Let Go and Follow the Bread Crumbs
By Lisa Cherney



What would you do if you knew someone else would take care of the details?  I have had to ask myself this lately in order to allow my creativity to flow freely. I have been feeling a shift in my business. Well, a shift trying to happen, but my ego gets caught up in the details and stifles the flow of information. This information is coming from my intuition (gut, heart, higher self, whatever you call it). As soon as I realized my ego (logical/analytical mind) was getting in my way, I said (out loud), ďShut up!Ē

When we are in the flow of creativity and divine inspiration, we need to give it a voice. If not, we will feel like we are off balance, on the wrong path or just lost. We will look at our business (career) and our life and feel like something is missing. Whatís missing is an outlet for our heart.

Ignore the Details
Now that Iíve taken the kink out of the hose of creativity, I can see where my ship might be going. I donít know how to get there, but I am allowing the picture to come into focus by ignoring the details. This is where the concept of letting go enters the equation. Sometimes we have moments of it or it may come in waves. However, it must be a more consistent thing. To let go is to know that all is well. To let go is to know the Universe will be there for you to pick up the details. Details are not your job. You think they are and it is a comfortable place to be.

To let go is to know that all is well and it is with that spirit that you move toward the end in mind. You see the picture of what is to happen and you stay focused on that so the Universe (that governs the Law of Attraction) continues to know where you want to go. When the picture changes or wavers the Universe questions whether you want it. Like when you think about what you fear or donít want, it can be confusing. So focus on the end and hold steady, trust.

In business this means it is ok to create goals, but it is even more important to focus on the end picture when it is something you really want. There are goals that are part of every day and then there are goals that are part of the long term. The Universe listens to them all. So plan your plan, it is good to explore your path and get clarity, but it is also important to let go. You see, by letting go you are saying you know it is done. You are saying you trust and then the Universe has clear marching orders.

Pay Attention
So, you opened your mind to allowing those creative ideas, you outlined your goal, and now you are letting go. The final step is to pay attention. Real close, like you are a master detective. Sometimes there are bread crumbs put in your path that may appear to be off the plan. The ego can quickly dismiss them. You never know where the path is going to take you. For example, I went to a new networking group and there I learned of another group. I felt like I was supposed to attend the other group, but didnít see why. I went anyway and the location wound up being the place I rented for my next workshop. I was looking for a new location for my workshop, but didnít connect the dots. And, I didnít need to. I just needed to let go of the details, trust and follow the bread crumbs.

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive, Marketing Consultant and President & Founder of Conscious Marketingô. For more information on her new workshop, Balancing Head & Heart in Business, visit www.ConsciousMarketing.com or call (888) 771-0156.
© 2007 Lisa Cherney

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