Gifts from the Angels
By Donna Strong



Peter Sterling is not only a highly-acclaimed musician; he is considered a way-shower for the times of transition in which we live. Peter has achieved considerable renown with his harp music, first with the whirlwind momentum of his recording Harp Magic in 1994, only 10 months after he began playing the instrument.

This recording was very well received, being nominated for the Naird Indie Award (NAR) as the best string album of the year. Ten years later, another recording of Peter’s became hugely popular and zoomed to the top of the charts. Harp Dreams was number one on the NAR radio play list for two months and was nominated for “Album of the Year” in 2004. Peter’s work was recognized again in 2005, when the Real Music record label released his current recording, Shadow, Mist and Light.

Yet, this most remarkable achievement is the spiritual foundation for his worldly accomplishment. In 1993, Peter listened to the urge to let go of the life he had been leading, and he wandered into the ancient canyon lands of Sedona in his own version of a vision quest.

This letting go opened the doors of his perception to other realms, and the angels began to guide him with love to align more deeply with his own soul. It was through this wondrous and revelatory beginning that Peter was introduced to the harp, and he would eventually offer his music as a form of creative expression and as a healing attunement to audiences everywhere.

Now an inspired musician, he has become a more conscious ‘instrument’ of the light. As Peter acknowledges, his personal story is also an archetypal one for us all, to surrender to the divine calling within. This story illuminates a universal truth; sharing our gifts and talents is enriching to both the giver and the receiver.

Recently, Peter and I met in a place of peace — a sublime meditation garden known as the Lake Shrine, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda. While sitting in a green glade near the Mahatma Gandhi memorial, with hummingbirds and dragonflies winging by, Peter shared some thoughts and angelic messages as gifts for this holiday issue.

Awareness: For me, the holidays bring the divine child to mind. In the writing on your website, you described memories of being really connected in some ways as a child.

Peter: I had a very active imagination as a child, like most of us do. When I was six, I showed some early promise with music. One night I sat down at the family piano and just started improvising. My mother came into the living room astonished to hear the music coming out of me. It was like I had tapped into something, and every evening I would play the piano just by ear.

Sometimes my mother would invite friends over, and everyone was astounded at this little boy who was playing the piano without any lessons. I would tell them I was composing my masterpieces. One evening a friend of my mother’s, who was an accomplished pianist, came over. He watched me play and said, “No, no, you’re going to have to take lessons and learn how to play properly.” As soon as he told me that, I stopped playing because it flipped a switch off inside me. I had been in my right-brain and was intuitively composing and improvising music. He switched me over to my left-brain and it stopped happening.

Awareness: So you were indeed in the right brain to be in!

Peter: Yes! Actually when I first began playing the harp, some of the early melodies had a familiar feel to what I remember playing as a child, so I think I picked up where I left off when I started playing the harp.

Awareness: The harp seems like an instrument of angelic light. Any comments on what it has been like for you to play this instrument?

Peter: People feel the harp is the instrument of the angels, and yet it wasn’t just a celestial instrument. For instance, it was something of the Earth used by the bards with their elemental magic. The Druids used it to invoke elemental energies like the fairies and ancestral spirits.

Yet there is another side, that of my own journey, when I had encounters with the angels. It brought me toward to a celestial sphere of light and color and glorious vistas. I was shown a heavenly vision of the celestial realms, to get a glimpse and a taste of what that was. It has always been my endeavor to communicate the essence of what I experienced. We are all being asked to be a bridge between the spiritual and the material. More and more it seems like these two elements are unifying and fusing together in a new unified worldview of the cosmos, with people being able to see more of the big picture.

The way the angels have explained it to me, I am a broadcasting unit. I am able to see these higher frequencies and shift them down to a little lower frequency so they are more accessible here on the earthly plane, yet they have a direct link with the source of light and the celestial sphere I was taken into. When I play the harp, I allow that energy or essence to come in, to be a clear channel for the celestial to come through as I share the music with my audience.

Awareness: Having done CranioSacral work, I am very familiar with how energy from source ‘steps down’ in frequency to a level that can be used here on this plane. I was paying attention to my own fluids responding in resonance to the music at the concert I attended.

