Go Green with Holiday Gift-Giving from the African Wildlife Federation
By Kathleen Goldstein



Golden lions resting in the afternoon sun, giraffe, impala, and zebra gathering in the cool evening at their favorite watering hole ‹ they all need land to survive. But, too many of the savannahs, forests, and wetlands these animals depend on are under threat ‹ plowed for new settlements, cleared by commercial loggers, and drained for development.

Is there anything you can do to help? You bet. By taking advantage of one of the gift-giving options below, you can make this holiday season truly meaningful for anyone who cares about Africa and the wildlife we all strive to protect.

Adopt African Wildlife
You can help protect Africa's lions, gorillas, elephants, and other imperiled species while finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list. At AWF's Wildlife Adoption  Center, you have the option of selecting an entire family of animals for $75, or just an individual for $25.

For each symbolic adoption, your gift recipient will receive a plush toy representing the species you have chosen, a Certificate of Adoption suitable for framing, a photo fact sheet on the species, and a year's membership in AWF, including a subscription to our quarterly newsletter.

You can even let your gift recipients select the animals that best capture their imaginations when you give them a Wildlife Adoption Center Gift Certificate!

Adopt African Acres
Loss of habitat is the single largest threat facing wildlife in Africa today. This fact is the inspiration behind the AWF's African Heartlands Adopt African Acres program.  

African heartlands are large landscapes with unmatched concentrations of wildlife ‹ and the potential to sustain them for centuries to come. At the core of the Heartlands are national parks and wildlife preserves. But wildlife also live outside the boundaries of these protected areas, and the wild lands around these core areas must be conserved.

By Adopting African Acres, you will be helping local communities create conservation trusts with power to purchase land for conservation outright or secure long-term leases to parcels of land that provide essential habitat and secure wildlife movement corridors to life-giving-springs.

In return, we will send your gift recipient our exclusive Adopt African Acres tote bag made of recycled paper, and a certificate featuring their name and the number of acres adopted. Plus, they will receive a Fact Sheet about the lands and habitat their adoption is helping AWF secure.

Adoption is fast and easy and makes a great last-minute gift. Visit our online Acres Adoption Center at http://shop.awf.org/acre/default.aspx and our Wildlife Adoption Center at www.awf.org/adopt or call (800) 901-2779.

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