Living A Conscious Life
By Robert Quicksilver



Looking out over the Pacific, with the waves breaking gently against the sand, it is hard to imagine what the earth was like during its turbulent formation with erupting volcanoes and molten magna, with ongoing tsunamis and planet-wide earthquakes. There was recently a Discovery Channel special on this subject, with incredible CG and equally incredible— and ominous— predictions. Our little corner of the cosmos, with its pretty beaches and chic restaurants is 50,000 years past due for some kind of cataclysmic change.

Of course, all this is muted by the reality of our day to day lives, the demands of family, community, and personal life. While the poles might shift on their axis at any moment, it doesn’t look like it’s today and the kids are waiting for dinner and there is work to do and meetings to go to and people to connect with. Managing these two dissimilar realities— the inevitability of our total destruction, on the one hand, and the demands of our day to day lives on the other, can occur as either mind numbing or depressing orcan be seen as an incredible opportunity.

The 20th century mystic, G.I. Gurdjieff said (in paraphrase) that the only way to wake people up from the dream (where they are dreaming they are awake) is for them to be constantly aware of the inevitability, even immediacy, of their own death. This is not intended as a morbid or depressing thought. What it does is bring the focus of our awareness into the present moment, the present breath with its incoming and outgoing prana. The consciousness thus engendered wakes us up from the dullness and sleep which we have misidentified as normal waking life. It’s as though someone has taken a huge pitchfork and shoved it you know where in a last chance, almost desperate attempt to get us moving, The awareness of our own mortality is the fuel that gets the jets of transformation firing.

Similarly, the knowledge of the immanent destruction of our beautiful blue and green planet can bring into focus the same urgency to wake up and become conscious of the sacredness of all life, to remember again how awesome and beautiful our little world is. We become aware, again, of our responsibility for caretaking and co-creation that we contracted for when we signed on.

Obviously we have no effect on polar shift or asteroid bombardment. But we do have some effect on a host of human related planetary conditions including deforestation, carbon foot printing and toxic wastes to name just a few.

We have to make it personal. By knowing how fleeting these moments are, whether in our private lives or on the scale of planetary change, we can bring our full consciousness into the present and live from the place of awe, gratitude and love for those things we hold dear — from little babies to entire mountain ranges.

The waves continue to lap the shore. The tide is coming in and there’s a urgency in the air. There’s not much time.

Robert Quicksilver is founder and producer of The Conscious Life Expo, now in its 8th year, to be held February 8-10, 2008 at the LAX Hilton in Los Angeles. For more information, please visit  or call (800) 367-5777.

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