Peter: I am also certified in it. With CranioSacral work, they talk about cerebrospinal fluids and the cranial pulse, and there is a wonderful flow that can be palpated if you are sensitive to the energy. So much of my music seems to have a watery flow. My teacher has been the cosmic flow. Even within our own nervous and biological systems. there is this cosmic rhythm, a pulse. It is partly why the music has such a healing and relaxing quality, because it brings people into the flow of this cosmic rhythm. Some people have never experienced it before because they are out of sync with the cosmic timing in our modern world.

The angels have told me the music has a unifying frequency coming through to awaken the people of the Earth, to lift us out of the separate worldview of the ego and move us into a grander vision of the higher self or the soul.
I feel like this is the role of us as light workers, to tap into the love, to unite with one another, and hopefully bring the whole world together. Music plays a big part in that. Certainly, the mission of my music is to first unite people with their souls, and then to one another.

Awareness: I could not agree more with this vision! Could you talk a bit more about what it was like to be taken up into a celestial realm? We are all receiving higher octaves of light, and we need to be able to integrate our daily lives with these higher realm infusions.

Peter: When I was first given this vision of the celestial realm with the angelic beings and the Source of light and sound that was emanating and reverberating through the greater cosmos, they told me that the song and the music was in reality only one song, the Song of Creation. I was told in ancient times, that everyone could hear this song and that everything sang the song of creation — the birds, the wind, the ocean waves, the thunder and the lightning.

The ancient ones would go to vortexes or sacred places on the planet, and offer their prayers to Gaia, the Earth spirit, for giving them so much of its sustenance and nurturance. Then there was an exchange between the Earth spirit and those who were the caretakers of the Earth. Even today, indigenous people all over the world speak of being able to hear the voice of the planet.

Before I started on my vision quest in Sedona, while I was still living in my Volkswagen van, I would meditate several times a day. It was clearly my mission to detach from the mundane world. I was guided to let go of all my material possessions, except for the essentials, and to erase my personal history to some extent, allowing me to immerse in this vast emptiness.

Later, I discovered a place in the Sedona canyons where the silence was so powerful it really sucked me in, and allowed all the tension and noise and static vibrating throughout my nervous system to unravel. I was able to release, and stillness came into my being. There is the old saying, ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ It was within the stillness that I found what I was seeking.

I think it is important for people to know as they are seeking a connection to Source, to a higher vision, and to their sacred mission. I feel like one of the fundamental ways to do that is to go into the silence, into meditation, and make the time to connect within, because that is where the true spiritual gifts are waiting.

Awareness: For me, the nervous system is our spiritual messaging system. Your experience with the stillness feels like a gift of grace.

Peter: I think for me the main frequency I was entraining with back in those times was an active listening to the sound of nature. It was by meditating and listening to the sound of the creek in Sedona, the sound of the water, the wind in the trees and the birds’ song, that I discovered this incredible harmony that existed, a perfect harmony. The more I sensitized myself and opened up and allowed my ears to expand to hear more, the doorway opened, and I experienced the angels.

Like so many people, I was asking that my sacred mission come to me. At that time I was into Native American shamanic vision questing, totem animals and power objects. I wasn’t into angels or asking them to come, they just appeared. There were these glorious beings of light hovering around and floating in front of me.

As I became more attuned and was able to make out their faces and wings and bodies, I was able to perceive them as real, not as a figment of my imagination. That was life changing. They were catalysts that activated me, and my consciousness shifted.

Awareness: It takes something to figure out how to break through, and surrendering what is no longer essential as you have described so beautifully, is key. You surrendered into the higher octave of Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusion and the highest expression of love.

Peter: I didn’t know exactly where I was going, but I knew it was going to be good. My inner voice would continually tell me to be still, and to meditate and fast. The mantra that came to me was to trust, surrender and let go. I had to develop a radical trust and surrender to this energy that was coming and to these guiding spirits that were working to guide me to my soul’s destiny.

The letting go was sometimes difficult, but also extraordinarily blissful when I could release all control and allow this greater force of life, like the Tao, to come in and animate and motivate my life.
I believe when you do that, your life moves into that higher octave of which you were speaking. A state of grace descends and your life takes on new meaning. When I met up with the angels and they told me my mission was to be a channel for this heavenly music, at first I was taken aback. I couldn’t really feel myself playing the harp; it was such an unusual thing to do. Yet they were so steadfast, and with so much love coming from them, I eventually surrendered to this request and decided to do it.

