Gifts from the Universe
Angels & Spirit Guides
By Dawn T. Clare, The Bliss Guide



With the holidays from different cultures — Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and many others — there is a focus on gifts. There are tangible gifts. I know many of my friends are hoping to see an iPhone in their stockings. There are also wonderful times spent with friends and loved ones. For others it can be a time of loneliness. Depression is often at its highest during the holidays. There is another source of light, love and presents, which come from The Universe itself. It has been generally covered in the DVD, The Secret. There are also more specific tools, which help us tap into these omnipotent forces and energies.

I learned about The Universe’s gifts around the 2004 holiday season. I had been through a devastating five months that included my mom’s death and a near-fatal car crash that left me injured from head to toe. My beloved grandma died days before Christmas. I knew I needed some spiritual healing but was in a brace and could hardly get out of bed. I cried from my pangs of loneliness and physical pain. These are the times when I wanted to be nurtured but did not have a family member to fill this role. I was alone in my apartment and I cried out for someone to help me with my heartache.

That night I received an answer to my request. I had a dream. An Angel came to me and said to contact Dr. B who knows a shaman. It was five years since I had seen Dr. B. When we spoke, he said he knew a shaman and would have him call me. The shaman called me the following day and said, “I have been praying for you since Dr. B contacted me. My guides feel it is important that I see you, to help you heal and give you clarity. I am in NYC now and will see you in a couple of weeks in Los Angeles.” As promised, the shaman visited me and helped quell my heartache and grief. He also shared information with me about my spiritual gifts that I have had since childhood.

Exhilarated when my request was answered, I asked for guidance every day as to how I could manifest dreams in an expedited manner. I learned that we have guides for every facet of our lives and because of free will, we need to ask them for help. My second major gift came a few months later in the form of my new home. I meditated that I wanted to be in a new home. I wrote specifically what I wanted in my journal. I asked my spiritual guides to help me so I could expedite getting my new apartment. I got direction to walk to the beach. I turned around and there was a “For Rent” sign. Within 3 weeks, I had moved into my glorious new apartment right on the beach.

Since then, I have received many gifts from The Universe. I experience miracles every day including: sun, sea, sand, and smiles. There are four keys for expediting the process of getting gifts from The Universe.

• Know yourself and your true heart and soul’s desires. Being at the beach energizes my whole being. If I were looking for a home in the mountains then it would not so easily have fallen into place. You need to wish for what you truly desire and not what society tells you. Authenticity is a powerful energy that helps expedite the manifestation of our dreams.

• Be specific about what you want, why you want it, and how it will help others. We are all connected and each individual’s desires could help others in our world. It is okay if the wish is primarily for you and be honest with yourself. When your desire can help others then it taps into their energies as well and you have even more forces helping you.

• Discover the identities of your spirit guides and angels, and speak with them every day. All your relatives, friends and loved ones who are now in spirit form are guides. You can get your guides’ names from deep meditation. You can also see a medium who will help you navigate the ethereal realm.

• Ask your guides for assistance about steps you can take to help turn your dreams into a reality. Sometimes, you get concrete information, and other times, you will be told to sit back, relax, and receive from The Universe.

Each person is a gift. The Universe is happy to bestow presents upon you and give you tangible tools for a life of light, love, bliss, peace, harmony and abundance.

Dawn T. Clare, The Bliss Guide, is a Clairvoyant and CCO of SPISE BLISS. She has the rare ability to communicate with ascended spiritual masters such as St. Germain and Kuan Yin. Dawn is world-renowned with the unique gift of helping people determine their soul design/life purpose. Visit:  or call (310) 933-5824.

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