Universal Energy and Spirituality
A True Blessing for Modern People
By Dr. John Chen



When 41-year-old Paul Fletcher picked up a spiritual magazine and saw Grandmaster Qinyin’s program “Special Ability Rejuvenation 3.2-D Retreat” in October 2005 in California, he had been struggling with his marijuana addiction for decades, and was frustrated with the lack of spiritual growth.

Since attending that retreat, Paul has gotten rid of his addiction, and the tremendous congestion in his lungs from years of smoking has completely cleared up. He felt phenomenal, and was often told that he didn’t look his age. His experience of Soul Travel in higher dimensions during the retreat was so profound and still fresh a year later, he asked an artist to recreate his heavenly journey in a large 8 ft by 10 ft oil painting so he could get it out of his head.

By the time Paul visited his friend Marcia in Maui in 2006, she felt like she was at the end of the road with her own health issues despite years of practicing Yoga — overweight, menopause-triggered a depression and a pending surgery. Marcia was thrilled when Paul told her Grandmaster Qinyin had just moved to Honolulu to start her second ten-year spiritual mission, and immediately signed up for the retreat in January 2007.

After the retreat, Marcia never returned to medication. She couldn’t have been happier a few months later when her physician said that surgery was no longer necessary. In her own words, “I experienced my body in a way that I did not think possible. My body just feels so clean I cannot describe it to you.”

Why were these and other seemingly miraculous experiences of healing and spiritual growth possible? We can better appreciate these by knowing Grandmaster Qinyin’s background.
For thousands of years, various spiritual practices have been developed in India, culminating in the founding of Buddhism by Sakyamuni around 500BC, which later spread to China and blossomed. In the meantime, Chinese Daoist hermits, martial artists, and acupuncturists have been researching the energy structure of the human body, such as meridians, acupuncture points, and Dantians (energy centers), and how they can be utilized efficiently.

Grandmaster Qinyin’s background reflected the confluence of these two strands and modern science. Educated at one of China’s top universities where she was also a faculty member, Qinyin was lucky to meet her mentor, Abbess Huikong, at Sacred Mt. Puto in southeastern China not far from her hometown — one of the four Buddhist holy mountains in China where it is said that Quanyin achieved enlightenment.

Qinyin had a great karma to study with legendary Daoist hermit masters throughout the countryside of China before founding a powerful complete system in 1996 for energetic healing and spiritual growth — Qinway Qigong, and has created many healing miracles since moving to America in 1997.

A key characteristic of the new Qinway System is the integration of the body, mind and spirit in its true meaning. While there are many energy healers who do not know where energy really comes from, and spiritual practitioners who ignore their physical health, the Qinway System starts from opening the students’ energy channels between the human being and the universe.

There is abundant universal energy (Qi) that everyone can tap into if one knows how to access the higher spiritual dimensions, like Paul experienced in his Soul Travel during the retreat.

In this way, universal energy can be downloaded quickly (like high-speed internet or plugging into a power outlet) to clear up one’s physical toxins and blockages, and prepare the body for more spiritual awareness and connections. For one thing, one becomes more likable in the eyes of higher beings when one’s body becomes cleaner and more transparent. The ease with which one can follow the Qinway System in order to uplift the body and spirit in a very short time makes it a true blessing for modern people.

Dr. John Chen is the director of Qinway Grandmaster Foundation. For more info about Grandmaster Qinyin and her Qinway Qigong System, you may visit: www.qinway.org ,
e-mail: 930@qinway.org   or call (808) 255-7033.

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