Q: I’ve been turned off by religion lately, but I have been seeking more spirituality to better understand others, the world and myself. In your beliefs or teachings, what is your main focus to bring clarity to your audience.
Laguna Hills, CA

A: We believe in a Higher Power (God, Spirit) that is a loving presence that works through every individual. We believe in Oneness and that there is no separation between God and us. We believe that we each possess those qualities of God and that we are each unique, individualized expressions of God.

We are inclusive, non-judgmental, open-minded and take responsibility for our actions and the consequences that result. We don’t believe in sin but, rather, that sometimes we miss the mark or get off course with our actions. However, we do learn from these mistakes and move forward with greater clarity as we grow and evolve along the way. Spirituality is an on-going process of learning and understanding.

Q: Jesus’ greatest message was of love and forgiveness. How do we return to that place of love with those who have done wrong or harm to us?
Irvine, CA

A: This can be a challenge to clear the mind of those we think have not treated us fairly or have harmed us. Forgiveness, of course, is the best form of releasing that torment we hold. Letting go is an art and it takes practice and patience. It can be done through meditation, positive affirmations, prayer or many other ways. When we forgive, we are not justifying the other person’s actions or letting them “off the hook;” we are clearing ourselves of any attachment to that situation and relieving ourselves of resentment or anger. The truth of forgiveness is about setting ourselves free. In the Bible it states that the truth shall set us free. The Truth is that we are loved, no matter what, and that is Freedom.

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