsorship is being accepted for the remainder of the film.

“We have the vision of saying here’s something you can do. It’s effective; it’s real. When you watch this film on global healing, you’re participating. It’s not just out there on the screen; you can energetically bring it inside. You are actually healing yourself and the planet, thereby bringing wholeness to us all.”

The gauntlet has been thrown. The challenge is yours. Will you embrace the Great Goddess of Teotihuacan to heal yourself and the planet? Or will you hide in the shadows? She awaits in all her coral splendor.

For more information and upcoming workshops on the Hologos System and the sacred journeys
of the
Global Healing project, visit  www.stellarproductionslive.com and www.globalwholeness.com

Corinne L. Casazza is a freelance writer and novelist based in Sedona, AZ. Her first novel, “Divided We Fall” is available online. Her upcoming novel, “Walk Like an Egyptian,” will be available later this year. You can reach her at ccaz67@yahoo.com

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