Experiencing the Angelic Realm

Experiencing the Angelic Realm
By John English



Throughout recorded human history shamans, mystics, saints and sages of every culture have reported working with the angelic realm. They speak of beings that are of an etheric nature who are deeply interested in the path of humanity as a whole. These sages have reported their experiences with angels and how they are dedicated to helping humanity achieve its potential. This is a beautiful thing.

Walking the path of the shaman or medicine person is about experience. Consequently, the apprentice is taught to honor his or her experience above everything else. A good teacher will constantly remind the apprentice that it is the experience of the teachings that allows a person to embody the power and use it as knowledge on the physical plane.

I always tell my students it is my wish for them that they would know through their own experience how thoroughly they are loved and how much help they have from the world of spirit. This help from the world of spirit includes the angelic beings of various angelic realms.

I have found that it is important for us to keep everything as simple as possible. There are many advantages to this approach. When we keep things simple it is easier for us to stay out of mind and ego and stay centered in our power. I have also taken this approach when it comes to the angelic realm. I know many people have spent a lot of time and energy mapping out the angelic realms and I am grateful for their efforts.

As a shaman and mystic, I use the angelic realm as much as anybody, but I endeavor to keep it as simple as possible so that I don¹t become confused or drawn into illusion. This also makes it easier for me to relate my experiences with angels to other people.

It has been my experience that we all have at least one guardian angel and this is a great place for people to begin their work with the angelic realm.

I can see a person¹s guardian angels when I work on the person. These angels let me know when I am on the right track with our work. I have found that our guardian angels have a very loving and protective presence and that our relationship with them goes back to before we were born. I feel they are involved with us in planning our lifetime and they have agreed to help guide us in our plan. This is, of course, very helpful as most of us have completely forgotten our plan for this lifetime during the eclipse in consciousness that happens at our birth.

There are some simple ways to work with your guardian angels and develop a relationship with them. The first and one of the most important ways to work with your angels is to pay attention to how you feel, especially when it comes to important decision-making. Reach out to your guardian angels and ask them for help interpreting your feelings surrounding your path in life.

Another way to use your guardian angels is to ask for their help in releasing the personal issues you may struggle with. You will be amazed at what you can eliminate from your life by filling in the blank when you say the following simple prayer: "I give myself permission to release _______________ and I ask my guardian angels to help me release it. Thank you." I have found that by using our guardian angels to help us release something it becomes much easier for us to choose differently.

The other angels I work with are the archangels. I personally work with Metatron, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Ariel and Uriel. Archangels have an extremely high vibration and to my knowledge have never incarnated, although many people have reported them showing up temporarily in human form to help.

I suggest that before you read about the archangels you first develop a relationship with them during your meditation time and ask for their assistance to help you move into your power and innate divinity. By working with them first and then reading about them you will be honoring your experience above information.

There are beings in the angelic realm that have incarnated from time to time in human form and my experience has led me to believe that there are several of these angelic beings here now. This gives me great hope for humanity despite any evidence I see to the contrary. I feel this is humanity¹s hour of power and it benefits us collectively and individually, to reach out to the guardians who have been watching out for us for so long. Reach out to the angelic realms on all levels and I am sure you will find an enormous amount of loving help just as the mystics have throughout the ages.

John English is a modern day shaman who teaches and writes about energy medicine, shamanism and the Medicine Wheel. He is the award-winning author of "The Shift: An Awakening." He is available for private sessions and can be contacted through the websites www.dtpublications.com or www.NoSpiritLeftBehind.com

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