2012: Quantum Leap! Opening the Mystical Gateway Beyond Science
By Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa



Seventy years ago Gandhi stated: "An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it."

To anchor in the truth of 2012 is to fully recognize that the higher order of all prophecy is to bring us back to the awareness that we are profound co-creative masters, capable of bringing forth ANY OUTCOME without surrendering to the interpretations of others.

When we empower fear-based activism through our focus and our dollars, we subsequently empower the very energy we are trying to release. For many, it is through this process that they awaken. That is, many people wait for large life-challenging events to stimulate them into action. Whether a health crisis, a relationship or career crisis; each outer event mirrors an inner urge to come into greater authenticity.

Do you need to create crisis to generate movement? Are you ready to claim self-responsibility in your daily life? Whether a crisis prompted you into greater alignment or you simply said "enough!" the path requires that each person call back the energy they have invested in ego patterns and instead invest in authentic expression, no matter how "against the grain" that might feel initially.

Unless one chooses to challenge their patterning with great self-love and focus their attention on the emergence of Divine energy, they will become a victim of the outer world . . .  perhaps in a new, more seductive way. The outer world will never offer true harmony and peace until each being has found inner peace.

And so we travel together enjoying society's addiction to density and drama, enjoying our illumined moments, enjoying the "inescapable" pains of our humanity and celebrating those Oasis moments where our needs were fully met. Joy is present, even in the pain. . . . and if you can see the Joy, the pain will subside. (That is the paradox of clarity: celebrating the delusion that we feel trapped actually frees us from the compulsion.)

Science follows a retrospective form of inquiry and has little tolerance for non-conforming data. This is why metaphysical science is often misunderstood and mistrusted by the brain that has embraced "traditional science."

The scientific method is useful to describe the relationship between "particles of density," that is, components of matter. Its scope of inquiry, using subject-object paradigms, makes science very self-limiting.

Human consciousness enfolds duality and tension within the fabric of its being. It can perceive and direct the intangible. The co-creative world we call "normal" is in fact a form of consensus that calls to it a sustaining energetic alignment. That is, each living being on earth is unwittingly lending energy to the forms we see being expressed in the world.

The earth and its inhabitants are collectively headed toward great reconstruction. . . . a transformation of form. Many prophets and the Maya themselves predict that 2012 is the pivotal point of this transformation. We are at a profound moment where most everyone can agree that the need for transformation is irrevocable. It is HOW we move through this process that integrates and encompasses our free will.

Are you ready to lift off the game-board of earth school? Are you ready to accept your full co-creative power?

These are not simple questions. A firm and committed "yes" to either question will bring forth some form of death experience, for the ego can not preserve its domain if you wish to lift. The mystics talk of a "Dark Night of the Soul" and "Dying to Oneself" ‹ these pathways are available to all who have the courage to face their deepest fears.

To lift off the game-board and empower one's true mastery is a path of enlightenment. It requires focus and tenacity. We know this path as Self-Ascension.

It is our knowing that ALL Beings on this planet can Self-Ascend into their authentic alignment, into their true fearless Mastery, which is what some refer to as the Higher Self. The question is when will they choose to fully awaken to their authentic truth?

When One awakens is a choice of the soul. It is the individual's job to simply hold the space of Love, thus we midwife each other into an ever-refining expression of purity. Each step of the way, new revelations become understood and we view the process differently than before. Thus we learn to release all forms of attachment. As we walk through the process, we learn that attachments, especially inner attachments to judgments and beliefs, limit our Self-Ascension.

Spiritual Maturity requires we release the Pollyanna detachment that "somehow it will all work out" and instead recognize that "It is working out". . .  and we are the responsible co-creators that determine HOW that happens and how long it takes.

NOW is the time. Are you ready to take responsibility for your Awakening? We have spent many days and weeks in the highlands of Guatemala at the request of the Mayan High Priests and Elders. While many still do not wish to have their most sacred mysteries revealed, those with great visioning capability recognize we are at the moment of reunification.

The Mayans are confident and prepared for an imminent shift into the age of light. As we embrace all paths and burst forth from the chaos, we open the doorway to unified presence.

Reunification of the Eagle and the Condor creates the rainbow bridge of light anchored by the heart and sustained by releasing doubt of ourselves, our world, and our universe. To fully enter the age of light we must become this unified energy. Words will not propel us there; our illumined presence will show the way for others to do the same.

Gathering mystical revelations directly from the Mayan High Priests, in synergy with the Archangelic realm and harmony with Divine Universal Wisdom, we can unlock the keys to navigating these times. Freeing our minds, anchoring our hearts, and living our truth without doubt or fear for our future.

We invite you to experience this Anchored Presence and remember why you are on this planet at this very moment in history. . .  without doubt. The time for simply talking about unity and praying for unity have passed. These wonderful methods have prepared us to  call forth the Divine synergy that is now ready to come fully forward onto our planet now. We must choose to see the Unity and trust the re-unification in spite of our habits.

At the direct request of the Archangelic realm, and confirmed by the Mayan Elders, we are rapidly approaching a moment where we can come together collectively and stand in our integrity as one. Friday, March 13, 2009, we will bring together FOR THE FIRST time, a gathering held in America, (www.2012quantumleap.com), that will send the signal to the Universe and our world that we are awake, that we are responsible co-creators and that we are ready to bring the gift of this Divine energy to our planet!

Mayan Elders who have never interfaced with the outside world will fly in from Guatemala with Sri and Kira, Tibetan Buddhist Lama The Venerable Tulku Karma Gyurme Sonam Rinpoche, George Noory (of Coast to Coast AM), Ed Begley Jr. (of Living with Ed), Len Horowitz, William Henry and many more committed individuals and musicians.

These amazing beings have gathered in a new way, not to talk to you or about themselves or their products; they gather to ACTUALLY Co-create with you! Join us as we open the portal of direct energetic knowing and celebrate as a group that we are ready to let go of the drama once and for all.

It is time to stop talking and start BEING! The New Era that is symbolized by 2012 is already here. Discover how powerful you are, and how important your presence is for our collective future.

Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa, have come to the forefront of the Higher Consciousness movement in recent years through the quality of information and inspiration they provide to their rapidly-growing international audience. Best-selling authors, 2012 Visionaries, TV and Radio personalities, they see this moment in history as an opportunity for Self-Ascension; the process by which the sense of self transcends the limited egoic mind to reunite with the Soul at the heart of Creation. Together they have founded that TOSA Center for Enlightened Living, The 2012 One Heart Foundation, and the Avesa Quantum Healing Institute. Learn more at www.SelfAscension.com and www.2012QuantumLeap.com

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