Bring the Guidance of Angels Into Your Life
By Glennyce S. Eckersley and Gary Quinn
Ancient peoples accepted the presence and purpose of angels without question. As societies have become more sophisticated over time, people are more skeptical of esoteric spiritual beliefs, while at the same time, history shows us a pattern of increase in recorded angel sightings in times of trouble.

Leading angel experts, authors Eckersley and Quinn, share their wisdom, based on angelic themes, each relating to the ways in which angels can appear in our lives. Angels can be found in many forms and in many places. They convey guidance, healing, wisdom, joy, color and light along with vision. Stories, such as unlikely angels and wedding day angels, show the appearance and evidence of how angels have helped others.

This book offers you simple techniques to get started on discovering how you may already be connecting with angels yourself. Affirmations, meditations, prayers and blessing will also strengthen your bond with angels and will help you to communicate your thoughts and feelings. You will be guided on how to not only experience angelic reassurance, guidance and bliss, but how to share it with others.

The companion book, Everyday Angels, also written by Eckersley and Quinn, promotes daily interaction with angels. For each day of the year, blessings, advice and reflections help you develop your inner strengths.
Published by Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, this book is available at your local bookstore or on the website at
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard


By Diana Cooper

There are many different types of angels who dedicate themselves to healing and promoting peace and happiness, among other things. Angels are present absolutely everywhere, and now that our planet has reached a critical point, we are surrounded by them. Humans must raise their consciousness to a level where they honor the earth, to counter any imbalances. And, angels are here to help us do so.

This book offers us a primer of what angels really are, what they do and how we can help them help us serve mankind. Angels are waiting, ready, willing and able to help. It is our duty to seek them out and collaborate for a greater positive good.
A New Light on Angels is a completely revised, updated and expanded edition of the bestselling A Little Light on Angels, with new original color illustrations by Damian Keenan. Author Diana Cooper has provided close to 50% new materials including new stories, visualizations and information on Archangels.

Each chapter is clearly illustrated through stories and examples, as well as specific sections on how angels can help us in sad or dark situations, and how they can help us to find love. The author specifically tells us where to find angels in buildings, churches, and inter-dimensional portals, such as rocks, rivers and trees. We are surrounded by angels. What we need to do is to become aware of them, communicate with them, and welcome them into our lives.

Published by Findhorn Press, this book is available at your local bookstore or on the website at
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

By Coleman Luck

While moving through time and space, a trio of siblings survives a plane crash only to learn that they are in a strange new world, filled with unusual creatures, ruinous cities, magnificent edifices and continuous challenges. This is an example of the ever ongoing classic battle of good versus evil, with heroics, bravery, mystery, temptation and suspense at every step of the way.

The author, a long-time Hollywood writer and producer who is known for sci-fi, action and drama, weaves an otherworldly tale of choice, honor and passion. Our one main hero, the brother in the group, is charged with a purpose of delivering a special baby to a destination and is then separated from his sisters, so he must journey alone with this quest and charge. Along the way, all of our protagonists encounter beings that have existed since long before the world began. We find that the children have been long awaited.  

Complete with hellish visions and horrors at every step of the way, we are drawn into a fantasy universe, with its own concept of worship, rules and mores, prophets and practices. The reader is drawn into thinking about issues of destiny, obligation and faith in this fictional, yet truly angelic other-world.

Published by Zondervan, this book is available at your local bookstore or on the website at
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

The Shadow and the Light of Knowing Who You Are
By Christian De Quincey

Divided into four parts, three “gifts” from the philosophers (reason), scientists (observation), and mystics (intuition), followed with a section on consciousness dialogues, we are presented with seven steps for understanding consciousness and how it can lead to spiritual awareness.
This step-by-step “owner’s guide” sorts out the tangles of philosophical and scientific efforts at exploring the mind and leads us to the threshold of spiritual awareness, even if we start off as, what the author classifies as a philosophical zombie.
The author is a professor of philosophy and consciousness studies and international speaker on consciousness, cosmology and spirituality. He feels that, up until now, spiritual traditions have focused on exploring and developing consciousness in an attempt to make our lives more satisfying, peaceful and enlightened. Here, the great traditions of philosophy, science and spirituality have been drawn together.

You will learn how to develop clear thinking so you can explore the three gifts of consciousness: what it is, how it works and why it’s important. Following the concepts found in this book, you will be able to recognize and break habits and patterns that run or even ruin your life.
The seven specific steps of observing language, identifying problems, learning how to look, recognizing patterns, knowing ourselves, embracing our shadows and practicing transformation are brought together by the meaningful dialogues that explore each of the themes, in rich depth, in the ending chapter.

Published by Inner Traditions, Bear & Company, this book is available at your local bookstore or on the website at
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

Words by Eckhart Tolle and art by Patrick McDonnell

True happiness is found in simple, seemingly unremarkable things, like an old saying, a special poem, a simple photo or cartoon. Just being aware of the little nuances in life, like a soft wind, the sound of rain, or a blooming flower can bring everyday joy, if you are just present and still, in order to listen and feel.

Author Eckhart Tolle, yet again shares with us his profound, yet simple teachings and visions of wisdom, along with illustrator Patrick McDonnell, creator of the MUTTS cartoon. Based on the premise, among others, that pets keep millions of people sane, these two have created a beautifully-illustrated collection of thoughts, concepts, simple advice and observations that gently lift our spirits and help us to contemplate the joyous side of life.

It reminds us of the joy of being in the here and now, with no expectations or “lists” beyond the moment. In just a few short moments you can travel to a place of calm and bring a smile to your face instantly.

