Harness the Power of Miracle Thinking
By Randy Peyser



Randy Peyser is the author of "The Power of Miracle Thinking" in which she tells true stories about people who have experienced miracles in their finances, health, relationships, career and more. She also offers tips based on their beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and actions to help others create the miracles they desire. www.MiracleThinking.com.

Randy writes for Awareness Magazine. She also operates a national publishing consulting firm called, Author One Stop, where she edits books, helps people find literary agents and publishers, and "performs 'book appendectomies' to help people get the book inside of them out." www.AuthorOneStop.com

The creator of "Comic Intervention for Closet Visionaries and Almost-Manifesters" (a one-woman show except for the other people), she is also the author of "Crappy to Happy," "The Mind, Body, Spirit Speakers Directory," and the "Internet Marketing and Publicity Directory." Randy is featured in "Confessions of Shameless Self-Promoters," "Visionary Women Inspiring the World," "Dojo Wisdom for Writers." and "Book Marketing from A-Z."

In this playful romp, Randy shares some principles from "The Power of Miracle Thinking" so you, too, can learn how to create miracles. This piece begins with her autobiography . . . before she was born.


Randy: (child's voice) Hello?

Voice (with a thick New Jersey accent): Who's there?

Randy: I'm just a little soul who wants to incarnate. They told me to come here. Am I in the right place?

Voice: Oh, dahling, I'm so happy to see you! Yes, you're in the right place. Come in.

Randy: (timidly) Who are you?

Voice: I'm your guide. I'm going to help you plan your next life.

Randy: (even more timidly) But you don't sound like an angel.

Voice: Trust me. You're going to be born Jewish in Joisey. We just wanted to make you comfortable with the accent.

Randy: Oh. (looks relieved)

Voice: It's time to get to work - not that we actually have time up here, or that anything really feels like work. Well, let's see. (picks up clipboard) First we've gotta get you fitted with a body. You have a choice. Would you like to be male or female?

Randy: Hmmm. (considers options) If I were male I could carry a mattress or lift heavy packages all by myself. Or I could program mechanical appliances or install garage door openers and actually be interested in those things. On the other hand, if I were female, I could be intuitive and sensitive and nurturing. I could even have babies. (Worriedly) I don't know which to choose.

Voice: Then how about we make you female, but we give you a male name - like Randy - so you can always be confused about your sexual orientation?

Randy: (laughs) I guess that's one way to solve that problem.

Voice: (feeling pleased with self, makes note on clipboard) Sexual disorientation.

Randy: (excited) What about my face? Can I have a pretty face? I've heard that is really important on the Earth.

Voice: (equally excited and ramping up the Jersey accent) Oh dahling, have I got the perfect face. It's so YOU!

Randy: (smiles)

Voice: Now let's give you some life experiences. First, you need a family. Want alcoholic parents? (Checks roster) Oh never mind, we've filled our quota there. How about we give you a mother who worships you and a father who will never understand you?

Randy: (questioning) Hmmm . . . that oughta be interesting.

Voice: We've got to give you some money, too. (produces giant wad of bills)

Randy: Oh yeah! I want a whole lot of that! (excited, then showing change of heart) But wait . . . I want to be spiritual.

Voice: Dahling, you can have money and still be spiritual.

Randy: No, I don't think I can do that. It doesn't feel right.

Voice: Okay, have it your way. (wad of bills automatically vanishes; hands Randy one thin dime and writes note on clipboard: "Limited belief system.")

Randy: (smiling and proudly waving dime in air) There . . . that feels better.

Voice: Since you've got this limited belief system about money, why don't we have a little more fun with this? How about we give you a brother who makes lots and lots of money so you can always have someone to compare yourself to?

Randy: Hey, you're good at this!

Voice: (grins while picking up clipboard again) Now you have a choice: fire, flood, famine, earthquake or drought?

Randy: Do I just have to choose one?

Voice: No. You can have as many as you want?

Randy: (Innocently) Okay. Then I'll take fire and earthquake.

