Prolong Your Youth: Eat Wild Food
By Chitra Gunderson



Although I am twenty-nine in mind, my body is much older than I want to admit. In denial about getting old, the aches and pains following simple endeavors, or the occasional move that pops my hip out of place, keeps me in tune with reality. Of course, like many other baby boomers, I want to be eternally youthful!

So far, I have been blessed by having youthful genes,  plus plus at a young age I immersed myself in a spiritual practice which included a plant-based diet and avoided all intoxicants. So, most people think I look ten years younger than my age. Ultimately, what you put in your body has a tremendous effect on how you look and feel.

Now my physical body is starting to cause problems, testing my determination to look and feel as young as I think. In an effort to prolong the inevitable I started paying close attention to the food I eat, including how I feel after eating and how long I feel satisfied from a meal. What I found is that quite regularly my stomach was bloated after eating even a small meal, and how long I felt satisfied depended greatly on the quality of food I ate.

For instance, when I eat a piece of whole wheat toast with almond butter for breakfast, I feel satisfied all morning. However, if the toast is made from white bread I am hungry within two hours. And, when I drink one brand of an energy shake I feel totally satisfied for several hours as opposed to another meal replacement shake that tastes artificial and leaves me hungry within one hour.

“Intake of food should be based on the energetic properties of each food item; food should be fresh and vital without refined and chemical processed elements.” (
Plants in their purest natural living form possess the highest amount of energetic vibrations. When whole foods are harvested and cooked or supplements are heat processed, the life energy and nutrients are destroyed. When we eat nutrient-depleted food our stomachs may feel full, but the fact is, it leaves us undernourished. So, how do we know the quality of foods and supplements?

There are three things to look for when buying supplements and food: 

1. Make sure your food is grown in nutrient-rich, pesticide-free soil. 2. Choose supplements that are made from whole foods, not just plant extractions as they are missing important minerals. 3. Choose supplements that use heat-free processing to retain nutrients.

“The key benefit of whole-food supplementation is that our bodies are designed by nature to extract nutrients from natural whole-food complexes. Natural forms of vitamins may lose up to ninety per cent of their potency when separated from their natural synergists and sold as isolated nutrients. An attempt is made to compensate for this lack of quality as they are administered at high, unnatural quantities thus substituting quantity for quality, thus the concept of Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA). On the other hand, when foods are processed to retain their natural compounds, the bioactivity and your absorbability is markedly enhanced.” (

So, effective potency of food and supplements has more to do with quality than quantity.

Wanting to see for myself, I decided to test three supplements I regularly use to witness a visual difference in the energy levels. A simple pendulum test is the easiest to use to determine if the energy of a food or supplement is compatible with your individual needs at any particular time.

Looking around the house I found hanging on a string in my window a large, heavy, faceted crystal that easily fills the palm of my hand. A perfect pendulum — it was heavy enough that would take a significant amount of energy to move it. Opening three canisters; Amazon Power Shake™ a raw, wild energy food, an Ayurvedic energy formula, and another popular meal replacement shake, I gently lowered the crystal into each canister one at a time.

The results were amazingly distinct. When I lowered the crystal into the Amazon Power Shake™ the pendulum moved in large clockwise circles. Again in the Ayurvedic formula the pendulum responded with clockwise circles. However, in the other meal replacement formula the pendulum totally stopped — I tried it a second time, but still no movement. The Amazon Power Shake and the Ayurvedic formula were full of vital, life-sustaining energy while the other shake didn’t indicate any energy at all, making me question “Is it something I should be taking?”

Looking for more information about these Amazonian wild plant formulas, I called Dr. Jim Hawver, N.M.D. medical advisor for the Amazon Herb Company. He explained that when John Easterling, founder of Amazon Herb Company brought the first samples of wild plants from the rainforest back to America, he was looking for doctors who had equipment to test the plants for their energetic potency. John contacted Dr. Hawver because he had been using the Electro-Dermal Stress Analysis system.

The system measures electrical resistance of Chinese acupuncture points to determine balances or imbalances of organ systems in the body. Then it determines which nutritional or homeopathic remedy is best and how much a person should take to bring balance back into the body. Using only the highest energetic formulas at his clinic, Amazon Herbs have been a part of the remedies Dr. Hawver offers his patients since the early 1990’s.

Kosa Ely recently visited a doctor who uses a biofeedback machine to test products for their energy and nutritional value. She explained, “When he (the Bio Set doctor) tested Amazon Herb Products, they measured 97-99 out of 100. He had never seen any products measure this high.”

Amazon Herb products are produced from a wide variety of natural, whole foods that are enhanced through a spagyric herbal preparation technique that retains the nutritional value in a highly-concentrated form. This technique preserves 100% of the vitamin and mineral complexes, trace elements, synergistic factors, and enzymes in their bioactive, “health promoting” and complete forms.

When buying food or supplements choose them carefully, follow the three simple steps to ensure you are getting the highest-quality nutritional products. What you put in your body makes a difference in your level of health and vitality.

For more information about which Amazon Herb Formulas may be appropriate for your needs contact Chitra at (888) 310-2570 for a free phone consultation and samples to test.

The illustration shows Kiwicha, an ingredient in Amazon Power Shakes, which is extremely high in protein, provides twice the calcium as milk, and has five times more iron than wheat. It is used for improving physical energy and stamina, and is one of the plants with the greatest potential for improving the human diet.

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