The ONE Center — A Bridge to the New World
a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
By Robin D. Duncan  (Copyright 2007)



From this side of the bridge, the world seems dark and filled with fear. The belief in separation distorts perception, leaving millions, if not billions of our people feeling hopeless, alone and afraid. After thousands of years of civilized evolution, our children are still dying of starvation… illness is rampant throughout the world… large populations of our people continue to face food and water shortages… key resources are running thin… and many of our world leaders cling to military strategy as our greatest form of protection. As the story goes, relatively unchanged throughout history. If not for a change of clothes and some new technology, it would be difficult to determine what century we’re in.

There is a sense of urgency prompting us to make a new choice; an inner calling to remember there is another way. The choice is not about developing better war machines or in creating stronger defenses against illness, poverty and death. The choice is not in changing the world we see; it’s in changing our thoughts about the world… and then the world is changed.

The world we see is the effect of a collective consciousness that believes in fear and separation. A conflicted world is the outside picture of a mind in conflict with itself. Our part is not to heal the picture, but instead, to allow the part of our collective mind that believes in illness, separation, lack and despair to be healed and restored. The inner calling is to remember the Truth about ourselves and each other. As Truth is remembered, the conflicted mind is brought to peace and a peaceful mind creates only peace.

The Truth is that we are not separated beings. Every decision we make for ourselves is a decision for everyone. Every action of love we offer is offered to ourselves, and every action of hate, fear or defense are actions against ourselves. A mind that believes separation is real continues to attack itself with no awareness of its own self-destruction. Imagine taking a hammer and pounding it against your own head.

No one in their right mind would do this because they realize it would cause pain and suffering to their own body. The urgency is in remembering that we are not separated beings with separated interests.

A call to love is rising from deep within our soul. Our prayers have not fallen on deaf ears. With gentle reminders, our Source calls to us to let go of fear, put down our defenses and remember love as our natural state of being. With just a little willingness to let go of fear, our mind is healed of all limiting thoughts and frightening images. The healing is known first in our own mind and then extends to join with other minds, like a ray of sun bursting through a cloud and gently taking over the darkness. In the presence of light, there is no darkness. The darkness does not move to another place. It is simply dissolved into light.

Across the bridge it is so different. The bridge itself is nothing more than a transition in the perspective of reality. The new world is nothing more than the old world seen anew, through eyes of love without fear. Miracles are the result of a shift in perception, and as our conflicted mind is brought to peace, we enter a state of miracle-readiness.

Our mind is ready for this, as evidenced by the growing acts of unconditional love throughout the world. Whether it is the large shipment of rice delivered from Taiwan to the starving children in Kenya, sponsored by the National Basketball Association, or 5-year-old boy named Youssif, who was badly burned in Iraq and is being treated for free by The Children’s Burn Foundation in Los Angeles, there is conscious awareness of love making its way to the surface.

The ONE Center is just one of many bridges to the new world. We hold in our hearts a vision of a peaceful world, where its people are aware of their magnificence, and safety, happiness and freedom are a natural way of daily life.

The ONE Center is a place to re-member, where all parts are essential to the whole, and every mind is aware of its oneness with everyone and everything.  

The ONE Center is a place where the world can come together with itself; a collaboration of the loving minds and hearts of the people, beyond politics, religion and/or governments.
At an individual level, you are invited to be involved in the way most comfortable for you; as a Gift Provider, a Gift Receiver or a Gift Sponsor.

Gift Providers are people from all walks of life willing to donate one session or class per month in their area of specialty. Whether you’re a doctor, barber, attorney, babysitter,
teacher, healer, veterinarian or other service provider, you are invited to share your gifts (once a month) with another person as an unconditional act of love (by phone or in your office.)  The ONE Center will serve as a resource to connect you with those who would not otherwise have access to your service.

Your willingness to extend assistance to another is a powerful way to acknowledge your own abundance and gratitude, and a profound way to witness the worthiness of another who believes they’ve been forgotten. In Truth, every gift of love and intentional act of kindness is an affirmation of oneness, paving the way for the memory of peace.

Gift Receivers are those who receive services and classes extended to them by the Gift Providers. The ONE Center serves as a global resource for FREE services, enabling people to experience healing and empowerment through Divine connection. You are welcome to join us for any of our free public classes or services offered through the website coming soon at You can join our list by emailing

Gift Sponsors are those who would like to participate in this worldwide movement of unconditional love by donating funds, land, facilities or resources. You are invited to participate at any level of sponsorship. Monthly sponsorship of $15 or more helps to maintain and grow this Global Hub for Free Resources. All funding will support the Global Resource Center and smaller ONE Centers where programs, services, classes and intentional acts of kindness are freely offered and shared throughout the world.

At a Global level, The ONE Center will offer many programs such as Enrichment Programs for Children (through The Children of Today), the Good News Network (operated by our teens), Freedom Through Love (our spiritually-based drug and habit cessation program), Holistic Housing for Seniors and other inspired programs to raise consciousness, teach empowerment and raise living conditions.
The ONE Center will form a Registry of Resources to account for readily available donated resources (food, clothing, products, services, medicine, etc.) throughout the world, for quick distribution in the event of emergencies or catastrophic events.

The ONE Center will create alliances with world leaders, major corporations, and shipping and transportation companies to assist with the logistics of resource distribution. It is through conscious awareness that as the right hand helps the left hand, the whole body is served. With intentional acts of kindness as the cornerstone of our new world… even the largest of challenges dissolve into love.

 The time for healing is now and the healing of the world begins with each one of us. If every person or corporation will offer a small amount of their time, services or products (once a month) in their area of specialty, the world can experience a radical shift in consciousness and realized abundance. The far-reaching effects would heal the hearts of those who have had no hope, and answer the deep desire of those searching for a solution.

As each one of us crosses the bridge, fear is lifted from our heart and peace is restored to our mind. In love and gentleness… we turn and reach out to another… to inspire, motivate and encourage the one behind us, realizing it is but our Self we help. There is no cost, and only gain. Once love is remembered, the bridge is no longer needed… and the mind that thought it was separate… is forever at home and one with Itself.

Dedicated to all the Human Angels who offer love, resources and services to others as Intentional Acts of Kindness in recognition of the whole. May you be forever blessed.

Robin D. Duncan is CEO for The ONE Center, a Global Resource for FREE Services. She is also the Exec. Director for The Miracle Center of California, a School for Hypnotherapy offering private sessions and classes to the public. The ONE Center and The Miracle Center of California are located at 1801 E. Heim Ave., Suite 100, Orange, CA 92865. Call (714) 921-9911 or (888) 773-9174. Email: . Visit: or (coming soon).

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