The Communal Soul and How To Reach It
By Jenny Smedley



People are segregated today, and many live alone in their concrete box. They feel abandoned by the human race and their souls wilt. Long ago people lived in tribes, worshipped in tribes and nurtured extended families. Today, families fragment, drift apart and live separate lives. Long ago, people believed in animism, whereby everything had a soul, even if it was not animated; every rock, every water droplet, every plant, animal and person, shared one thing — the possession of a soul.

Further, it meant that every soul and soul fragment was also connected, a part of the communal soul. Loneliness is not possible if one considers that one is indistinguishable from the whole. The question is how to connect with the whole, when modern life does everything to block it.

To take this a step further, every molecule in the universe, be it part of an animated organism or not, by sharing the consciousness of the soul pool, also shares some of its ‘intelligence.’ This of course is not the intelligence of a material brain, but the intelligence of cohesive thought, which must percolate through every fragment of the communal soul.

How does someone tap into the universal consciousness in this modern era where our focus is almost always on the material, rather than the esoteric? The answer lies in trees. Trees have always been seen as a conduit between creatures on the ground and that which lies ‘out there.’

Trees are very complex entities, and much more like animals than you might think. Their intelligence, while different to man’s, being hormone and chemically based, is nevertheless quite capable of analyzing problems, and finding solutions. Trees that exist in windswept positions, for instance, will grow stronger and develop a wider base than trees in calm areas.

If a tree is overcome by an invasion of insects, it will react by making smaller and less attractive leaves, so that the caterpillars or bugs go seeking better feasts elsewhere.

Trees can evolve very quickly to adapt to situations, such as producing aerial roots capable of processing salt water, and create barrel-sized rain reservoirs in their trunks to store rainwater, in mainly dry areas. They also quickly form symbiotic relationships with other life forms, such as fungi, to help them survive even on virtually bare rocks.

Tree hugging has been looked upon variously, with faith and with ridicule, but you can carry out your own test. Go to a wood and select an area where there are several healthy and several dead trees. Get a friend to blindfold you and then lead you randomly to the trees. Following the procedure below you will soon discover that so long as you remain open, you can tell the difference between live and dead trees quite easily.

Once you have selected a tree to commune with, stand right up to it and put your arms around as far as you can. At first all you will be aware of is the rough bark under your fingers, and beneath your cheek, where you rest your face against it. Your sense of smell will gradually be heightened, and the tree’s ‘golden’ slightly tarry scent will go right to your brain. Slowly you will start to feel a beat, a throbbing deep within the tree as its sap rises up into the leaves. If the tree is a healthy one this beat will be very strong, especially in the spring and early summer.

There is another energy peak when the fruit is being produced. In the winter, even a strong tree will be more quiescent. In a weak tree, at any time it will be fainter, and of course a dead tree will have nothing at all. If you maintain your close contact and continue to concentrate, you will gradually feel your own energy melding with that of the tree, drawing you into it, and allowing your energies to become one.

Gradually you will start to feel your senses change and heighten as you become aware of white light with your inner eye, coming from the other trees around the one you are hugging. You will sense the grass at your feet growing, as it quests. After even longer your senses will stretch out like fingertips and start to go deeper into the Earth, so that you can feel the roots of the tree as they burrow downwards, seeking water.

Once you achieve a really deep level, your spirit will soar up into the sky, passing through the clouds and the blue, through the atmospheric barrier and into the black of space. You will feel your soul whirl among the stars there, seeking its own roots and beginnings.

We are all made of ‘star stuff’ and you will feel your heart swell with joy as you understand the magnitude of your being. Your spirit will grow and stretch up towards the sun, and you will feel its heat in your soul. You will spread sideways, reaching far-off galaxies, like a behemoth in an ocean of light.

Sometimes it will be difficult to come back and break the connection. The hugging will always leave you emotionally spent, and yet refreshed at the same time. You will feel privileged to have been allowed to share another being’s energy, and to be carried by it to other realms.

This connection with the planet will make you understand your own part in the Universe, and you will never feel alone or abandoned, so long as you have access to a tree’s spirit.

Jenny Smedley is the author of three books — “Past Life Angels,” “Souls Don’t Lie,” and “The Tree That Talked,” all available from   She is a past-life advisor, does remote aura readings and unique angel portraits. Visit:

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