Dreaming A Sustainable and Sacred New Earth
By Donna Strong



DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan is deeply devoted to making language an art of the heart. Pulsing with potency, his frequency-infused poetics are meant to tickle and tantalize us into transformation. He is a master of words opening to new forms of perception — from the mundane and into the magical.

With mixed Mediterranean and Native American ancestry, DreamingBear’s life work is to bridge worlds in more ways than one. Among them, he is illuminating the converging commonalities of science and spirituality. An eco-peace advocate, he is the founder of the Lovevolution Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering people in playful and poetic ways that promote change.

A prolific creative communicator, he has written eight books. The latest is Wild Love: Kissed into Consciousness. Bringing the understanding of one who has faced great tragedy, DreamingBear has learned to speak a universal language that merges truth with tenderness.

When he is not traveling extensively to spread the word, DreamingBear lives off the grid as much as possible so that he can charge up through communing with the cosmos and celebrating the sacred in nature. This catalyst of consciousness is potently persuasive in urging us to take quantum leaps of faith into the potent possibilities of an awakened heart.

Awareness: I think of you as an ambassador of the heart, offering an open invitation for people to become the gift that they truly are.

DreamingBear:  You used two really powerful words, the words gift and ambassador. I do believe that this gift we call existence is just that, something that has yet to be unwrapped or opened as it were. We’re all just on the cusp of what is possible and beneath the skin-thin illusion, that paper-thin wrapping of the present moment we call time/space, there is an underlying enormity almost waiting to spring out of the non box of our being.

I want to reclaim the word ‘embodier.’  If anything would come through this heart and vessel it would be the embodiment of nothing more, or perhaps nothing less than authenticity, which is my new catch phrase for enlightenment, simply meaning it’s just about us being who we are in our fullness and not in the personality programming that has been hot-wired into the mainframe matrix of our minds.

Rather it’s who we are, that is far more fantastic, unpredictable and indescribable than we have given it credit. So gift and embodiment are two catch phrases for the new language of the emerging paradigm.

Awareness: We definitely need new language as a conveyer of consciousness.

DreamingBear: There are a couple of things that have come into my awareness recently, one of them being the very fundamental practical approach that language has to altering the fabric of reality!  

I refer now to a form of science that is emerging, known as wave genetics, where they take literal DNA strands and put them under weak laser-light conditions and expose them to word combinations and watch the DNA literally unfold, unravel, unlock and recombine. What we’re seeing now is that language on a primal material world level has the ability to recreate all that exists from the very source of our being.

In the beginning there was the so-called word, and that is a metaphor for vibration, sound, information. Everything at its essence is in-formation. In-formation is latent manifestation that congeals upon intention.

Literally, the universe, no... that is too small a word, the omni-verse, or the collection of multi-verses came together in one enunciation that we are quite literally tapped into at all times, whether we are aware of it egoically or not, and the invitation for us is to find our voices again — for this generation to say what no generation has ever said, because nothing that has existed in pre-history is like what we’re going through now as a collective and a pan-sentient people.

With the new photonic valence that is coming and the emergence of our solar system in alignment with the galactic center, what we are seeing is new star light, new photonic exposure. We are a translation of this light into material form.

The real challenge of translating the light into a living language for the new paradigm is that it becomes a lifestyle. Our language emulates our life. This heart has the great fortune of living in the root, the heart and the crown chakras of our planet out here in New Eden/Hawaii where I can hear the language of everything.

I want human beings to stop thinking about ourselves so anthropomorphically, as though we are the only creatures who have social lives, who have languages, and begin to paradigm shift into the possibility of what the trees are saying and have been saying for eons before our DNA ever came into the picture.

I would like people to hear what the subatomic creatures are saying in their social lives and hear the symphony of all that is, undulating within our very being, because we are fractals of this infinity.

Awareness: The unity you’re describing reminds me of a line from the holiday song, “…and heaven and nature sing…” because you’re tapping into an awareness that there is a chorus of creation ongoing from all directions — from the subatomic to the stars. This leads me to a sense of the ‘music of the spheres’ from all the sounds of everything in creation…

DreamingBear: A couple of things you just highlighted in my heart. One of them is this concept of music and song. Heaven and earth sing quite literally. Aboriginal people had a technology that they used to memorize the entire history of the planet and then recount it, known as song lines.

In fact you weren’t initiated until you could remember the entire oral history of the planet and all the places, and tell the story of creation itself. It was chanted and sung to the people. This was a sort of memory map that led them to water sources and primal places on the planet.