Published by New World Library, this book is available at your local bookstore or on the website at
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

Unveiling the Truth that Was Always There
By Meagan M. O’Nan

Imagine living your life in joy and trust knowing that all is well and good, no matter the circumstances? You are living with purpose and intention and it feels so right. This is possible if it is our choice, if only we knew how. Author Meagan O’Nan knows that everyone has a divine nature and is capable of achieving their soul’s dreams. She is a life coach, athlete, author and a graduate with two Master’s degrees in the field of disability and life experiences. She shares these to help motivate others to discover their own personal truth.

In her book she examines the deeper spiritual issues that lead to greater self love and truth such as Fear, Loving Yourself, Personal Truth, Non-Judgment, Forgiveness and Dealing with Loss. Meagan artfully guides the reader to let go of the past and the future, and focus on the present in order to become their true “Divine” self, which leads to inner harmony, peace and joy.

This uplifting book is highly recommended for those who seek deeper satisfaction of their soul’s desires; who choose to live in accordance with truth; who wish to resonate and receive more love and make their life a Heaven on Earth right now.

Published by Dreamriver Press, this book is available at your local bookstore and at
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

Divine Messengers of Wisdom and Compassion
By Allen and Linda Anderson

The Andersons have published a delightful collection of heartwarming stories about animals and the way they inspired the people around them. Originally published as God’s Messengers, the stories in Angel Animals are written by ordinary people about the animals that have brought meaning to their lives with spiritual truths and lessons.

The Andersons are dedicated to providing animal lovers a safe place to share these loving tales with the creation of this book (inspired by their own furry and feathery animals) and their widely-read online newsletter “Angel Animals Story of the Week,” which is based on a vast contribution of illuminating, true stories that unite animal lovers from all over the world.

Animal stories like these reflect a consciousness of viewing our relationship with animals in a different light, such as teachers, healers and ambassadors of Divine love. A thoughtfully-added “meditation” written by the Andersons at the end of most of the stories, provides a sweet touch to ponder the message and inspiration within the story. This book would make a wonderful gift for animal lovers of any age.

Allen and Linda Anderson are founders of the Angel Animals Network (, inspirational speakers, clergy and authors of books about the benefits and complexities of human-animal relationships including Rescued, Angel Dogs With a Mission, Angel Cats, Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals and Angel Horses. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of their books is donated to animal welfare organizations.

Published by New World Library, the book is available at your local bookstore and at
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

A Creative Devotional
By Aliza McCracken

A masterful coffee-table book of art, design and prose, “Spirit of Joy” takes you on an amazing journey to spark your own artistic potential. Expanding on the creative process, inspirational artist and author, Aliza McCracken, invites you to connect deeply with your spiritual awareness and life experiences that will ignite your calling on an exciting new pathway.

Through her loving guidance, you’ll heighten your awareness of joy, passion and creativity as you infuse your life with meaning and purpose. She approaches her work with a considerate and playful attitude. A vibrant palette strengthens this approach and further conveys her timeless message. Her signature use of color, harmony and creative expression gently leads the reader through the book.

As a visionary painter and writer, Aliza offers a refreshing work of art. Every page can move you with expressions of beauty, gratitude and emotion. This creation may give you the courage to create what you love. With “Spirit of Joy,” you have a companion to release the creative splendor within yourself. At the end of reading this book, you will be inspired to create a masterpiece uniquely your own.

Published by Grace Publishing Group this creation is available at local bookstore, online booksellers and
Reviewed by Julie Sanders

By William Gladstone

2012 marks the end of the world — at least that’s what the ancient Mayans believed. With over 196 million hits on Google for 2012, mounting interest in this prophecy has become a cultural phenomenon.

In his new novel, The Twelve, William Gladstone, an expert on the implications and impact of 2012 and ancient religions, draws on his own life experiences to create the dramatic story of Max Doff — and his whirlwind journey from birth to December 21, 2012.

In The Twelve, Gladstone builds a world of hope — creating a story that predicts a positive world change instead of a Hollywood-inspired cataclysmic end. A successful businessman educated at Harvard and Yale, Gladstone uses himself as the model for Max.

As a child, Max lives in a world of colors and numbers, not speaking until the age of six. Woven throughout the story of Max’s life is his attempt to understand an extraordinary near-death experience that occurred when he was fifteen years old.

While out of body, Max is presented with twelve unique names but is unable to remember all but one upon returning to life. While Max cannot discern the significance of the twelve names, he is unable to shake the sense that they have deep meaning. All of The Twelve seem connected and important to what will happen at the exact moment the world, as we know it, may end.

As he grows up and matriculates at Yale and Harvard, he has the good fortune in working right away for Rod Serling’s television special In Search of Ancient Mysteries. The production sends Max traveling around the globe to Jerusalem, Athens, London, India, Istanbul, China, Japan, Peru and Mexico, having his own series of life-changing mysterious experiences.

In the telling of the story, as Max Doff’s insights and experiences allow us to better comprehend the human condition, The Twelve, reveals the core principals upon which each reader can rely on in their personal journeys.

This book is also a practical and spiritual 2012 guide. The climax of the novel is synchronized with many of the scientific and spiritual predictions related to the meaning and purpose of the year 2012 — which has been prophesized as the end of time or the transformation of consciousness on planet earth.

Whether reading for the fun and excitement of the unconventional life and character of Max Doff and his unexpected triumphs and failures, or at the deeper level of searching for the higher purpose, The Twelve is a novel to be experienced and enjoyed. And for those who are able to transport themselves into the world of Max Doff, this is a thriller and an encoded book of unexpected wisdom… a reading experience that cannot be easily forgotten.

Published by the Vanguard Press, this book is available at your local bookstore or

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