Voice: Let's see here. (checks clipboard) Oh this is going to work out well! We've got an earthquake in San Francisco in '89 and a giant fire nearby in the Oakland Hills just a few years later. Don't worry. I'll make sure you're there; I'll pull a few strings.

Randy: Awesome! You angels sure are clever at this reincarnation stuff.

Voice: Well, we've been at it a while. Now I know this one is going to be tough, but you've also got to choose a major life crisis . . . some big deal that turns your whole world upside down.

Randy: (alarmed) But I don't want a major crisis in my life!

Voice: (with compassion) Nobody does, but it's part of the Earth Incarnation

Starter Kit. It's standard. Comes with the package for every life. I'm sorry but we can't leave it out. (pause followed by a burst of enthusiasm) I know! What if we make it a surprise?

Randy: Cool! I like surprises. But what if I get scared?

Voice: You can always call on me.

Randy: I can?

Voice: Sure. An angel never responds to an RSVP with "Sorry, I can't attend." In fact, I'll even visit you from time to time.

Randy: You will?

Voice: Yes, but I'll travel incognito; I'll show up in your dreams or breeze through your thoughts.

Randy: Wow. That is a relief. That really makes me feel a whole lot better.

Voice: (perky) Now you've got a whole new life ahead of you. Are you ready to go?

Randy: (hesitant, nervous) I think so.

Voice: You still sound a little worried, so let me share a few things with you to help you while you're down there on that planet.

Randy: Oh good, like what?

Voice: (lowers voice) Did you know you have the power to create miracles?

Randy: I do? Voice: Yes. Even when it looks like the crises in your life are multiplying faster than rabbits, you have the capacity to turn things around.

Randy: Wow. That's a very cool trick. How do I do that?

Voice: It's not exactly a trick; it's more like a formula.

Randy: A formula? Like a math equation?

Voice: No, it's more like a set of Universal laws. There are many things I could tell you about this particular formula, but I'm going to break it down into just a few basic steps to get you started.

Randy: Okay.

Voice: The first thing you've got to know is this (points finger in the air): The Universe likes a good target. In order for a miracle to occur, you've got to know what you want and ask for it very clearly.

Randy: Yep. I've heard that one before in different words.

Voice: I know, but here's the problem (raises ethereal eyebrow): We know a lady (interrupts self) - actually we know everybody - but in this case, we know this one particular lady who very clearly stated that she wanted to see a Cadillac in her driveway. And she got her wish, but it wasn't exactly what she wanted. Her husband died and she couldn't keep her house payments going by herself. So she leased her house out and rented a room in her neighbor's house across the street. When the new people moved in, she could see their shiny Cadillac parked in her driveway every day.

Randy: (alarmed) That's a terrible story!

Voice: (chuckles) Well, you can bet she learned how to state what she wanted much clearer after that.

Randy: (arms crossed) I hope you've got some better things to share about this miracle creation business.

Voice: (almost ecstatic) Yes! In fact, I want to tell you one of the most important rules that everyone needs to know if they want to create miracles. People keep messing this part up, and I really want them to get it.

Randy: (curiosity piqued) Now this sounds interesting. What is it?

Voice: Actually, this is the crème de la crème of universal principles (leans forward): The Universe will never give you a 'yes . . . but.'

Randy: (confused) What does that mean?

Voice: What it means is that people tell us what they want, and we get all revved up to help them, then they immediately cancel out their request by inserting a "but" in their statement. For example, people say things like, "I want a relationship." Then without even giving it much thought, they mumble under their breath, "but I don't want to get my heart skewered again like I did in that last relationship." Sadly, they don't even know they're doing it. They must learn that the Universe will never give anyone a 'yes, but.' (raises voice) If they want to create anything in their lives, they have to stop "butting" in!"

Randy: (laughs) Sounds like they have to get off their big fat "but's" if you ask me. Now that's a universal law I can get 'behind.'

Voice: (groans) I hate puns, unless I am the one making them.