What this heart is doing is like that, but what I call it is akashic song lines. This heart goes out into nature and says, “trees, speak to this heart, say to this creature called DreamingBear what you would say if you could speak to humanity and let this heart and mind translate it into English.”

I say this to the stars and the ants and to everything, and it’s just as you say, about us letting heaven and earth sing through us in the moments of this possibility, this infinite opportunity we’ve been given each second to let memory be the mother of our muse, the muse within us.

We are, in fact, original song being sung in a myriad of forms and my heart would only wish that people could tap into their own internal song again. We as a generation have lost our song and the music of our lives and the magic that comes with that. If you listen in nature, it is a symphony — they sing to each other!  If you could hear the song of the flowers, you would never know another day of anything but pure bliss and beauty.

So the real hope of this heart is that we can learn to sing each other’s songs because music is the universal language, it is the solvent that binds us together. Music is mathematical harmony, but more importantly it is vibration, it is creation, it is existence at its essence.

Our opportunity at this moment is unprecedented. We face this unlocking, this quickening taking place, this exponential gathering towards our highest potential really beginning to emerge like a giant wave beginning to swell. We know it has only just begun, but we can literally sing ourselves back into remembrance, so if people do nothing else, let them sing!  

And when we sing and laugh like the birds, the wind and the stars, when we unleash our voices the way they were meant to be unleashed, then all of our lives will turn into something that will transcend these petty fractional lives we have been living as a people for far too long and denying our birthright of boundlessness.

It’s time for us to understand that where we’re headed, Einstein and the so-called geniuses of the past such as Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, will be the lowest common denominators intellectually. Where we’re headed is the noospheric; a transliteration from individual consciousness into being omni-consciousness — able to tap into any frame of reference that we so choose at any moment.

We can you and I, right now, both understand that while we are here seemingly in this holographic skin we call the body, we are also elsewhere in binary multiple relationships with the stars. We are also in binary multiple open-ended thermodynamic relationships as subatomic particles. In fact, we are the totality of existence incarnated in skin for this experience.

And that is the ultimate understanding, as the source of existence, how could we ever truly be hurt, wounded, or offended? How can eternal pure love ever take anything personally? I think music reminds us of this, so let’s sing!

Awareness: You’ve been speaking of the muse and memory...have you heard of the esoteric connection of water and memory?

DreamingBear: {chuckling}  You read my mind! I’ve had this great privilege to travel with Dr. Emoto and did several events with him in Mt. Shasta and Ashland. What most people don’t know about water is that each water molecule contains inside its inherent structure a memory panel that is 444,000 memory panels put together.

Each molecule of water that incarnates through the holy trinity of solid, liquid and gas, can photographically recall everything it has been since the moment of the so-called Big Bang, i.e., The Emergence or Cosmogenic Mitosis that took place.

Water was born in proto oceans called the sun. So water not only has the ability to memorize everything it has been in every shape or form that it has ever existed as, whether in a pre form as hydrogen or its current incarnation as solid/liquid/gas, but also, inherent in its formlessness, it has the ability, before time, to tell you everything that will ultimately exist into perpetuity! So everything that will ever exist is already inherent in the formlessness of water.

Now let’s take that a step further. According to this heart, water is embodied light. Quite literally, oxygen and hydrogen from proto oceanic suns come together in a covalent hug if you will; they meet and form a three-way relationship between a couple of hydrogen twins and an oxygen hooligan and light is born, quite literally embodied, vis a vis water.

What does that make us? Liquid consciousness, quite literally, we are the living water that Christ spoke of, we are aquifers of awareness. Dr. Emoto calls water the messenger of God. This heart calls water the embodiment of God. I’ll tell you why.
In my journeys I got the call to go to a mystic canyon with one intention, to see the face of God. For fourteen days I was guided to go with no food, just water. I said to the universe, I’m not going to leave this canyon until I see the face of God, if there is such a thing. Well, the journey was immaculate.

I could tell you countless adventures I had with the wild in nature, while sleeping under the stars. On the fifteenth day as I was sitting on a stump meditating near a river, I became aware energetically of two light bodies hovering next to me in lotus position.
The light body to my right I recognized as Life and the one to my left I immediately recognized as Death. The light body of Life spoke to me telepathically and said, “Do you see God?’ And I looked out across the great grand canyon at the emerald green trees, the red sand and the turquoise water — the beauty and enormity of all that nature represents, and I said to Life, “No, where is God? I want to see God.” Life said, “God is within everything that is, was or ever will exist.”  