It was then that I decided to dedicate myself to service. Since I had been given these cosmic glimpses and visions, I realized this time on the planet is really crucial. As a light worker, I was here to help in the planetary transformation in these times of radical change, as we enter into a Golden Age. I decided to surrender my own personal will to the divine will.

From my experience, this allows grace to descend so that you move into an empowered, magical and synchronistic life. Every moment is one miracle after the next — who you connect with and how you can manifest things to achieve your goals for the greater good. Extraordinary power is here to help you realize your vision or your dream.

Awareness: It seems like this is really needed right now, to develop ‘radical trust,’ as we become masters in learning to let go. It is like the work of any artist to show up and do it in the moment without knowing the outcome.

Peter: One liberating experience for people is to open up to the inspiration of the moment and allow spontaneity to come in. A lot of people have a hard time being spontaneous; they have set patterns and ways of doing things. For me, I am always trying to break patterns. There is a place I love to get to in playing music where I am not really aware of what is happening, it is just happening to me. I am not thinking “I am going to play a G-Major chord right now.”  My hands are just moving by themselves. It is very exhilarating and freeing and ecstatic.

So I am always looking for ways to tap into spontaneity in my life. For me, it creates freshness in each moment and allows inspiration to come into the moment to create beauty, wherever we are. Being a visual artist and musician, I am always looking to see what might inspire a song or a painting or a poem. I have music in my head continually, like a soundtrack, and I am constantly composing in my imagination. I am always in this crucible of fiery creativity. It is a very powerful and purifying force when you tap into it, and can be very intense at times.

Awareness: Please comment on your work with stained glass as an art form, and how it also helps to be connected with other realms.

Peter: My work with music and the sacred geometries in stained glass are one and the same, just different expressions of the same energy. In the ancient mystery schools, the three pillars were to learn about color, light and sound. These were a sacred trinity of elements that tap into this matrix of unlimited and universal cosmic energy. For me, working with the color and light and sacred geometries is what initially opened me up for the sound to come through. It activated my psychic and clairvoyant centers — my third eye opened, and then my third ear opened so I could hear the inner music.

When you work with the geometries, they open portals to activate latent powers and qualities of the soul within the individual to make manifest in this life. More and more collectively, people are beginning to pull back the veils to see into these higher realms, as the consciousness is elevating. This brings me to the crux of my connection with the angels at this time: They have been very clear in describing this time as one of ‘Ascension.’

We are all striving to unify with this energy to make a quantum leap into the new age. The world is changing so fast that it is sometimes hard to keep up with. The world seems to be speeding toward some grand destination, and it can be unfathomable for us to comprehend where we are going. We are really reaching a critical point, and for me it is just staying connected to the love, however we find love in that soul seed within our hearts. It is my anchor in the rough seas of change.

It takes vigilance to make time to just be quiet, not doing anything. It seems to go against the grain of our collective focus to be doing and achieving constantly. Yet many people find that after all their worldly achievements, they still feel dissatisfaction. Then they turn to their spiritual path.

Awareness: It is one achievement that is so elusive for many of us. Since we are at the Lake Shrine, it reminds me of one of my favorite phrases from Yogananda, posted on a placard nearby: “Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot.” In closing, is there anything else you would like to offer?

Peter: The angels want us to know that the Ascension process is real. We are in a time of gestation that is preparing us. It really is happening. The angels continually come to me, to reaffirm this vision is real, and to have faith in it. The angels want us to know that a glorious destiny in the light is awaiting us just over the next horizon. So we should stay steadfast and true on our path, knowing we will reach the goal.

Peter’s Fall Concert Schedule
Nov. 3 - Casa Barranca, Ojai, info (805) 223-5325, ;
Nov. 9-10 - Celebrate Your Life Conference, Scottsdale, AZ,;
Nov. 17 - Inspirational Center , Westminster,  info (714) 891-7291; Nov. 18 - Hilltop Center, Fallbrook, Sunday Service, info (760) 451-0219;
Nov. 24 - Living Temple, Huntington Beach, Thanksgiving Full Moon Celebration Concert, info (714) 891-5117;
Dec. 2 - Heart Center, Laguna Beach, Healing Ritual & Concert, info (949) 497-2708; Dec. 8 - Awakenings Bookstore, Laguna Hills, info (949) 457-0797;
Dec. 22 - Meditation Mt., Ojai, Winter Solstice Concert & Ceremony, info (805) 646-5508.

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