Randy: Sorry. (faking it; not really sorry)

Voice: As I was saying, (takes deep breath) this is one of the most important, and often trickiest, of miracle-thinking principles to understand. Many people are quite good at stating their intentions. They have a very clear target - whether it be a new job, a relationship, 'x' number of dollars, or saving the world in some way. But then they blow it because they don't understand this principle.

Randy: I can see how important that principle is. What else do I need to know?

Voice: (claps hands) Oh, I think you're really gonna like this next one. Just listen to this: The Universe has a bigger plan for you than you have for yourself.

Randy: You're right! I do like that one. That fills me with a feeling of positive anticipation.

Voice: Yeah. We liked it, too. So we asked Oprah if we could borrow it from her. She's the one who came up with it.

Randy: You borrowed a quote from Oprah?

Voice: Yup. Never miss a show. In fact, one day, I disguised myself as a human and popped into her audience. I even have her autograph. (grins proudly) Anyway, what Oprah said was: "I always believed that God had a bigger dream for me than I could dream for myself; so I always ask, 'What is Your dream for me, and will you allow me to live in that dream?'"

Randy: That's beautiful. Inspiring.

Voice: (sigh) What if everybody asked for God's bigger dream for them to unfold? Can you even begin to imagine the doors that would open for them?

Randy: It sounds like we would all have whatever it is we wanted or even something better.

Voice: Exactly.

Randy: That is profound. I'm going to start saying that and see what happens. What else do you have in your goody bag?

Voice: Oh, here's a good one: Every time you make an excuse for any reason at all, catch yourself and say: "The dog ate my homework."

Randy: You've got to be kidding?

Voice: Nope. Everyone knows "the dog ate my homework" is a completely unbelievable, flimsy excuse. See every excuse as a flimsy excuse. Stop blaming others or circumstances and start taking unflinching responsibility for everything that happens to you, and you will align yourself with miracles. That means if you arrive late for work and your boss is giving you the third degree, own up to it. Tell her: "the dog ate my homework." If you didn't do something for someone and you said you would do it, confess: "the dog ate my homework."

Randy: (arguing) I'm not sure I agree with that. If someone is in a circumstance in which they feel victimized, it sure doesn't seem right for them to have to take unflinching responsibility for that kind of thing.

Voice: Here's the truth as we see it: The Universe will never reward whining, moaning or negativity. If you want to see a miracle occur in your life, do whatever it takes to let go of the victim stance. Step into a place of empowerment in the midst of any difficult situation and you will be in a better position to receive the miracles you long for.

Randy: Okay. I can go with that. But what about when people have done everything they can think of to create a miracle, but it still doesn't feel like those magical doors are opening for them? Let's say they've applied all the latest and greatest techniques, but they still haven't created the miracle they want. What then?

Voice: (puts on turban for emphasis) If it feels like it's taking forever to create a desired outcome, one of three things is possible: 1) either you are not clearly aligned with your goal and a part of you still fears the achievement of it; 2) the goal you've chosen is not for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of all; or 3) you might be going through what we like to call, "W-A-I-T Training," in which case a) there are more things for you to learn before you can have what it is you want, or b) there is a timing issue involved where there are certain people you need to meet, or resources you need to have, which aren't in place yet.

You've got to remember that Divine Right Timing always trumps our own sense of timing. You also can't manipulate the Universe into giving anything to you. When no doors seem to be opening, think of this time as the 'Ripening Time.' Even if you are already a very deep person, it is guaranteed that you are being deepened more by the Divine Source that created you.

Randy: It seems like you've got to know a lot in order to make miracles happen.

Voice: Don't worry about it. You'll learn as you go. I want to tell you one last secret though: (leans toward Randy's ear and whispers) Any time you get scared on that big round ball called the Earth, just remember this saying: Your life will be a series of "It always works out."

Randy: (questioning) It always works out?

Voice: Yes, it always works out. Goodbye little soul. Welcome to your new life . . .(blows kiss and disappears into the ethers)

Randy: Wow. I guess it's time to be born. Oh, this is amazing. The first miracle I get to create is . . . me!"

For "real" stories and more about "The Power of Miracle Thinking," please visit www.MiracleThinking.com


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