Discovery of the Soul Merge...
The Day I Entered the Light of Heaven
By Dr. Frank Stainetti



Heaven On Earth
I passed through what seemed like scenes right out of Dante’s Inferno. I moved onward, passing through multiple doors or dimensional thresholds, until a fluttering sensation could be felt in my third chakra and then in my heart. I could feel a place deep in my chest begin to open — slowly at first, then very rapidly.

Light began to appear in the center of my chakras, especially in my heart and solar plexus.  As the light grew brighter and brighter within me, this inner light began to connect to light above me.  Massive light rays descended out of thin air upon me, connection to the light within me — golden, yet beautifully multicolored.

A multidimensional doorway had opened. A divine corridor of light began to pour through me, so intensely that it felt as if my physical skeletal structure were going to burst.

My third-dimensional body simultaneously expanded into the energy vibration of the fourth through the thirteenth dimension. Then I suddenly expanded into at-onement, entering the light of all souls — what we call heaven. Love and golden light were everywhere.

For three hours — fully awake, with eyes wide open — wave after wave of love flowed through me. I fell to my knees, sobbing. I felt deep reverence and profound humility, more love than my human capacity could ever dream possible.

It was divine, unconditional love that profoundly embraced my newly expanded state of beingness. It was a deep state of wholeness in an ever-expanded state of at-onement with all souls of our collective humanity — what the Bible calls heaven. As I marveled in wonderment, I knew I was kneeling before heaven, held in the hands of God. I wondered, could this really be happening? 

As soon as I had thought, a sudden flow of intense love came from within the center of my being and all around me.  A voice gently said: “I am Archangel Gabriel. I am one with the center of your beingness, and I assure you, it’s real. You are being prepared to give divine testimony for the collective humanity, the divine teachings regarding the light of the soul, soul merging and the momentum of light.

You are to partially ascend from a third- to a fourth-dimensional being, demonstrating the conscious evolution of humanity into superconciousness, for the time of human evolution is upon you. Divine knowledge as to the nature of creation is flowing forth onto you, directly from God.”

Tears gushed forth. In an instant, the feelings of peace and stillness and the gentle voice of Archangel Gabriel stopped. The overwhelming physical sensations of increasingly high energy and universal expansion continued. For hours, wave after wave of divine light, imbued with love and peace, poured onto me and through me from the divine corridor of light. 

Waves of light continued to purify my auric energy field. I felt lighter with each wave, swelling with the feeling of deep reverence for humanity and all life. As creation unfolded before me, I entered a profound state of awe and humility, passing through many levels of oneness until even the state of at-onement merged with the All There Is.

I was taken through dimensional event horizons and manifesting multiple politic voids, holding the pure consciousness of pure potential —  the potential for infinite creating that is on-going, with love that connects everything! I was entering the direct experience of cosmic consciousness to a state of beingness that no longer could expand, yielding my awareness into the peace beyond understanding. This state of cosmic consciousness seemed to go on forever.

Contact with Soul Memories
Suddenly I was jolted back into my body and felt overwhelming relief as burdens transmuted before my eyes. Burdens of sadness and separation, betrayal, abandonment and self-judgment continued to lift. The feeling of lightness within me increased to such a high-energy vibrational state that I felt I was turning into pure light.

My life flashed before my eyes — every event that occurred during the story of my early life. There were also memories of living before, of so many lifetimes that it seemed visually unreal. Yet I could feel these previous lifetimes, these experiences, and they were definitely mine.

One soul memory in particular resounded: that I would participate in some way with the soul merging of collective humanity — the evolution of human consciousness into spiritual bodies. Human beings would achieve this by intentionally transmuting their seven core wounds, thereby naturally increasing their vibrational energy into the fourth- and fifth-dimensional awareness.

The momentum of light during my soul-merging experience was softening in its intensity. I felt nothing but love. As I realized this, I was still vibrating in the higher dimensions, or the light of all souls.

This state of beingness is commonly referred to in the bible as heaven. “This was the point.” Gabriel whispered, “To enter the soul’s light body while awake and still grounded in the physical body is the divine plan: heaven on Earth.”

I looked around the room at the hundred or so in participation; each one present, yet still in their own level of upliftment. Awestruck, I realized my spiritual inner vision had opened. Still feeling only love, I could see the golden light — the soul presence of everyone in the room. The more I looked, the more I could see. I saw higher selves, or light bodies, of each person. Our light bodies are our spiritual selves, an intermediary between our physical bodies and our souls.

I suddenly became aware of a new, heightened, intuitive and automatic knowing ability. I could see and feel with great detail every chakra level of each person present. More than that, I could see every place of contracted energy, or anti-light, which usually forms around a core wound.

Each pocket of contracted energy in each person was simultaneously resounding with why it was there and who it was related to, just waiting for self-love and self-awareness, so that the emotional event could transmute back into light, ending that creational experience.

Each emotional wound had many levels to it, all connected to one of the seven core wounds in humanity. These wounds are what drive our subconscious and unconscious behavior. The seven core wounds are common to all humans and make up what we call the human condition.

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