Angels Heal
By Shannon Peck



I have a healing book where I keep a record of healings that have been special to me through the years as a professional spiritual healer. Every healing is a result of angels. In this book are miracles, amazing outcomes, and evidence showing that something powerfully healing occurred whenever I turned to angels.

I think of angels as a divine Presence that is incredibly benevolent, deeply caring, and forever available to each of us. In fact, I think of angels as healers. I love them!

Through my intuition I access angels — and so can you. I never thought of myself as intuitive, though now I do as a result of listening to angels over and over through the years. This has developed me where now, at will, I can tune into angels and have immediate guidance and insight, even in situations where I had no prior knowledge.

I have been able to find my way through all sorts of problems just by listening to these powerfully loving, healing guides. This capability is available to each of us.

Stress, heartbreak, trauma, overwhelm — angels specialize in all of these. Physical problems, financial challenges, loss, discovering your life purpose are matters of angel priority!

Angels are always with us to guide, comfort, help, uplift, and heal entire situations, no matter how difficult. I turn to angels all day long in my healing practice. In prayer, I ask for guidance. Sometimes, before I even finish the thought, guidance starts pouring in. It’s like putting a cup under Niagara Falls and having it filled with as much guidance as you want or need.

We especially need angels when we’re dealing with crises.

Late one night my husband and I were on the freeway where we needed immediate and urgent help from the “big gun” angels. While driving in the far left fast lane on a 6-lane Los Angeles freeway when, all of a sudden, there appeared a wall of sparks coming off the back of our car. It blocked our vision.

We couldn’t even see to move to the next lanes to get off the freeway. We were stuck in our lane and the freeway was at capacity with cars flying by at high speed. We were in grave danger.

I immediately asked angels for help as we were forced to come to a full stop to avoid our car bursting into flames. As we got out of the car, I yelled to my husband through the great noise of cars, that I knew angels were protecting and guiding all of us. Though I was tuning in to the angels, I was also feeling great panic.

I glanced at cars speeding towards us in the fast lane and actually felt led to run towards them with arms waving in order to get their attention to change lanes immediately or else they would crash into us! Here we were in a dark night, with cars heading straight toward us at over 75 mph, and we were at a complete stop with no shoulder. Fear was extreme.

Leaving my post of trying to flag cars away from us, my husband and I quickly investigated and found an iron grid stuck to the back tire. Within moments we had maneuvered the car back and forth, successfully removing the grid, all while cars were speeding toward us, unable to see until almost upon us.

My mind bounced back and forth to angels, while horrible images paraded before my mind visualizing a disaster of a dozen or more cars and bodies, including ours, flying in the air and everyone being killed. However, I was determined to keep my focus on angels and their protection to all of us.

The divine Presence prevailed. We were able to slowly start up and get back to speed and move through the traffic to the next exit where we found a place to stop and take account of the near-death experience for ourselves and others.  

We marveled at how our dire needs had been met so profoundly and immediately. That’s how good angels are! And how fast they are to respond with protection and guidance when we listen!

No matter how difficult a situation you may find yourself in, you are never beyond the help of angels and their powerful blessings. And it doesn’t have to be dire. You can call on angels just to feel their closeness with you always. They will bring you great peace.

As you develop your spiritual intuition, you will experience more and more angel messages. You will be able to lean on them mightily for your everyday guidance. This will offer you endless healing experiences. You will find that others you bring into this spiritual realm will also be enormously blessed. Through angels, all healing is possible!

Shannon Peck is a spiritual healer and teacher of love and healing. She is the author of “Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love” and co-author, with Dr. Scott Peck, of several books on love and relationships. She is also Co-founder of The Love Center. To read Shannon’s “Healing with Love” blog, please visit www.ShannonPeck.com

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