Orange Colored Poetry
By Clara Hembree



After about 7 years of primal therapy (or feeling/crying therapy as it is sometimes called) one starts to see glimpses of reality. Maybe you feel a sense of self in a way that relieves you of the neurosis you didn't know you had. You're able to know what you like and dislike without being influenced by your peers, books, programs or even "masters."  Everyday life seems to be enough to satisfy even your deepest desires

Without searching for drama, or sabotaging opportunities, you attempt to find your own way to be honest and loving, caring and helpful. You stumble a bunch but your desire to be yourself completely keeps you on track. It's a lot of work, over-powering sometimes, but in the long run you know you'll get there because it's so simple. All you need to do is feel.

You Need To Feel
Come to me God speed ~ I'll
run to you God speed
The moon is full and lost inside this dream
Scared to live your life,
Tremble in the night
Crowded by the lights that
blind your eyes, that blind your eyes
You need to feel.
Staring at the trees ~ Shaking
in the breeze
You"re laughing loud and
crying at the seams
Brilliant as it dies, tired
of the lies
Crumbled your disguise and
come alive, and come alive
You need to feel.

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