Out of frustration, having already understood the concept, I said, “But I want to see it, I want to know what that means.” Now without saying a word, Death ushered me a drink of water. I hesitated, because frankly when Death tells you to do anything…

Awareness: Uh, oh!

DreamingBear: ... and Life confirmed, go ahead take a drink. So I took a drink of water and Donna, what happened next can only be described in metaphorical terms, but immediately what I experienced was a rush, a tingle down my entire being and then a single molecule popped into my field of vision like a tiny sun. It went ‘whee!’ and took off like a shooting star!  I said, “What was that?”  And Life said, “That was God. You just took a drink of God, now look again.”

This time I could still see the form, the shape of everything I described earlier, but now, each molecule was bursting with light. Everything that existed was a tiny proto sun and existence itself was a zero-point field of throbbing pulsating golden white-diamond light. I was seeing, quote unquote, the face of God.

Next — my consciousness went into a single molecule and I could experience exponentially in a 360-degree field by osmosis, everything happening in existence from the infinitesimal to the macroscopic — I could feel comets colliding, I could feel subatomic particles kissing, I could feel human beings being born, I could feel other dimensions overlapping and suddenly I understood this is what Life meant, God is in everything that ever was or is or will be. In fact we are the Source of existence incarnate in this moment with every experience.
We are quite literally the embodiment of God vis a vis water!  Once people understand this is not just some natural resource we take for granted on a daily basis, but that water is strewn throughout the cosmos as disembodied water vis a vis light.

These hydrogen and oxygen molecules are commingling in so-called outer space in a way that forms ice. Water is perhaps the most magnificent thing we have never understood and yet it draws us together, it has cohesion — hence rivers find oceans and we find each other.
People have to start understanding that we can no longer contaminate what we are; we can no longer taint our consciousness, our pure liquid consciousness with emotional pollution, energetic pollution, with polluted ideas that no longer serve us.

Like pristine pure water, which restructures into countless and myriad patterns and shapes, we too can re-pattern, recalibrate and re-purify our ability to nurture and nourish this world. We are the drink this world has been desperate and longing for. We have to reconstitute, and remember it’s not the chemical constitution of water that matters, it’s the molecular structure, and so that’s the call.

Do we have the ability to change an old paradigm, that water is here to serve us, and that we are the owners of the planet? In the Bible where it says humans were given dominion over the planet it is a mistranslation. Dominion really means that we are to serve other creatures into their highest good. When do we realize that we are part of the 6.8 billion human jigsaw puzzle-piece set of each other’s joy?

This is where the real work; I mean play begins — every moment of our lives, as Source incarnate is an ephemeral experiment and experience. In a world of infinite possibilities, why would we ever keep making the same predictable outcome choices?

Awareness:I agree, why humanity hasn’t surrendered to its larger essence before now is beyond me!

DreamingBear: It’s beginning now. We really need to learn, as a culture, as a creature we call human how we are always communicating, it is commune-ication, and all that we have to do is to be open to it. Once we disengage the observer, everything turns into a billion spheres of potential — it is the song of the spheres as you said.

In the non-observer frame of reference, one tree is a billion trees or an infinity of trees and it exists in every possible form — as a seed, as a dead tree as well as a vibrant tree, and we can choose any of these spheres to collapse into our wave function of infinite possibilities.

The same is true of our realities, of our relationships, of our interactions with each other and other species on this planet. All we have to do is recalibrate and re-attune. The vibrational frequency we are in right now, we can tune it up. Fine-tuning is where we’re at right now and it’s very exciting. It’s so delicious to be alive.

We have not only an awesome opportunity, we have an awesome responsibility, and that is to be able to respond to our current conditions, which are saying to us in no uncertain terms, now is the time! Each heart has to understand, there is no one being who contributes more than any other being. How could God ever be jealous of God in its myriad forms?

We all contribute in equal portions if we participate. It’s only in nonparticipation that we lose our seat in the Parliament of Possibility. Everyone is invited to this table — let’s just be the living poem. Our lives are living masterpieces. Each breath is an opportunity to re-write the existence we are co-authoring now. We are tilling the field of tomorrow in our conversation today. Let us just agree that it’s going to be the most beautiful possible version of existence that we can co-inhabit.

For additional information on DreamingBear and his fall schedule of events, please visit: www.dreamingbear.net or www.lovevolution.net.

Donna Strong writes about the sacred earth and evolving heart awareness in Coming Home to Calm; Awakening to Divine Intelligence, now available through Amazon. For information visit: www.donnastrong.com.

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