By Audrey Hope



In the hardness of times,
In the painful weight of news,
The fear in heavy chains,
We call for a whisper of angels.

A plea so gently penetrating,
Like someone stranded in the desert
Yearns for just water. 

It is the cruelest of weapons,
The most dangerous of wars,
To fight with invisible arms,
When again the strike? 

We send a prayer to the wind:
Perhaps someone can come,
A wise statesman, a soldier, a decree
To stop the guns.

Living anyway, getting the coffee, the kids,
Admist the death tv that rocks our peace.

And then a smile.
And then the reflective truth,
Of those who walk the world
Being lamps and breathing,
Working in small important ways.

And I see angels everywhere.
People being amazing.
And so grateful that
We are the angels we have been waiting for.

Audrey Hope is the spiritual counselor at Passages Rehab in Malibu, and host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives.  Visit: www.hopesrealwomen.com


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