Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn (age 63), author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks about a most stirring subject: how to control the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question: “As a proclaimed Renaissance Man, how does that help you stay youthful?
Dear Readers,
Being a 21st Century “Renaissance Man” has surely helped me discover a self-renewal system that really works, a method so effective; so innovative; that it may be the discovery of the century. And yet, despite this fact, no major publisher has stepped forward to publish my evolutionary books, thus forcing me to publish them via my own little company.

But as many are finally coming to realize, “mainstream” big publisher perception has been thoroughly tricked and hustled by a medical “Industry” that fears profit loss from self-induced methods of GENUINE recovery. So the same old anti-alternative information keeps getting published and circulated, for the longer we’re kept in the dark about ways of healing OURSELVES, the longer the medical “establishment” keeps its profits insanely high.

But nevertheless, I REJOICE! — for my system is so genuine, so wonderfully effective, that even HIGHER SPIRITS KNOW this — and I’m blissfully blessed for trying to share these discoveries.
All of which has permanently merged me with the real connection between creativity and self-renewal.
But my journey toward maximum creativity began when I was quite young.

I was an award-winning artist when I was only ten, even then able to paint realistic depictions of nature, already seeing God as an artist. And I still love to paint scenes of natural creation, presently working on a large restaurant mural.

Phase Two of my Creative-Rejuvenation Research emerged during my second year of college, when I began writing what eventually became nine completed books — two of which I have published and sold throughout the U.S. My first published book, Never “Old,” won a national award for content, thereby landing me TV and radio interviews. But fame and fortune was never my reason for writing, as from the outset, it was all about revealing, on paper, my increasingly amazing mind-over-body discoveries.

Thus early-on a typewriter became my main companion — and from age 22 through my thirties and forties, nearly all I thought about was researching and writing books. And to this day I still write obsessively, presently focused on this Awareness magazine column (now running — and staying hopefully fresh — for nearly 14 years).

But as a truly Creatively Rejuvenating Renaissance Being, writing and art was not enough, so (mostly during my fifties) I became a serious musician, launching myself into singing and playing various instruments (drums, keyboard, harmonica) in a half-dozen seriously good bands. And to make this venture more self-renewing, via my latest group, I released six CD albums featuring my original songs — a few of which get international play on the radio.

Yet more musical self-renewal emerged when (for a quarter-century) I was a dedicated concert producer (see
Environmentalism also played a role in my creative research, especially with my “guerilla theater” — a media-teaching tactic used when I started an anti-nuclear organization in Phoenix, AZ, a coalition I called S.T.A.N.D. (Strategy and Teaching Against Nuclear Destruction).

Further creativity arose with my serious involvement in Green Party politics in Hawaii, stirring up media awareness about REAL democracy.

Yet more creative self-renewal arose back when I was a not-so-serious stand-up comedian in clubs — but only to help finance me through five years of studying art and writing (and revolution) in college.
All of which encompasses a continuous body of research into the profound role of creativity on the spirit-mind-body... Or what could be called The Workings of a Renaissance Being. And it’s all WORKED!
As I increasingly realize that The Way of Experience is not about being a “writer” or a “yogi” or a “musician” or an “artist”  or anything scripted, it is really all about becoming human — all about living life to the fullest — fully aware — fully nourished by what’s soulfully nourishing — fully aimed toward becomingtotally alive.

Yes, there ARE great islands of repair for anyone with the perception to seek out a mode of REAL healing — a mode that internally sings and calls to you.
And speaking of singing, allow me to let fly my latest song-poem, a rhythmic kind of lyric whereby the dream is made flesh — a flowing set of recommendations designed by the artist-creator for the sole purpose of your self-realization.
This new one I call:

We need to take it SLOW,
To keep a de-aging FLOW,
So we realize TRUTH and SEE
    how the Medical “Industry”
    deceives with negativity,
For we LIVE and LET LIVE,
NO TV BLUES to drown us,
Seeing life as NOT so tragic,
Keeping YOUthfully ALIVE,
Growing STRONGER not weak,
Letting our inner spirit SPEAK,
As HERE and NOW is the START,   
Of every path that has a HEART…

Jesse is presently on a long sabbatical in the Philippines, thus he’s not readily available for his Hawaii Island seminars. He can be communicated with in Asia by emailing

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